[DAO:07267fe] Decentraland-Kit Plugin Addon for Blender

by 0xad3d2c044735c16c985cd33e602d1fd8048d4b8f (muff)

Should the following $11,000 grant in the Platform category be approved?


With 2023 being the “Year of the Creator” we’d like to ask the community to assist us in helping to realise this ambition by creating tools for creators.

As designers, 3D artists and developers working within Decentraland, we see great value in developing open-source tools for Blender which can assist others in the creation of experiences.

In the past we’ve built similar internal plugins to assist in the production of Decentraland experiences as well as other web3 projects (see Coiniverse ) and we believe that these tools would be of great value to the Decentraland community.

With the assistance of this grant we would develop and share a Decentraland (Decentraland-Kit) plugin for Blender to aid creators.

Grant size

11,000 USD

Project duration

1 month

Beneficiary address


Email address



While there have been some previous plugins developed (see link ) there aren’t many available or maintained at the current time. We see this as a relevant moment and great opportunity to align the latest version of Blender (3.4) with the latest version(s) of the Decentraland SDK (6 & 7).

This grant scope would describe the creation, development of an open source and collaborative ‘Decentraland-Kit’ plugin for all Blender users. This initial scope (v1.0.0) would prioritise integrations with existing asset libraries and exporting tools:

  • Seamlessly integrate 3D models and scenes from the Decentraland avatar-assets and builder-assets repositories
  • Design/develop UI within Blender:
    • Asset Gallery
    • Generating thumbnails for assets
  • Welcome message / video tutorial
  • Github wiki
  • Video tutorial and documentation (github wiki)

Roadmap and milestones


  • Add-on allowing Importing of models from Decentraland asset repos into Blender
  • Add-on UI with Decentraland Asset gallery in Blender
  • Video Tutorial
  • Github wiki and documentation and submission to Blender Community

This work will be divided over the course of two, two-week sprints :

Sprint 1 (Design):

  • UX/Design of UI
  • Creation of Video Tutorial
    • Upload to youtube/vimeo
  • Creation of public repo / wiki

Sprint 2 (Development):

  • Add-on development in python
    • Creation of tool features (Blender Python SDK)
    • Employing Blender python code guidelines and best practises
  • Testing (User and CI/CD)

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Hey there,

Are you able to share any of the concepts or prototypes of the plugin to get a better understanding of what it will look like? I’ve never had a problem myself with using the repositories to download the assets. For most of these models, once you download them once, you don’t have to download them again or at least for a very long time because they aren’t updated frequently. I don’t know much about what goes into creating a plugin for blender, but off the bat $11k feels like a lot. There also isn’t a breakdown of the budget to help understand the amount either.

I think there are many other plugins that creators/builders need for DCL projects aside from just an asset pull. For example things like auto-compressing to meet small file size restraints, retopology plugins, plugins that aid in GLTF exporting/organizing, etc.


Hello, thank you for your grant proposal. I am not technical at all however what you are proposing seems like a great idea.

I thought the grant amount seemed high, but I am unsure what the going rate is for this work. My determination was $40.75 per hour ($11K/3 people over 30 days working 40 hours per week).

I really appreciate your feedback around this before I vote.

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I think what is really needed is a Blender Preview Plug-in, that can simulate a Decentraland environment, so that we don’t need to export to preview in SDK or builder, that would save 20-30% of the time in the final adjustment stage, especially for large scene development.


Decentraland-Kit Plugin Addon for Blender

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 46% 4,186,251 VP (67 votes)
  • No 48% 4,310,283 VP (49 votes)
  • Abstain 6% 556,766 VP (95 votes)