[DAO:64cf4d2] Connecting Decentraland with Ready Player Me

by 0x403fa2da716cc36df9eedbf9c6dd6a9b6b314326 (SteezyArts)

We propose connecting Decentraland, a virtual world platform, with Ready Player Me, a platform that allows users to create and customize 3D avatars for use across various virtual worlds and games. By integrating the two platforms, we aim to provide Decentraland users with a seamless and customizable avatar creation experience while increasing engagement and user retention on both platforms.


Improved Avatar Creation: The integration of Ready Player Me’s avatar creation tools with Decentraland would provide users with a comprehensive and user-friendly avatar creation experience. This would allow Decentraland users to create unique and customizable avatars to represent them in the virtual world, increasing their engagement and investment in the platform.

Increased User Engagement: The integration of Ready Player Me would allow users to seamlessly import their avatars across various virtual worlds and games, increasing their investment and engagement across multiple platforms. This would also increase the retention rate of users on both platforms, as users would be invested in their avatars and would want to continue using them across various platforms.Example Somnium Space,VR chat,Hiber,and Meetinvr.

Community Building: The integration of Ready Player Me would allow for increased community building and social interactions between Decentraland and Ready Player Me users. Users could share and show off their avatars across both platforms, leading to increased engagement and participation in both communities.

Increased Revenue: As users become more invested in their avatars and the Decentraland platform, it is likely that they would be more willing to spend money on virtual goods and experiences. This would increase revenue for both Decentraland and Ready Player Me, as users would be more likely to purchase items to customize their avatars and enhance their virtual experiences.


SteezyArts, a team with experience in virtual world and gaming integrations, would handle the technical implementation of the integration. This would involve working with both the Decentraland and Ready Player Me teams to create a seamless integration that benefits both platforms.


The integration of Decentraland and Ready Player Me would provide users with a customizable and engaging avatar creation experience while increasing engagement and revenue for both platforms. We believe that this integration would be a valuable addition to both platforms and look forward to working with the Decentraland and Ready Player Me teams to make it a reality.

Furthermore, we believe that connecting various virtual worlds and metaverse platforms together at one central platform can help to grow the metaverse in many parts. This can lead to increased adoption, better user engagement, and more opportunities for creators to monetize their content. We hope that the Decentraland community will support this proposal and join us in this exciting endeavor to grow and connect the metaverse.

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It’s about damn time! There are many metaverse platforms out there integrating Ready Player Me avatars to their platform! It’s time for DCL to have one! Voted Yes.

Thank you for your support, it is greatly appreciated! We promise to bring this proposal to life if it is passed.

We believe that connecting all the different metaverses into one place can really help users save a lot of money and time. One of the biggest problems with the metaverse is that they are all separate and not connected, but Ready Player Me is one platform that is working to change that. By integrating with Ready Player Me,Let’s take a step towards to more interconnected and accessible metaverse for everyone.

The lack of interoperability between virtual worlds and metaverse platforms is a major barrier to user adoption and engagement. By connecting different metaverse platforms together, users would have the freedom to move between platforms while retaining their virtual assets and customizations.

This would ultimately lead to a more connected and vibrant metaverse, as users would be able to explore different virtual worlds without having to start from scratch each time. Let’s work towards achieving this goal and making the metaverse more accessible and user-friendly for everyone!

Hi Kyllian,

I noticed that you voted no on the proposal to integrate Decentraland with Ready Player Me. I’m curious to know more about your reasons for voting no.

Don’t you think that generating more utility for DCL wearables would be beneficial for the platform as a whole? By connecting different metaverse platforms together, users would have the ability to use their DCL wearables in other virtual worlds and games, increasing their overall value and usefulness.

Furthermore, if DCL wearables can only be worn within the DCL metaverse, it limits their potential audience and value. Allowing users to use their DCL wearables across different virtual worlds would increase their exposure and potentially lead to more sales and engagement.

Lastly, investing money in wearables for different metaverse platforms may not be cost-effective, as users would have to purchase new wearables for each platform. Integrating with Ready Player Me would allow users to use their existing wearables across different platforms, saving them money and increasing their overall engagement with the metaverse.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this matter and why you voted no. Let’s keep the conversation going and work towards creating a more connected and accessible metaverse for everyone.

Description is very vague, can you please give some more details about how they will be integrated? Will you be creating a low poly version of all the clothes, hairs, etc. that are available on Ready Player Me? I haven’t tried creating an avatar with Ready Player Me so I am not sure exactly how it works, but there are constraints for wearables and skins in DCL, you can find more info about that here: Creating wearables | Decentraland Documentation

Would these Ready Player Me avatars fit these constraints?

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I like this idea on the surface, but I second the questions made by Shiny. I am not advanced at the technical aspects of this proposal but it would help to have more detail regarding the implementation. Thank you.

As discussed in previous Town Halls and a few AMA’s, the foundation is already working on a new Avatar system that will include VRM capability and several other wearable capabilities.

