[DAO:0c78d2f] Permanently ban jar0d

by 0xed7461fd98758a84b76d6e941cbb92891443c36f

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Permanently ban jar0d


I propose that current Decentraland community member jar0d be permanently banned from ALL Decentraland DAO discord servers and DAO discussion forums and recommend to the DCL Foundation that they ban him as well from their discord and forums as well


The Decentraland DAO and Foundation Discord servers are a places where many community members gather in hopes of engaging in relevant and insightful conversations pertaining to the Decentraland.

While disagreements often occur, for the most part the community is able to engage in these disagreements respectfully.

However, community member jar0d has a very long history of being verbally combative and disrespectful toward nearly all other community members, and engages in this activity nearly every single day.

In fact, since the DAO instituted a mute mechanism, jar0d is one of the most muted member of the community.

Jar0d has repeatedly referred to community members by disrespectful an derogatory names that include but are not limited to:

Dumb Bitch
Sack of Shit
Human Fleshlight

Jar0d’s vulgar language inside Decentraland Discord server and discussions forums, often includes profanity angers and escalate tensions between himself and other community members.

As a result of Jar0ds disruptive conversations, on many occasions the entire DAO general channel has been put on a cooldown to slow communications. In effect, due to the actions of one instigator, the entire community is constantly being punished and therefore cannot effectively communicate.

In my opinion, having observed the discussions of jar0d over many months, and despite the innumerous warning he has received to cease (and many mutes), he has continued to irritate, antagonize, and intimidate good people to the point many no longer choose to participate in Decentraland discussions out of fear of being verbally attacked and abused by jar0d.

While some have called for more forceful moderation, I believe that action is an unnecessary policing of the entire community to simply mitigate the unacceptable actions of one member.


As I mentioned, jar0d has a very long history of being disruptive. He has received many public warnings; many have attempted to converse with him about his unacceptable behaviors privately via DMS; he has been muted many times; nothing has seemed to have worked, as he continues to this day to use the Decentraland discords and discussion forums as his personal platforms to engage in harassing, abusive, disruptive, and often libelous behaviors.

If the community would like the Decentraland Discord channels and forums to once again be platforms where they can freely express their ideas, views, and concerns without the fear being incessantly attacked, then there must be accountability. In my opinion, those whose seemingly sole purpose of existence is to intentionally disrupt, irritate and annoy, should be permanently removed from the community.


Permanently ban jar0d from all Decentraland DAO Discord servers and permanently ban jar0d from all DAO proposal discussion Forums.

Make a recommendation to the DCL Foundation that they ban jar0d from all Decentraland Foundation Discord servers and discussion Forums, as well; including in-world chat and voice communication channels, and any and all other current or future communication channels not mentioned.


Decentraland DAO Community member Jar0d is currently serving a 1 week mute in the DCL DAO Discord. The impact of this short duration mute has been enormously beneficial. During this mute duration people have been freely able to engage in active productive conversations without the constant fear they previously encountered of being attacked, harassed, or interrupted by jar0d.

However, during this time, jar0D has NOT been muted from the DAO proposal discussion Forums, where he continued to disrupt, irritate and annoy people.

This 1 week mute was very helpful in determining the impact of such a proposed ban.

While banning members is not something that should be taken lightly, in some cases doing so for the benefit of the entire community is necessary; this unfortunately is one such case that is necessary.

Implementation Pathways

Permanently Ban user jar0d from viewing, or engaging with :

  1. All Decentraland DAO Discord servers
  2. All Decentraland DAO proposal discussion Forums.

Recommendation to the DCL Foundation that they Permanently ban jar0d from viewing, or engaging with:

  1. All Decentraland Foundation Discord servers
  2. All Decentraland Foundation proposal discussion Forums.
  3. Ban userJar0d from using Decentraland platform in-World discussion and voice communication.
  4. Any and all other current or future communication channels not mentioned.


It is my hope that all of jar0d’s victims, both past and present, read this proposal and take the necessary action to permanently ban him.

In doing so, it is my hope that the Decentraland community can once again reclaim their right to engage with other members free from the fear of harassment. And approving this action will also serve as a deterrent and reminder to all others that the type of behavior that jar0d has for too long engaged in will no longer be tolerated within our community.

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Rob has a history of silencing those who call out his failings as a district leader.

I think it just proves that founders of platforms can be emotional and let that blind them.

Would you like to see screenshots of esteban upset with you?

Sir, why do you think quoting @JasonX to you is worthy of the top spot of your “proof jarod is bad” copy paste?

Do you support transphobia and calling queer & trans people “r*tards”?

lol RobL is only doing this as retaliation. no wonder people were too scared to vote to mark DistrictX as stolen.

