[DAO:6408145] Permanently ban jar0d

by 0xed7461fd98758a84b76d6e941cbb92891443c36f

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Should community member jar0d be permanently banned from the Decentraland DAO Discord server?


I propose that current Decentraland DAO Discord server community member jar0d be permanently banned from the Decentraland DAO Discord server and permanently banned from all DAO proposal discussion Forums.


The Decentraland DAO Discord server is a place where many community members gather in hopes of engaging in relevant and insightful conversations pertaining to the Decentraland DAO.

While disagreements often occur, for the most part the community is able to engage in these disagreements respectfully.

However, community member jar0d has a very long history of being verbally combative and disrespectful toward nearly all other community members, and engages in this activity nearly every single day.

In fact, since the DAO instituted a mute mechanism, jar0d is one of the most muted member of the community.

Jar0d has repeatedly referred to community members by disrespectful an derogatory names that include but are not limited to:

Dumb Bitch
Sack of Shit
Human Fleshlight

Jar0d’s vulgar language inside the server and in the DAO proposal discussions forums, which often includes profanity angers and escalate tensions between himself and other community members.

As a result of Jar0ds disruptive conversations, on many occasions the entire channel has been put on a cooldown to slow communications. In effect, due to the actions of one instigator, the entire community is constantly being punished and therfore cannot effectively communicate.

In my opinion, having observed the discussions of jar0d over many months, and despite the innumerous warning he has received to cease (and many mutes), he has continued to irritate, antagonize, and intimidate good people to the point many no longer choose to participate in DAO discussions out of fear of being verbally attacked and abused by jar0d.

While some have called for more forceful moderation, I believe that action is an unnecessary policing of the entire community to simply mitigate the unacceptable actions of one member.


As I mentioned, jar0d has a very long history of being disruptive. He has received many public warnings; many have attempted to converse with him about his unacceptable behaviors privately via DMS; he has been muted many times; nothing has seemed to have worked, as he continues to this day to use the Decentraland DAO discord as his personal platform to engage in harassing, abusive, disruptive, and often libelous behaviors.

If the community would like the Decentraland DAO Discord to once again be a platform where they can freely express their ideas, views, and concerns without the fear being incessantly attacked, then there must be accountability. In my opinion, those whose seemingly sole purpose of existence is to intentionally disrupt, irritate and annoy, should be permanently removed from the community.


Permanently ban jar0d from the Decentraland DAO Discord server and permanently ban jar0d from all DAO proposal discussion Forums.


It is my hope that all of jar0d’s victims, both past and present, read this proposal and take the necessary action to permanently ban him.

In doing so, it is my hope that the Decentraland DAO community can once again reclaim their right to engage with other members free from the fear of harassment. And approving this action will also serve as a deterrent and reminder to all others that the type of behavior that jar0d has for too long engaged in will no longer be tolerated within our community.

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This has already been promoted from a poll, and I fear you are going to cause confusion.

It was a lovely piece of fiction that you wrote though. I did enjoy it.

for the record @ZESTYBEAM coined calling your simps “human fleshlights”

I think I’ve only said it a couple of times myself.

That list of “insults” indicates you don’t understand where the line of acceptable is.

Calling JasonX a transphobe isn’t an “insult” it is a statement of fact.

I did call you a giant sack of shit today @RobL, but it was only after you repeatedly made false statements… I’m a flawed person, I can only tolerate a giant sack of shit for so long before I feel compelled to call it as I see it.

I really don’t think this poorly curated collection of pictures is as compelling as you think.

Everyone active in the community knows that you are simply upset because I wrote about you being deceptive in how you acquired your district land and it lead to @Morph creating a prop to mark it as stolen.

The fact that you think it’s fine to support the name Shemale while pretending to care about the vulgarity of my language is all the proof anyone needs to know your concern is simply vengeance.

to be strictly accurate, i referred to specific people as his fleshlights, and later his collection of simps as “RobL’s Fleshlight Centipede” since seeing them all vote together was like a daisychain of fleshlights held together by… well, use your imagination. this post is gonna get flagged and deleted by the jannies anyway LOL.

