[DAO:24540ae] Decentraland DAO Wearable Creation Contest: Preproposal Poll

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Would launching a six-month wearable creation contest in Decentraland be something to consider to create DAO awareness and promote the community’s creators?

Once a month for six months, creators will be able to submit a new wearable creation, which the DAO community will vote on. This would be a testing period and perhaps extend the contest if proven successful.

The potential benefits include stimulating creativity within the Decentraland community, enhancing participation in the DAO, and promoting various themes that are relevant or topical. These themes could reflect real-world events, seasons, holidays, or other notable celebrations and could range from Earth (promoting nature, sustainability, recycling, etc.), Education (back to school, college, graduation, etc.), Art (music, written, painting, artists, etc.), Fall/Harvest, and The Metaverse. The themes are optional as it could be ran and any type of wearable could be submitted. Emotes to be included as well.

There are two reward options for consideration:

  1. The winner of each month’s contest receives their submission fee waived or receives a prize that would include the cost of submission.

  2. The DAO purchases the winning wearable for a prize amount ($300-$500), and then either sells the wearable or awards them to community members that participate in governance and discussion. This second option could lead to creating a rewards system where active participants earn points or badges that can be traded in for DAO wearables.

  • Yes, prize is the submission fee
  • Yes, the DAO purchases and sells
  • Yes, the Dao purchases and creates reward system
  • No, The DAO should not hold a six-month wearable creation contest
  • Invalid question/options

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The voting options are as follows:

  1. Yes, the DAO should have a contest and the winner gets their submission fee waived

  2. Yes, the DAO should have a contest and the purchase the winning wearable and then sell

  3. Yes, the Dao should purchase the winning wearable and create a points system for participants to redeem for the wearables.

  4. No, The DAO should not hold a six-month wearable creation contest?

Your feedback is important in shaping the future of this initiative. Please vote and share your thoughts in the discussion below.

(Note: This is a preproposal poll to guide the drafting of a formal proposal. Your vote in this poll is non-binding and will not result in any immediate changes. If there is strong support for this initiative, a formal proposal will be drafted and put to an official vote.)

A question was asked how would the voting work. Concern in particular over favoritism with VP and bots. This is an excellent point and would need to be addressed. A committee? Open to suggestions here. Would especially love to hear from creators and anyone who has done this kind of contest and what criteria they used to determine a winner. Thank you @SinfulMeatStick for that view point and suggestion.

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I love this idea!!!

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Thank you. I’ve been meaning to bring it up for awhile. Just kept forgetting. I am still hoping to hear from some of the creators.

The stated objective is to create DAO awareness. Is that a simple awareness that the DAO exists or is it a specific awareness of a particular committee, program, or section of the DAO? Are you proposing the idea that getting people into the DAO to vote on a wearable would in turn increase partcipation in the DAO?

The point system seems like an unnecessary level of complexity. I don’t understand the themes section of this project. Themes simply to have the wearables be about something? This all seems a bit vague and unfocused. Please help me understand better what you are proposing and why.

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I find it exciting to offer contests to creators to encourage more activity on the platform, so I’m all for it.

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I like this idea a lot! Would love to see it more fleshed out as AJ brings up good points.

Ahhh finally. Exactly what I was hoping to find and all great questions. The objective is 2 fold. 1 Yes, make DAO awareness, encourage voting and participation. I think wearables have a strong pull and creators have a strong following. This would encourage the creators to reach out to the community to come vote for their item. 2. To recognize the creators in Decentraland by providing an opportunity to have the submission fee paid for them. This in turn would encourage more wearable creation and lead to more items in the marketplace. As with most things, no I can not provide any statistics, but is why I have been trying to get more creators in here to comment their thoughts on the idea. Get a sentiment of interest.

As far as the point system or as I have heard mentioned a possible badge system, that part would have to be worked out if it comes to that. I mentioned it because of the talks about a such a system and how to reward DAO participation would be a positive way to go, IMO.