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I don’t understand this proposal.
Does the community have to create a proposal to ban someone?

I ask because I was banned on the server for “starting drama/being a new account”. I do not believe I was starting out anything other than calling out a grant and the so call prove of engagement in DAO by voters. I believe that I did that within the rules of the server and forum.

So how come some get banned without being proposed by community but others don’t?
This doesn’t seem right to me.

It is an incredibly awkward position to be in, with freshly delegated responsibility, to go against the wishes of the person who delegated it:

If this proposal was being pushed by anyone else, I would abstain so that the community could decide - because I cannot defend the amount of toxicity we have to deal with, often involving the same people, when trying to discuss real issues in the DAO. At this point maybe we should just make the proposal about both of them to keep it unbiased.

I am voting no because:

  • This is clearly retaliation from RobL, for both District X and personal spats that both he and Jar0d involve themselves in
  • RobL is not innocent himself, he doxxed Jar0d and consistently provokes him, often using attacks that disparage mental health in general
  • It does not sit well with me that this proposal would pass with RobL’s 4M - if this proposal is to pass, it should be decided by the community, so I will offset 12.5% of his vote and reduce the impact of his bias.

With that said, Jar0d, you have put the community at large in a difficult position, not because of your opinions, but because of how every time there is a disagreement it devolves into personal attacks or bringing up previous arguments/history (for literally multiple pages of Discord history at a time), even attacking DCL employees or others you feel personally wronged by, when often, their hand is forced and out of their control. We have multiple avenues to resolve injustices you might feel, but constant personal attacks and insults is not one of them, even if provoked.

You want to get semantical with Esteban for accusing you of ‘destroying good vibes’ from a single comment, when it is clearly based on a general history between you two - it is dishonest to act like others are somehow suffering from short term memory, when you yourself dredge up years of history every time there is a disagreement even in completely unrelated topics we are trying to make progress on.

You need to figure out how to stop this and still get your point across, the personal attacks continue to go too far, with too many people - even the founder of the metaverse you care about so passionately, there must be a way to reconcile or this will never end.

As someone who’s gone to bat for you out of consideration for the good you have done in this community, I feel I’ve even received my fair share of unkind words from you, often over smaller disagreements or even times when I simply am unable to participate - consider that I write this with a hope that you won’t get banned, but that you do need to grow if your relationship with the DAO itself is going to be anything but negative for your wellbeing and beneficial for both yourself and others.


Seriously - look at this. Rob thinks anyone who has a problem with him is killing the ‘good vibes’ - is this really what we want for this space? Rob going after real creators and people contributing?


I grapple with mixed feelings about this issue, and my thoughts can be summarized in three words: “Responsible Free Speech.”

While free speech is pivotal for the evolution of any vibrant community, allowing diverse and sometimes challenging opinions to coexist, it shouldn’t infringe upon the rights and well-being of others.

Furthermore, our community leaders bear the added responsibility to uphold our collective guidelines and sentiment. Community leaders must protect the community as a whole and follow community guidelines, some set by the platforms being used (like Discord’s terms of service).

I recognize that jar0d has brought valuable points of view to the table. I equally recognize that the manner in which these points of view have been conveyed and other communications have been less than constructive, toxic, and offensive by most people’s standards.

Derogatory and toxic speech, explicit, intended, or inferred, not only stifles meaningful conversation but also creates an environment where members feel unsafe and unwelcome.

A community thrives when its members feel respected and heard. It’s not about suppressing voices but ensuring that those voices contribute in a manner that respects others and the culture of the community.

Understanding similar steps have already been taken, perhaps we could consider alternatives:
Restrictions: We could designate a specific “unfiltered” channel, if possible on platforms like Discord. Those opting to participate in this area could be made aware of its unmoderated nature. It might offer jar0d (and others) a space for candid expression, while safeguarding the sentiments and overall well-being of members in the general channels.

In addition, I firmly believe there should be a clear mechanism to overturn any ban, providing a roadmap for rectification and reintegration. This could easily be another proposal but I felt the need to mention the need of a clear mechanism.

This issue goes beyond just jar0d. It’s a broader reflection on how we manage divergent viewpoints, some of which may be polarizing while others go well beyond anything that would considered acceptable by the majority. Today, it’s jar0d; tomorrow, it could be someone else more or less deserving.

I’m currently inclined to abstain from voting based on my mixed feelings but will hold off on voting for now while I consider the communities response. I value the patience and attention of everyone who took the time to go through my perspective. I wish the best to all and the community!

Best Regards,


Please stop. You are embarrassing yourself and making everyone voting to ban me regret being associated with you as it demonstrates exactly how hollow their concerns are.

