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by 0x511a22cdd2c4ee8357bb02df2578037ffe8a4d8d (ginoct)

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Problem Statement

While Decentraland offers a profile dApp and a feature-rich Backpack feature in-world customization, there is a lack of a user-friendly mobile app that allows users to seamlessly showcase and personalize their avatars using the NFTs they own. The existing avatar preview app (GitHub - decentraland/wearable-preview: Render an interactive preview of a wearable) provided a step in the right direction, and there was also a Grant project that started to undertake this effort but its limitations and lack of polish left room for improvement. Users could use a more accessible, visually appealing, and intuitive mobile application that enables them to experiment with various wearables and express their individuality within the metaverse.

Proposed Solution

Our proposed solution is the creation of the a mobile backpack experience, a feature-rich mobile app designed to enable avatar customization and personal expression within Decentraland from a phone. This app will offer an immersive and visually engaging experience, allowing users to effortlessly browse, preview, and mix-and-match NFT wearables they have acquired in Decentraland.

Key Features:

Avatar Customization: The app will provide a comprehensive and user-friendly interface that enables users to assemble their avatars by combining different wearables from their collections. This feature will grant users unparalleled creative freedom to express their unique identity.

Social Sharing: To foster a sense of community and encourage social engagement, users will have the option to share their customized avatars on social media platforms directly from the app, promoting their unique style within the Decentraland community.

Virtual Showroom: The app will include a virtual showroom where users can view their avatars in different environments and lighting conditions, providing a more immersive and dynamic showcase of their personalized avatars. They could also export short videos or images to share in their social media channels.

Target Audience/Customer Base

The primary target audience for a mobile backpack experience includes Decentraland users who actively engage in avatar customization and NFT collecting. It would also serve younger audiences that uses their phone as their primary mean of communication and it would also create the path for a truly DCL mobile experience. This mobile app will cater to creative individuals, collectors, fashion enthusiasts, and anyone seeking to enhance their virtual presence within Decentraland.

Why is this relevant now?

Decentraland is the go-to community for people wanting to express their identity through virtual worlds in a decentralized and open way. With the release of the VRM export feature, we put a step forward in the interoperability of virtual worlds and the DCL avatar is the cornerstone of a fully featured virtual identity.
The existing solutions have shown potential, but the demand for a more polished and accessible mobile app is evident. By addressing this issue now, we can elevate the user experience, foster deeper engagement, and empower users to truly express themselves within the metaverse.

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Mobile Backpack Experience

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 98% 7,776,092 VP (105 votes)
  • No 1% 3,351 VP (3 votes)
  • Abstain 1% 784 VP (3 votes)