Proposal about Integrating Intelligent Digital Avatars into Decentraland to improve DAU and enhance User Engagement

Proposal Topic :

Integrating Intelligent Digital Avatars into Decentraland to improve DAA(Daily Active Avatar),Enhance User Engagement and Platform Value

Proposal Background:

Decentraland has been live for nearly six years, with innovative business models and technologies creating brand awareness. However, user engagement (DAU, MAU) and online duration are low due to two primary reasons:

  1. High Hardware Requirements**: Virtual reality worlds require high-end hardware, preventing many mobile and regular computer users from accessing Decentraland.

  2. Suboptimal User Experience**: The low market penetration of XR and other specialized equipment means users cannot fully experience immersive virtual reality. Users often participate only to complete tasks or engage in interactions, leading to low engagement and online duration.

Proposal Solution:

Digiforge is a company using cutting-edge AI technology to provide intelligent platforms for digital humans. We propose that Decentraland adopts Intelligent Avatars as the platform’s primary entities. Users only need to create their digital humans, set tasks, and goals. The avatars can autonomously represent users in various activities within Decentraland, such as shopping, attending concerts, participating in events, and gaming. These avatars will form memories and continuously evolve, becoming smarter with usage, eventually replacing real humans in activities and even earning rewards.

This approach eliminates the need for users to be online in real-time, significantly boosting user engagement and online duration, effectively enhancing Decentraland’s daily active users (DAU) and creating a thriving virtual reality society.

Expected Outcomes:

Every era has its phenomenal platforms serving users with new metrics to evaluate platform value. In the forthcoming AGI era and virtual reality society, evaluation metrics will shift from DAU/MAU to DAA/MAU (Daily Active Avatar, Monthly Active Avatar). Our intelligent digital humans will effectively align with this new standard, ensuring Decentraland’s leading position in DAA/MAU.

With intelligent avatars, Decentraland will:

1.Reduce Participation Barriers: Lower hardware requirements allow more users to join.

2.Enhance User Experience: Provide smoother, smarter interactive experiences.

3.Increase User Retention: Avatars’ autonomous activities will increase users’ online duration and engagement.

Related Technical :

Here is the related version of the provided technical details:

• Implement a dialogue system process capable of voice conversation

• Users upload text for document LoRA training to generate a user chat database

• Users upload their avatars for avatar LoRA training to create personalized digital humans

• Incorporate large language models (LLMs) such as GPT-4, Qwen, and GeminiPro

• Enable uploading of any digital human photo for conversation

• Use FastAPI for implementation

• Utilize Microsoft TTS with advanced options to set corresponding voice and tone parameters, increasing voice diversity

• Add subtitles to video generation for better visualization

• Implement a GPT multi-turn dialogue system to enhance the interaction, realism, and intelligence of digital humans

• Optimize the Gradio interface and integrate more models, such as Wav2Lip and FunASR

• Integrate voice cloning technology with GPT-SoVITS, allowing simple fine-tuning with just one minute of voice input for voice cloning synthesis, improving the realism and interaction experience of digital human avatars

• Add offline TTS and NeRF-based methods and models

• Real-time speech recognition for voice interaction between humans and digital humans

• Integrate Gen-agent technology, enabling digital humans to have memory, reflection, action planning, and tool invocation capabilities

• Add workflow-agent to automate the work of digital humans

Shared Goal:

We formally propose this initiative, seeking collaboration with Decentraland to jointly embrace and lead the new digital society era. Together, we aim to build a more valuable platform, achieving the vision of “Let humans enjoy life, let digital humans handle the tasks.”

We hope this proposal receives approval and support from the DAO to achieve collaboration.

Absolutely Not. When @ArtReYou asked the grantee about his favorite place in Decentraland, this was his answer:

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sorry,I typed wrong name,It is "BOSON"shop not “BOSH” in DCL which i wanted to shop before

It’s a neat idea … and I could see this catching on for people who want to bot games and/or DCL: human trained AI bots to farm games. It would probably be considered cheating on most platforms … but I could see it being really helpful for testing reasons. Have a dozen to hundreds of AI bots that are trained in bug finding, recording game metrics/situations when bugs are found, reports to DCL help all found bugs/errors and all related data.

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