Ser, that was exactly on topic. The reason you had to make a new “Unofficial” Discord is because you got banned for being a bigot. You managed to get banned from the current one, along with multiple sockpuppets without a vote or anyone even so much as caring.

Ser, even with you voting with 10 sockpuppet accounts, you can’t get more actual people with 5VP or more to outvote those who support me.

love him or hate him…free speech is important…up to a point lol.

whales control way too much VP in DCL…so much for decentralization.


I am leaning towards voting no on this. Even tho jarod can be hard to get along with at times I believe he adds value to the community. That being said I think the way Jarod acts is often inappropriate, which is an issue that cannot be ignored. Even tho I believe it is wrong for jarod to fling insults at people I do not think his current actions merit a lifetime ban. I find it totally outrageous for jarod to refer to the founder of dcl as a “bitch” but banning him for this seems like a dictatorship in which people cannot speak ill of the leaders. Continued harassment of community members is not ok and should face severe consequence but is Jarod guilty of harassing community members? In my opinion jarod is annoying more than threatening in most of his messages. Does that merit a lifetime ban? There are plenty of other people who have acted much more hatefully in my opinion who have faced no recourse. It seems like Jarod is being targeted for pissing off the wrong people. Would love to hear some opinions on those who believed jarod harassed them personally.


Many new people in the space forgot why blockchain was created, censorship resistance should be a core value… weird to see things like this supported by multiple community members… moves like this just make me less interested to be in these types of projects/communities.

While I don’t agree with the disrespectful way Jarod handles himself in some of his arguments, I don’t think it’s a reason to permanently ban someone that questions possible sketchy things happening in DCL. Permanent bans should be reserved for extreme cases where someone is clearly trying to scam the community or threaten someone.

Permanently banning someone with a DAO vote is setting a very bad precedent… slippery slope towards censoring more and more things. 100% agree with Unknower’s tweet about this topic (linked below)


I’m trying to put into words what I’m feeling, but after writing and rewriting multiple times, I think I’ll just say that my sentiments are 100% aligned with @Morph


Very bad idea to propose this. Especially as part of an obvious vendetta. I think jar0d adds value to the community overall and has grown over the last year. I also agree with moph on most if not all points.

Let us also not forget discord gives us the ability to mute someone ourselves. Do we really need to have our parents come in and manage it?

I kinda like the idea of an uncensored channel for this type of discussion.


The fact that this proposal not only exists, but has gotten this far in a decentralized, web3 space is kind of disgusting to me. Regardless of one’s feelings about jar0d, the fact that we are proposing to ban anyone from this space (without them having completely violated what DCL stands for or having endangered everyone in the space) is ridiculous and defeats the purpose of us being here.

Why is anyone allowed to use governance proposals for their personal beef? It’s just sad that we’ve come to this point and sets such a bad precedent.


While I agree Jar0d’s derogatory and toxic behavior is unwelcoming and uncalled for, asking to permanently ban him from not just DCL servers, discussions forums, including Decentraland itself is a bit of a reach. However, we are always free to personally block/mute users that are causing problems in the community; they will eventually fade if that’s the treatment we give them because people who resort to name-calling and toxicity live/thrive off attention.
That said, I don’t personally know the specifics or what caused Jar0d to result to such vulgar language in the screenshots so my No vote is not to invalidate how he unfortunately made the people feel, but permanently banning someone sets a bad precedent. In the future I hope that we can have healthier conversations/debates to push Decentraland forward like the adults we all are without resulting in name calling, personal attacks, and disrespecting eachother.

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I am not voting on this one, but id like to say although i have nothing against Jarod. I am disappointed and turned off by how you use foul language with the founder of Decentraland, the person who brought us all here. You need to bite your tounge and show a little more respect for yourself and those around you. I would suggest maybe learning how to be tactful with your language. There are books i can reccomend to you, if thats something you want to improve on. I have no doute you have lost opportunities just by the way that you communicate, and its unfortunate, because you seem really clever at times and you do have value to bring to the table if you just polished your communication. I I understand when we have hightened emotions and that can cause us to react, but we lose sight of the ramifications from these actions.

Hope you can learn in the future to be more mindful and watch how you speak to others. You can still make an impact with your words without using foul language. Strive for improvements.

While i regret calling @esteban a “dumb bitch”

It was in response to waking up to him tagging me below.

If esteban thinks i’m a bigger threat to the community the Rob, that’s pretty dumb.

Him tagging me in the forum’s saying it is petty and while i regret my phrasing, i stand behind the sentiment. His choice to focus on me instead of actual threats to the people he sold a dream to, is why dcl and the dao are currently failing to live up to their potential