[DAO:a49bd1b] Revoke "600 posters to boost Decentraland"

by 0x521b0fef9cdcf250abaf8e7bc798cbe13fa98692 (Kyllian)

Lot of people who voted abstain thought it was equivalent to no.
LandLordDAO also voted on his own grant which is extremely frowned upon.
This grant has no place to be here, you should not need 10k USD to generate 600 images on ChatGPT or MidJourney.

  • Yes, revoke
  • No, do nothing
  • Invalid question/options

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Usually I don’t think that voting to revoke or reverse a grant or prop within 24hrs of it passing is a good use of DAO/Community energy, however given that it became clear a number of abstain voters believed that Abstain = Invalid and would result in the grant not passing, and the margin of yes to no was so thin and the number of Abstain votes was so high, it only seem reasonable to get a second opinion on this grant.

I know this is gonna cost me a friendship with landlord & I do believe I will get in trouble for this!
But I dont agree with his proposal although I voted yes on his proposal i forgot to change it to NO.

He kept asking me to buy his parcels for an overpriced amount to vote yes for me, and probably thought I would be downbad enough to do it. he offered me to 12k for 2 parcels to change his vote to yes.
I told him maybe because I was scared that if I didnt accept that he would vote NO on my proposal for not accepting his bribe.

Dunno how that one squeezed through tbh…
Mr 8.5M VP that votes no for everything was also feeling generous for once…

It is unethical and dishonest for a person who has 1.1m VP to vote in favor of their own grant proposal when it involves a monetary value. It has also become apparent that there have been bullying tactics toward someone with monetary value implications around a vote.

These seem like very valid reasons why a grant should be revoked. Thank you, HP, for taking the time to bring this as a priority.

Please do not misunderstand my request regarding to you . I announced it on Discord a month ago, and I have no conflicts of interest. The reason I made this request to you is because I am not 100% confident that you will use the funds properly, so I asked you to purchase long-term assets to demonstrate your commitment to DCL’s development. I am also willing to support everyone, especially newcomers, so I chose to support you as well. Unfortunately, you have misunderstood me, and my request was clear. Let me clarify here: the announcement clearly stated that the land should be purchased freely on the market at market prices, and I have no personal interest in this. I am enhancing the liquidity of land, which is a crucial asset for DCL. @DedHeadJ

@InJesterr why you don’t showing this ?

I had to keep you interested to not vote NO again, because thats exactly what you did.
You voted NO to draw my attention then you made the offer and voted abstain then I told you how about 500$ for renting your land which we btw already need + its stalling you to not change your vote again.

You just tried to manipulate and me and got manipulated in your own game, thats what gamer Outplay people.

Pressuring people with NO votes then offering them can make people desperate and you know that damn well and you act like you exposed me while exposing yourself.

Anyone that sees this wil completely understand how you tried pressuring a person in need.

Plus I already admitted this no need to post the whole convo how you tried manipulating me.

Hello, why have you tagged me? Nothing in your reply pertains to me. I can have my own opinion and I do. If you care to reply about voting in your own interest, then cool.

@HPrivakos Do not attempt to inflict further harm on Asian investors and lose the Asian market, which is the largest global market. This would be absolutely foolish behavior. Asian investors have lost confidence in DCL, and BigTime is catching up and achieving such success. You may not be aware, but I believe @esteban knew asian marketing are so important 。WE NEED Team work Makes the Dream work. not hateful , untrustworthy and selfishness . we 90% alway disagreed each other , but please try 10% you maybe seeing SUN raise. Thanks

So you dont learn I see, Revoking me = harming Asian investors causing to lose Asian Market.
Can you do anything without surpression?

Shall we talk about you have no clue on how you are exactly going to make the posters?

You have no actual idea, plan and just do this grant to make up for your 5500$ loss you recently made & how you need money for Chinese New Year?

Revoke “600 posters to boost Decentraland”

This proposal has been PASSED by a DAO Committee Member (0xbef99f5f55cf7cdb3a70998c57061b7e1386a9b0)