[DAO:60116a9] Should the Decentraland Foundation hold bi-weekly AMAs for the community?

by 0xd4f1cab694c4424c4796549edbb9b489789f4df5 (TudaMoon)

Many community members and community organizations desire opening a line of communication between the Decentraland Foundation and the community builders/users. This would be an opportunity for anyone in the community to ask questions to the Decentraland Foundation and they will be able to provide an answer.

These meetings should be recorded for those who cannot attend can listen later. Before the questions are asked in these AMAs, the Decentraland Foundation should be allotted time to share any news, progress or updates to the community. This will be very valuable and would be a great way for the community to receive direct answers from the original source.

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The idea is nice but bi-weekly might be a lot of work, maybe twice a month is a good start?


This sounds more like a Foundation Town Hall. Maybe one of the town halls per month in the DAO Discord they could hosted with Foundation? I think an AMA might not be the best format tho, I think more structure with an open forum at the end is best.

And if Bi-weekly meaning twice a week, that would probably be too difficult to do. I think once a month is a good place to start with. For now I’m voting no as the AMA format reoccurring is the best use of time with Foundation members. Having an AMA at some point, would be cool, just not frequently.


I think once a month is a good place to start with.

Yes, thats more real :white_check_mark:


Thank you for your opinion! Well it’s funny how you say that because this idea comes from people who are closer to the foundation than you are. Have you met with any of them? I have done my due diligence.

To clarify bi-weekly means every other week. Does the Town hall allow questions? This is an opportunity to allow them to answer questions from the community.

I say this as someone who awhile ago — asked Foundation on a CBD spaces(before another person brought it up on a diff CBD spaces recently, which they also credited me on that spaces with being the one who was bringing this all up) — and as someone who on the DAO Town hall last month requested a Foundation and DAO AMA. We got the DAO AMA the following week after I requested.

Also, the town halls do allow questions. They are set up exactly how you said in your write up, there’s the first part for updates from DAO facilitators (they also have a moment for grantees to share updates too), and then there’s an open forum at the end for questions or thoughts.

I’m not sure what another persons proximity to Foundation has to do with my response or answer though. But I know people on Foundation were on that town hall when I requested it.

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Awesome I am glad we got a DAO AMA. I am still not sure if that solves the issue of the lack of communication between the foundation and it’s community. Can you explain how it does? Do people from the Foundation answer community members questions directly? Also the townhall didn’t give much time at all for questions as I recall. We had an unofficial discussion after.

I am glad you see a need for this also, but then why are you voting “no.” This makes no sense.

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Hey sorry if I wasn’t clear in my first message, we def align on wanting to get more access to Foundation and having conversations. It’s the format I voted no on. I do not see Foundation being comfortable or available for a bi weekly chat.

Also an AMA each time might be a bit aggressive and loose, so I think there should be more of a process or structure to the chats. Maybe they take community questions UGC style before the call, and then answer the top asked ones or more pressing ones.

I voted no because as this is a pre proposal poll, the next step would be to escalate to a governance proposal, which then has to go through additional steps, after that is then passed to become binding governance, and I do not see this passing. Or at least getting a lot of push back from those who would be pushed to speak.

I think it’s best to continue to bring it up on DAO Town Halls, continue to bring it up when we are in rooms with Foundation, and find a way we can bring this to life outside of governance. I personally can’t guarantee it, but I do believe we can get there.

voting no due to the time frame (2x a month from the start is a lot) and the fact that as I understand it, a once a month foundation AMA is already in the works.

So I am glad you pointed out the issue here. Is it about what the community wants? If not, then why even have a DAO?

So you voted No because you don’t see this passing? Am I missing the Logic here?

Rooms with the Foundation? We don’t even have a clear knowledge of who is on the Foundation? So you want to keep the communication indirect? This makes no sense.

You seem broken here. I am sorry you feel that way. I will get this passed with or without your support. This is necessary, we cannot solve problems with these games of telephone. Eventually it all becomes rumors. Let’s hear it straight from the source and remove the advantage from those who have the ability to contact them directly. We can make a formalized question asking forum.

Thank you for your response, however, how do you know this information?

People on Foundation are still people.

From what I understand not all are from English speaking countries, and I have heard that public speaking in English spaces would make things more uncomfortable and might honestly create more tension if not appropriately moderated.

I’ve already seen comments in the DAO Town Hall chats that are derogatory towards this thought of trying to be accommodating to what might be hurdles for some language barrier wise. We need to be inclusive in this space, we are a global platform.