Themes I just thought might be something to consider but absolutely not necessary. I probably could have just left that out i suppose.

Thank you @AwedJob and I hope that clarifies things a bit more. If not, you know how to find me or respond here and I will do my best to answer further.

Thank you and I hope I cleared it up some for you as well. Feel free please to add thoughts or ideas to make it better. As this is a poll for discussion and possible progressing. If my way isnt the right way, like you, the idea is good and I would like to see something similar happen if not exactly the way I describe it.

Thank you @PunkPink . Do you think it has potential to create more participation in the DAO? It should accomplish 2 things. Participation and encourage creation which would lead to more items in the marketplace and funds coming into the DAO.

In general, the initiatives around the creators of wearables seem very useful for several reasons, here I only expose 2:

1 - Doing activities that stimulate the participation of creators, such as contests, would be one more reason for them to continue creating on this platform. A clear example of what a contest can achieve is the case of the Droffo marketplace, many creators of wearables prefer to have their creations purchased through the Droffo instead of the original DCL marketplace because they offer a prize. (See here: https://www.droffo.com/competition/decentraland)

2 - As you have said, the creators of wearables have a strong following, this is so because they not only have followers of Decentraland, but also because they are followed by other people related to nearby niches: 3d modeling, augmented reality, fashion, etc. These users who do not have to be in Decentraland may do so in the future due to the direct influence of those creators they follow, on the other hand, many wearables creators have parallel projects that make them an interesting link between DCL and users who have not yet entered, so I think wearables creators are an interesting source to work with to attract new users to the platform. This means that having activities or incentives for creators is a priority to prevent current creators from migrating elsewhere, which some have already done.

In conclusion, yes, I believe that any proposal that stimulates the interest of creators can bring more activity to them, and if they create more wearables, the DAO will have more income.

Although I think that the most interesting thing about these proposals is the long-term pull factor, as long as we work on it, but this would be to be discussed in another thread.

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Thank you for that additional view point. I love that and agree with you.

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Love this idea, it reminds me of the sandstorm contest but specific to wearables. Hopefully some of the details continue to be worked out as AJ has mentioned so education is retained ab the DAO not just awareness. Happy to support any way I can if this become a reality!

Decentraland DAO Wearable Creation Contest: Preproposal Poll

This proposal is now in status: FINISHED.

Voting Results:

  • yes, prize is the submission fee 84% 3,238,527 VP (37 votes)
  • Yes, the dao purchases and sells 1% 39 VP (3 votes)
  • Yes, the dao purchases and creates reward system 14% 533,512 VP (9 votes)
  • No, the dao should not hold a six-month wearable creation contest 1% 6,398 VP (4 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 0% 0 VP (0 votes)

Thank you @ckbubbles I I would love to hear what ideas others have on how to make those most of this. I want it to be a win for the DAO, a win for the Creators and a win for Decentraland and the only way that can happen is with the community contributing to how this is shaped out

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I don’t see why $150/month submission fee coverage wouldn’t be a positive to allow opportunities for creators who maybe don’t have access to the submission fee, or the platform to share their talents.

This is all very first thought, so maybe not the best options, but…

It could be something that is part of the DAO interface, automate it a bit through the platform — where there’s a page where users can submit their wearables for the competition with a form/upload fields, then another page for applied for and selected on a rotating schedule of a “Jury” of Community/DAO/Foundation members that can (volunteer, get paid, idk?) give some of their time to review the submissions, and vote. Jury votes can have a certain weight %, and then there can be a page for community votes, like we vote on proposals, that has a certain weight %. Then maybe the people that submitted wearables can have a % of their votes in the pool too?

There would need to be discussions around what is required for submissions, aka it works in dcl, will be approved by curation, etc. But as someone who won a fashion grant from Face Fashion House when I first got into the space, I see a HUGE benefit to uplifting creators by promoting and helping give access to publishing.

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Decentraland DAO Wearable Creation Contest: Preproposal Poll

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