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and I still voted NO.

Jar0d is a valuable member of the community.


how many temporal bans did he get?
@jar0d pls, try to be more polite :stuck_out_tongue:

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Rumors of my demise are exagerated :smiley:

Be weary of people who wish to ban, mute and silence. Common things oppressor’s and the corrupt do. The rest of us just ignore them and move the f on with our lives.


today - 7

Rob. You are actively supporting Transphobia in the community.

No one paying attention thinks this has anything to do with anything other than your own petty revenge.

It’s sad.

Why are you voting to allow this name to stay and be used to target the trans community?

It undermines your claim that my language is the issue.

Banning someone from our community should not be taken lightly and only be done under extreme circumstances. I’m afraid this will come down to how much VP @jar0d has pissed off VS how much VP he hasn’t.

I think hard before banning, even the most controversial members of our community, because ironically, more often than not, I agree with their position, and believe their POV is valuable. I agree that @jar0d can be incessantly annoying and even insulting… (sorry buddy, it’s true… you are a royal pain in the ass, and probably shouldn’t have called Esteban a bitch. lol)
I wish he would change the way he chooses to engage sometimes… a lot of times… but I also contend that he speaks for others in the community who are afraid to speak, @jar0d has no fear, and we need that kind of input in our community.

Nasty words are not the only way to intimidate or exclude people from our space, and @jar0d repeatedly brought up good points, issues and uncovered some pretty important things going on behind the scenes while the community largely ignored huge grievances in the name of WAGMI and toxic positivity… which really is a thing here. This DAO does not vote objectively, but largely based on alliances, friendships and back and forth favors… we know this to be true.

It is easy to deflect from other ways in which people are harmful because they “talk nice” and it’s easy to point the finger at the guy who “uses foul language” but who is doing the most damage here in the long run?

I am more in favor of keeping Kanwulf as a mod and continuing to use the increasingly evolving moderation and channel diversification tools we have implemented throughout the year to keep our space as healthy and productive as possible. Use the time-out button 1000x if we have to. Progress is slow, but we have made progress, without having to ban anyone.

If any community members have been seriously hurt by @jar0d… and I mean seriously hurt… please speak up in the comments. At worse, I am annoyed by his constant bickering, and I would probably not vote to give him money to write about Decentraland given his impulsive behavior and propensity to needlessly insult the platform and other members of DCL, but, so far, I disagree with banning him from the community.


What does me having to explain to you that @jasonX is tweeting bigoted things and that’s why you should support banning the name Shemale have to do with anything?

You already posted the first image.

if for no other reason than I’m sick of RobL putting it in a list like he can find an instance of me saying it any other time… Also because it does seem like Esteban took that personally and we will never be friends.

You are going to be even madder when you finish this song and dance and nothing happens.

quit with this stupid shit! everyone has a voice, whether you agree with the voice or not. Yes Jarod can be polarizing, but he has right to voice his opinions just as we all do, and if we silence him, we silence us all, and I’m not for that.


I will abstain on this as I no longer care for the ‘official’ DAO server.

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the itony

I think if @esteban is concerned about DAO toxicity, it is probably related to the level of targeted vitriolic hate targeted at delegates and community members doing their honest best to make thoughtful decisions and speaking up for what they believe is right.

When multiple members of the LGBTQ community are trying to step away from the DAO, and @RobL is currently suspended from the forums for targeting others who have spoken up on behalf of the trans community, it’s more important now then ever for the people in the majority who won’t tolerate bigotry to speak up on behalf of those who are being targeted with hate for no other reason than how they live their live.

CK Quits
Nikki Quits

The people trying to vote to ban me for calling RobL a sack of shit or esteban a bitch once, don’t have anything to say for themselves when it comes to defending an actual marginalized group of people.

If you are only upset when the most powerful men on the platform are spoken to with vulgarity and not when someone actually needs help from bigotry, your priorities are backward and your motivations questionable.