As I stated before I voted no because the format for the conversations you laid out, is not the best format in my view. And as as Dax mentioned is in the works (as mentioned in DAO Town hall last month, CBD Spaces multiple times, and again in last DAO Town hall chat by Gino). In addition to that, yes I do not think a binding governance proposal would not make it all the way into governance.

When I speak about rooms with foundation, I mean CBD spaces where Foundation members like Lastraum, ToonPunk, Esteban(co-founder) have shown up and spoken with us, or even the DAO Town halls, we typically have a member or two from Foundation here as well.

I chose Bi-weekly because typically sprints are 2 weeks long. There’s no reason 1 hour of a sprint can’t be dedicated to answering community questions.

I agree and respect that. But what does that have to do with having an AMA? Why do you always make it seem like I am victimizing people or you. Can we stop playing the victim card here? There are real changes that can be made.

I feel like you are always telling me ways that we cannot do something. I believe in winning, there are many ways around these obstacles. I am not going to give up over a silly issue? I do believe there is a profession that is dedicated to translating.

I do recall it mentioned, however I do not recall them saying “it is in the works.” How does one confirm this? Would you share? Or do I just take their word for it? I thought this is a community project? That’s like not sharing with the rest of the group, is it not?

I am not sure I can take him seriously. He has asserted claims of NEVER crashing in Decentraland and knowing how to develop scenes perfectly after self-learning. He also tells people quite often to learn it yourself, but the same foundation he is part of wont have an AMA to answer questions? Seems like he needs to check his privilege.

It’s not playing the victim card to consider all parties involved. I’m offering another perspective that you can choose to consider or not. It’s your choice.

You might confirm by asking a member of the Foundation, or asking in the DCL discord, or DAO discord? Or tagging anyone in Foundation in the forums?

Thank you for your opinion! Well, it’s funny how you say that because this idea comes from people who are closer to the foundation than you are.

Hi! I’m the person referenced here :point_up:
First of all, I would suggest everyone take a chill pill! We are discussing ideas and actually, all of them are pretty aligned so I don’t see the need to be so reactive to other people’s comments.
I agree that biweekly might be too much from an organizational perspective, once a month seems like a better idea.
I also feel that even though an AMA section would be helpful, the call could be structured like our Town Halls where first Core Units and Grantees provide some updates, and then there is time for questions. I believe that Foundation teams might have a lot to share and that the community could benefit from some top-bottom comms, so structuring this way would be more helpful (At least at the beginning, until we get to a healthy cadence of updates). So maybe AMA Calls is not the best naming, Community Calls might be better
Another thing I’d like to mention is that this is just a poll. polls are just community signaling, and they are not binding. Even with the things I disagree on (frequency and naming), I feel this is very much needed, and the details can be sorted out later.


Hello everyone, we all feel the need for a project like this.
The Grant Supp squad + the Govapp squad + the Gov Facilitation squad are working on it with the Foundation team and we have good news.
Tomorrow at the Town Hall we will share more info about it


I thought the Foundation Members are also a part of these Squads?

Thanks for asking! There are 4 Squads (GovAppSquad, GovFacilitationSquad, PartnersSquad and GrantSupportSquad) and all of us are from the DAO :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone! As we said in the TH (regarding providing support to grantees), we are very happy to announce that a weekly AskMeAnything session, in charge of the Decentraland Foundation, is coming.

We’ve been working to create more bridges between the DAO and the Foundation and we are opening a simple and efficient way to give clarity to the grantees (and to the whole community) about the Foundation Roadmap and submit questions to the technical teams that are developing the main Decentraland’s tools.

The topics will be:

  • Platform: Catalysts and decentralized services
  • dApps: UG wearables and emotes / Marketplaces / LANDs / DCL Names / Smart Contracts
  • Explorer
  • SDK (and Kernel)

This will be starting the next month (hopefully on nov16) and would be a monthly 60-minute meeting per team.

The sessions’ agenda will cover not just answering the questions submitted previously and during the meeting but also presenting relevant information about the team’s scope status:

  • High-level roadmap, progress, and metrics
  • Highlights and lowlights
  • Incidents and vulnerabilities report

We are still working with the Foundation about details as to how to submit a question, if the meeting will be recorded, etc etc. In the next few days, we will give you more information regarding that.

Finally, we opened a survey to know which should be the first AMA’s topic.

Slido.com with #2013921
This survey is gonna be open for 5 more days on discord, so share it with anyone that you think would be interested

Any questions please give a shout out to the @Grant Support Squad!
Stay tuned!