[DAO:3d21b0a] Remove Jar0d from all Decentraland Platforms Including Discord, Forum & Socials

by 0x0c678c84cc5744f2a5b368ce2aeab3905624ff99

No need for any kind of explanation. Community has had enough.

Please vote Yes or No

  • Yes
  • No
  • Invalid question/options

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What does “& socials” include?

RobL can cry himself to sleep in his estate full of swindled LAND parcels.



Attempting to ban one of the most important figures in DCL seems like a gross misuse of VP, especially for a “decentralized” platform. Big yikes L + ratio

Meanwhile in the DAO Discord

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I dont think using my photograph is going to convince anyone you are acting rationally

I was under the impression you were using my photo :thinking:

There are WAY better photos to try and bully me with out there. You can’t even do this right :person_facepalming:

This proposal is stupid…

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You trade all the stolen land in your possession. We cap the birb man for turkey dinner.


One whale voting yes on an Invalid Question doesn’t suddenly make it valid.

I believe @RobL has confused the fact that a person banned from the dao server can get unbanned via a proposal, with the belief that he has the power to vote out whoever he likes from the community via governance.

If someone can show documentation or evidence that indicates that this is a valid governance proposal, I would love to see it.

This isn’t anything other than orchestrated retaliation from an individual I wrote about how he acquired his VP from deception. Rob himself doesn’t even argue that the contributors to DistrictX got screwed, he just doesn’t care and tells you they need to take it up with DCL since they gave it to him.


Singling out community members isn’t recommended and I personally dont think it’s a productive way to solve any problems. What I think is a good way to approach this is looking at the community guidelines on these platforms and creating a poll to update and include anything that could prevent issues in the future. Banning one person wont prevent a problem but cause maybe a few other problems, community is only as strong as its weakest member!

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This is actually hilarious , Jarod you know you made it when there’s a DAO proposal trying to ban you. Decentraland is truly a high school cluster fuck. Are we that fucking bored that this is what people are focusing their attention to?

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4 million yes votes omg :skull:

Those are from DistrictX land thief @RobL who at no point has ever claimed that his contributors weren’t screwed. He just insists that he doesn’t have to care and the people need to sue the foundation if they want something to be done about it.

He is also upset I keep pointing out that he is getting paid directly by many of the grants he has supported. I can’t say all, because I’ve been told there are a couple of grants he voted for that aren’t paying him “rent” but the majority of his votes are cast in ways that directly fill his pockets.

Naturally, you wouldn’t want someone around pointing that out to people.


Expose those grants that used his services.

He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight

Even tho i dont/won´t be friends with this person or even I don`t like most of his shit,

This is WRONG

And of course, proposals like this to get rid of people that maybe talk too much of the right things.

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Place your 100VP worth of vote & wish for it to make the difference :joy:

See, it’s a shame you don’t understand why this vote doesn’t matter.

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