[DAO:5793238] DCLFilmClub 2023: Prizes wasn't sent out yet! Foundation Scammed the Community

by 0x059d0025e4e1bb1a37f2c922e54b139bc1231ee0 (iNFT)

I just saw that the community hasn’t received their awards for FilmClub2023 yet.

Something was already posted on Twitter over half a year ago:

Here another Community Member asking for the prize: https://x.com/maryanaDCL/status/1723427190954443005?s=20

So, the Foundation is scamming the Community by not sending out the prizes and not reacting on their questions.

What does the Foundation intend to do for its community here?

  • You are right, this is a NO-GO
  • Foundation is GOD, they can do what they want
    1. WHAT
  • Invalid question/options

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Some people received their prices. @Tobik had his land sent. Conflict of interests?

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Hey @ArtReYou, I am voting Invalid because @KimboNFT replied in Discord and it appears they are taking the lead on getting this issue resolved ASAP.

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Thx @DedHeadJ - Good to see @KimboNFT taking the lead on this! I appreciate this

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It’s a bit annoying the constant targeting for literally anything. The land thing was the previous contest.

It’s a bit annoying to see the little prince, how he just doesn’t see the injustice in his kingdom and pulls out his rubber sword.

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ще си го преместя в другия крачол :wink:

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Yeah, I completely get it. You don’t add (nor haven’t added) anything productive to Decentraland so you start looking for enemies. Guess what? I don’t work for the Foundation and I did notify them privately about this concern. But again, for you, it doesn’t matter. Oh, and btw, everyone else got sent their prizes in the previous contest. So why focus on me?

I remember some weeks ago when you told me that your reactions were because of your frustration with the platform. For some reason, you decided to go after me, even if I had nothing to do. In fact, when I gave a talk about Decentraland, you were looking to complain about the screen that the event venue had. I wonder, what you have done for Decentraland despite trashing on others? Let me guess… ah… nothing.

But don’t worry, I understand that you need a place to throw your hate. Real life sometimes can be hard for miserable people, and the internet is the perfect place for some individuals to have an identity, even if it’s as sad as it seems.

If someone is reading this, please, don’t be like that. Make sure you contribute to Decentraland with real content.

Oh, and this has nothing to do with the original post. I do think the Foundation has to fix this problem (and AFAIK they are doing it now).

See you!

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“If somone is reading this, please don’t be like that. Make sure you contribute to Decentraland with real content”

Im sorry to say, but the most ppl who tried to built real content in DCL, they just GONE…

There are only a few ppl building, but its only because the HAVE TO (Grant Contract)

Have a great Weekend

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DCLFilmClub 2023: Prizes wasn’t sent out yet! Foundation Scammed the Community

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • You are right, this is a no-go 1% 30 VP (10 votes)
  • Foundation is god, they can do what they want 12% 549,953 VP (15 votes)
    1. what 1% 346 VP (2 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 86% 3,716,629 VP (43 votes)