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I dont think that RPM avatars fits Decentraland style and vibe, it’s a big no for me. From my side Ready Player Me avatars look great, yeah, in other metaverses like Spatial. But in Decentraland they will look very weird, especially if they won’t be integrated as is, but with decreased polycount, textures size, and use of current armature with animations. (however, from my side, RPM armature and animations is total S :poop:).

Interoperable avatars and other up to date trends would benefit DCL imo.

Such partnerships can bring mutual benefits to both sides. U can wait enaction of Bidding and Tendering Flow and apply through new process.


The 3,000 apps across both Web2 and Web3 already integrate Ready Player Me, including VRChat, Spatial, Somnium Space, RTFKT and many more. The company also already works with individual creators and fashion brands such as Adidas, New Balance, Dior, Pull&Bear, and Warner Brothers (Dune movie outfits) to enable cross-game avatar assets across the metaverse.

Dear @Shiny, @CheddarQueso, @theankou, and @web3nit,

Thank you for your comments and questions regarding our proposal to integrate Ready Player Me avatars into Decentraland. We appreciate your interest and engagement with our idea, and we’d like to address your concerns.

Firstly, to answer Shiny’s question, we plan to create low poly versions of the clothes, hair, and other wearable items available on Ready Player Me to ensure that they fit the constraints for wearables and skins in Decentraland. We are aware of these constraints, and we are confident that we can overcome them to make these avatars work in Decentraland.

We also understand CheddarQueso’s point about needing more detail regarding the implementation. Our plan is to work closely with the Decentraland team to ensure that the integration is seamless and in line with the overall vision of the platform. We will provide more specific details on the technical aspects of the integration as we move forward in the process.

Regarding theankou’s comment about the compatibility of Ready Player Me avatars with the Decentraland style and vibe, we understand that it’s a matter of personal preference. However, we believe that the diversity and customization options offered by Ready Player Me can bring a new and exciting element to Decentraland. We will make sure that the avatars are integrated in a way that stays true to the Decentraland aesthetic.

Lastly, we appreciate web3nit’s input on the potential benefits of this partnership. We agree that interoperable avatars and cross-game assets can bring mutual benefits to both parties. We will continue to explore the possibilities of this integration and ensure that it aligns with the goals and values of both Decentraland and Ready Player Me.

Thank you all again for your feedback and interest in our proposal.

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Voting NO

Maybe we need this, but I don’t feel comfortable voting yes on this because of your past proposals where you are charging people money to create wearables but not paying the curation fee like everyone else has to. You did this through the Linked Wearables program, and it only extracts money from the DAO and you keep the profits (except for the modest amount you said you would return to the DAO). These proposals were not supported by the community, and only passed with one whale vote of 4 million VP that is using district land for their vote.

Perhaps integration with Ready Player Me is a good idea, but I do not like how your previous proposals extract money from our ecosystem.

Link to prior proposals:


Hey @Canessa essa and the Decentraland community,

We would like to address the concerns raised about our previous Linked Wearables proposal and clarify our intentions. We apologize for any confusion or misunderstanding that may have occurred, and we want to reiterate that we did pledge to contribute 40% of our profits towards Decentraland research and development. We plan to fulfill this commitment as soon as our wearables are sold, and we will transfer the crypto to the DCL treasury wallet address from our sales instantly as we have it. Canessa, we welcome your oversight and are open to suggestions regarding alternate options.

We are pleased to inform you that all the linked wearables collections have been approved today, and they will go on sale next week, ranging from $100 to $500 depending on the rarity. Blockchain keeps records of every transaction, and we will fulfill our commitment accordingly. Additionally, we are open to deploying a smart contract that automates the profit-sharing process. Our goal is to work together with the DCL community to ensure a mutually beneficial collaboration.

we would be happy to discuss any means to share the profits in a way that aligns with the DCL committee’s preferences. We want to share a screenshot of the comment where we proposed to contribute 40% of our profits towards Decentraland research and development, which can be found at this link: [Add MetaWardrobe: Virtual Women's Fashion by Steezyarts to the Linked Wearables Registry].

Regarding our current proposal to integrate Ready Player Me with Decentraland, we believe this partnership has the potential to bring many benefits to the Decentraland ecosystem. This integration will allow for more personalized avatars and increase accessibility for users who may not have the skills or resources to create their own wearables for cross platform virtual worlds. We are open to suggestions on how best to do so.

We appreciate your feedback and suggestions, and we are committed to working with the community to find the best way to move forward. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Voto si!
RPM es unas de las comunidades mas grande en creacion de avatares y mas… Tiene un ecosistema en gigante en cardano,metaversoso como pavia y yabal, entre otras blockchain, es hora de que haga parte de dcl tambien…

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Connecting Decentraland with Ready Player Me

This proposal is now in status: FINISHED.

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Connecting Decentraland with Ready Player Me

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