[DAO:c989482] Update #5 for proposal "Continued Maintenance of Decentraland VR Cleint"

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Update Status: Late
Project Health: :green_circle: On Track


August proved to be a productive month for the Decentraland VR Client team. Amidst the developments and enhancements, we took significant steps towards creating a smoother VR experience. Our team was deeply focused on refining and introducing various user-centric features, setting the stage for a more immersive September.


  • VR-Specific Emotes Panel: We successfully integrated a VR tailored emotes panel, catering specifically to the VR user experience.
  • Controller Modifications: Several controller buttons underwent revisions to ensure an intuitive user interface.
  • Improved UI Interactivity: Multiple UI elements, including the pointer contextual hints that appear when pointing at objects, were perfected to display correctly within the scene.
  • Keyboard Improvements: The keyboard’s interaction with on-screen input fields was notably enhanced. Additionally, there’s an ongoing effort to further refine the keyboard functionalities, addressing some minor bugs.
  • WebView for Android: Efforts were initiated to create a webview akin to Vuplex for Android. While it’s still in the early stages, our aim is to establish a minimal functional webview capable of setting security parameters to sign in and connect the kernel.


  • Android Video: The challenge of getting Android video to work was persistent. However, significant strides were made in integrating the AVPro media player. Despite the initial setbacks, our team remains optimistic about making progress in the coming weeks.
  • Optimizations for Meta App Labs: There are planned optimizations to meet the frame rate requirements of Meta App Labs, making our client more compatible and efficient.

Next steps

  • Intensify focus on WebView for Android, aiming to merge it back into the main DCL Unity-Renderer project.
  • Work on further optimizations to align with Meta App Labs’ standards.
  • Continue refining the Android video functionality, working alongside partners like AVPro to address any underlying issues.

Additional notes and links

For constant updates and discussions, do join our Decentraland DAO Discord and chime in at the channel: #vr-client-decentraland. Your support and feedback are invaluable.

Both the PC VR and Quest clients can be downloaded from SideQuest.

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