[DAO:96ed7bc] Should we stop decisions to be made behind close doors?

by 0xd4f1cab694c4424c4796549edbb9b489789f4df5 (TudaMoon)

I had a grant that was serious, but was deleted for no reason. Meanwhile the Code of Ethics don’t apply to anyone calling me a troll without any evidence to prove such. The Moderator just FEELZ that way. No evidence that my grants were anything less than serious.

I don’t appreciate my grants being deleted. I don’t appreciate the prohibition of commentary on certain proposals. This commentary is being denied from the whole community, not just me because I am banned. The community cannot post their comments on one of my proposals due to some backdoor decisions without a DAO vote.

It is looking more and more like there are owners of this Decentraland entity and it’s the people who are making decisions without shareholder’s consent. Are they the true owners and operators of this Decentraland Organization? If they have the authority to delete grants and authority to prohibit all from being able to comment on the proposals they don’t like, is it truly decentralized? This organization clearly has people operating this behind the scenes which would make this not a true DAO.

My grant that was deleted was about a grant generator that would help people make better grants for Decentraland. This was a serious grant. I am not sure how this is any less serious than 600 NFT posters in Decentraland. So if they consider my serious grants as troll grants, but why are the other grants they favor, not considered troll grants? Why weren’t their grants deleted?

Also a governance proposal which was serious, but would revoke someone’s grant that they favor (who also admitted to bribery). They decided behind close doors to delete the ability to comment on that particular proposal. I am not sure what they are worried about, because I have NO ability to comment on the forums or in their discords. So there is no means of communication from me except elsewhere outside their platform. They are actually preventing all DAO members from the ability to communicate with others.

This proposal aims to make the decisions relating to grants and proposals to be untampered with without permission of the DAO. A “Yes, Stop interfering without DAO Vote” would STOP the backdoor decision making that would prohibit commentary by all non-banned people to comment on governance or grant proposals. It would also prevent the deletion of non-malicious governance or grant proposals without expressed permission from a DAO vote.

If you vote “No, Let the interfere without DAO Vote” then they would have the ability to continue what they are doing behind close doors without a DAO decision.

Non-Malicious governance or grant proposals means any grant proposal that does NOT try to hack platform, steal funds from DAO voters via wallet hacks, or lacks technical security issues.

  • Yes, Stop interfering without DAO Vote
  • No, Let the interfere without DAO Vote
  • Invalid question/options

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Wait till you realize that half the top delegates are actually the same person IRL using several accounts…

A small few having the power to censor or delete proposals defeats the entire purpose. Deleting proposals based on the opinion of that few is subjective and makes this process more of a monarchy then decentralized. regardless it does not matter our opinions are worthless since it is within this system was built and operates on the opposite of what it is called.

the odds someone deleted Tuda’s prop is tiny.

More likely he forgot he did it as part of his manic episode

Should we stop decisions to be made behind close doors?

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes, stop interfering without dao vote 1% 7,284 VP (10 votes)
  • No, let the interfere without dao vote 1% 24 VP (8 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 98% 3,085,258 VP (31 votes)