Is Tudamoon causing more harm to Decentraland than good?

Frankly, I hate to ask for this feedback, but I am at the edge. I do care about Decentraland, but my voice has been silenced in Decentraland Foundation’s Discord and Decentraland DAO’s Discord. I been banned from both, with promises from each that it was temporary, however they have not upheld their promises. I feel arrogant here even bringing this question up, but I am starting to feel like this idea that Decentraland wants to hear everyone’s voice is bullshit. So with that being said, if I am causing more harm than good, I will delete my account and move my efforts elsewhere. My altruism might seem self-centered, but you are all being lead to believe that I am a narcistic or whatever. Please answer the question in the title in the following poll:

  • Yes
  • No

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