[DAO: Qmc33UL] Should there be an annual "Best of Decentraland" awards?

by 0x66b1488a32e21f2d2757713d16facd9d25ec977c (Roots)

I believe it would be great to have a yearly Best of Decentraland awards ceremony. 15-30 categories ranging from:
Best new build (1x1, 1x2-4x4, and 4x5+)

Best new wearable

Best creator

Best streamer

User of the Year

Best reoccurring event

Best special event

Best music/party venue

Best educational venue

Best gaming venue

Best retail venue

Best non commercial property etc.

There would be a nomination period (ex. Jan 16-31), voting period (ex. Feb 1-15), and a ceremony (ex. Feb 20).

Prizes would be an official NFT certificate or wearable and bragging rights.

Voting would be 1 vote per user address.

A committee to choose a committee would have to be formed.

Official committee members would be excluded from being nominated (?).

The ceremony would take place on DCL property.

A contest could be had to design the certificates.

I believe this would be a fun activity and bring attention to the best of what DCL has to offer, and motivate users to add to this wonderful community.

Details are all hypothetical. The poll is just asking “Should there be an official Best of Decentraland Awards”

If this is already in the works or if you have ideas please discuss in the forum.

  • yes
  • no

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Decentraland Superlatives as NFTs, why not. Im wondering if this proposal is meant to gauge interest before applying for a grant.

I always felt like this kind of event doesn’t really empower artists as a community, but rather, leads to weird political exchange and in the end, there is no true “best” anyhow.

I think it would be better to have an event like this that isn’t about being the best, but about highlighting people across categories without necessarily saying X is the best. That will do more for the community right now I believe.