[DAO:6408145] Permanently ban jar0d

Voting no, BUT food for thought for all of us:
How many users have left or avoided the platform because of hurtful speech, name calling, and general negativity?
If you were a new user, would you feel comfortable jumping into the DAO Discord right now?


This can be done without being abusive. Jarod seems to earn some karma by being nice to certain people, so that he can use it for getting away with slapping others in the face.

Banning Jarod doesnt mean he cant come back with a new account, without the abuse. When the abuse happens, mute, ban, and repeat. This is what is called “moderation” which is why we have rules and moderators. Its a novel concept employed by almost every other discord server and forum out there.


I hope @esteban isn’t mad at you. I see that he used the account that he delegated to you to vote in favor of a ban.

It seems if he’s willing to do that to you, he is probably willing to do it to all the other delegates who have voted in support of me.

Guess we can stop pretending I have a chance now.

How long should I wait before making new accounts?


I have to agree with you Doug, you bring up excellent points. Thank you.

You can always re-join by creating alt accounts, the problem with that is no one will know you are the real jar0d and there won’t be anyway to authenticate that it’s you. In lamen terms anyone can claim to be you :wink:

As for the rest of the community they will just take it as the bird has flown away from it’s cage, never to be returned again. :hatched_chick:

This one’s a strong contender for top screenshot, knowing how much you love the screenshots. :camera_flash:

For round 3, I will make sure to have extra :popcorn:

Permanently ban jar0d

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 56% 7,477,395 VP (110 votes)
  • No 43% 6,027,249 VP (45 votes)
  • Abstain 1% 238,188 VP (9 votes)
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You are already banned. What are you talking about?

Jar0d and I haven’t always gotten along. But if unpopular speech is not protected in Decentraland, then no speech is protected in Decentraland.

Removing people you disagree with is the first step to tyranny. If the DAO can be used to enact tyranny, I think it’s safe to say this experiment in governance has failed miserably, and the community should “act accordingly”.

Edit: To be as clear as possible about where I stand, I don’t like seeing toxicity from anyone. I’d really prefer if everyone followed the very simple golden rule - treat others the way you want to be treated, and love your fellow DAO member as yourself. I don’t like to see anyone turn a difference of opinion into an opportunity to attack someone personally.

That said, everyone has the ability to block or mute people who they don’t think are capable of contributing in a civil and intellectually honest way. All of these “Yes” votes could just use Discord’s existing feature rather than escalating this proposal.


glad im not only one to see how far this has come.


How come some have been banned without a reason or warning or vote for that matter yet we are here talking about free speech?

if youre referring to being banned from the discord, That is different. The dao discord is controlled by mods who can ban people if they see fit. This is a permanent ban from all DCL platforms which requires a community vote


I trust the moderators to use their discretion in removing people who are trying to scam or deceive our community, which I think is what the vast majority of cases would be. If there are other instances of people being permanently banned from participating in the DAO just for using offensive language, then I’m against those instances too.