[DAO:53ac257] Revoke the Grant: A Multi-Platform Entertainment Series Designed to Boost DCL Brand Awareness

by 0x0214b80ad993edb57dac15e156681d4ad16b175b (SkinnyOrca)

Revoke the Grant: A Multi-Platform Entertainment Series Designed to Boost DCL Brand Awareness


Based on comprehensive due diligence and meticulous analysis, it’s evident that there are numerous inconsistencies and concerning practices associated with the grant awarded to Metatrekkers. This proposal seeks to highlight these issues and recommend the revocation of the grant for the sake of transparency, accountability, and the credibility of our organization.

Grounds for Skepticism

1. Conflict of Interest

  • Issue: The grant recipient voted in favor of his own proposal, which he directly benefits from. This can be due to his snapshot voting system where members of his DAO vote on whether they should vote on it or Not. However, most of the members who voted in Metatrekker’s DAO was also getting paid from the Decentraland DAO.
  • Issue: Many voters who are direct beneficiaries of this grant voted on the proposal that rewarded the grant.

2. Mismatched Budgetary Allocations

  • Travel Expenses: The budget includes travel expenses, yet there’s no evidence of any traveling being done. When confronted about the travel arrangements, the community was told “We are not travelling at all.”

No Travel

  • SEO vs. Google Advertising: A substantial SEO budget ($550/month for 10 months) is in place. However, it’s perplexing that this significant SEO budget is proposed alongside another significant budget for Google Advertising ($450/month for 10 months). Especially when considering they’re also paying for backlinks and advertising in other categories.

  • Content Creation Discrepancies: The Social Media Manager, responsible for Content Creation, is allocated $475/month, yet a separate content creator category demands an additional $450/month.

  • Email Marketing for Get Response: According to Notion the budget has an allocation for Email Marketing at $250/month to “Send weekly emails to email list using getresponse platform” and “Man power to create content and send emails.” Getresponse.com charges only $93/month for sending up to for 10,000 contacts which includes an AI email generator. Is there a reason the DAO has to pay an extra $150 a month for emails that can be AI generated? Why can’t the content creator or the social media manager send out a weekly email using this service? What are the metrics of these emails and how many contacts do they actually have?

3. Deceptive Practices

  • Misrepresentation: The grantee claimed to be an OpenSea and Ripple investor on his metatrekkers.io website and linkedin. However in the community Discord, he said he wasn’t.

  • Hidden Transactions: Evidence suggests that the grantee might be compensating some of his Delegators, specifically VP legendneverdie, gsbroz, landlord, etc.

4. Lack of Transparency & Engagement

  • Avoidance in DAO Discord: The grantee actively avoids answering questions in the DCL DAO Discord channel dedicated to him. Notable members left unanswered include Mimsy and Tudamoon.

  • Selective Communication: He consistently ignores queries from certain community members.

5. Financial Discrepancies

  • Server Costs: The stated server costs are $2500 for 10 months. However, only $250 for 10 months is paid to HPrivakos. This disparity raises concerns about the potential misuse of funds and whether other servers are being utilized. Where is the rest of the $2250 going? What other server costs are needed besides video streaming for their events when they are paying to use other venues?

  • Payment for Venues: Despite having a $24,000 total allocation for the Venue and Event Support Team, the grantee has only compensated venues from Beattrekkers Series 2 with $93.75 each. Metatrekkers stated there is 72 venues total, but if we are only compensating $93.75 each x 72 venues that equals $6750 which means that $17,250 would be for the event support team. If he were to only pay the venues and split it evenly, it would be $333.33 each for the 72 venues.

  • Not all marketing costs accounted for: On their notion they fail to mention anything about the $4000 for their marketing plan on Forbes and Bloomberg.

6. Redundant Teams

7. Metrics

  • Compare their Metrics to the Dollhouse:
  • Compare their Metrics of their events to TRU Band Room:
  • Here is Metatrekkers’ Metrics:

Remember people had to go to their parcel to vote on the DJ who won each battle. So this data is important to show true conversion. On August 2nd for example, Metatrekkers claim that 523 people showed up to the event. Only 24 voted at their parcel. This means their conversion rate was 4.5% for this event. How many of those votes are part of the Metatrekkers team or friends with them already. How many of those votes are actually unique wallets?


For the sake of accountability, trustworthiness, and the overall reputation of our DAO, it’s important to make sure we only give grants to people with good faith, good ideas with roadmap and to a team that is able to complete what they promise. Given the array of concerns and discrepancies highlighted above, we confidently propose the revocation of the grant awarded to Metatrekkers titled “A Multi-Platform Entertainment Series Designed to Boost DCL Brand Awareness.”

We urge DAO members to deeply consider these findings and vote in favor of the revocation to uphold the integrity of Decentraland.

  • Revoke
  • Do Not Revoke
  • Invalid question/options

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you forgot about the bullying


Definitely voting to revoke! We need grants to show Good Faith! This is not the case for this grant!

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oh and here’s the canonical example of chris bullying someone with a position of power, because he’s that secure with his whale status.

i can only wonder at what @MelzBuenaVibes thinks of chris and his negativity.


Solid YES from me.

Dear DCL community, keep this in mind:


here’s one related to the previous grant, demonstrating the amount of padding in the line item for the DJs

the original @Tudamoon video broke down the cost per DJ if that line item was paid out sensibly, and it was over $500. where does the money go?

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My stomach turned reading all this…

What right does any man have to tell a woman to stay out of any space?

“you are taking advantage of my kindness” < What kindness?

“every time I communicate with you I hurt inside” < this is textbook manipulation and straight up dysfunctional.

“if people don’t want to be involved in drama, it’s best to stay out of politics, especially when it doesn’t have anything to do with them. Everyone is watching, and I mean everyone.” <<< this is INTIMIDATION of DAO delegates and taken in context with everything else, a direct threat.

Maryana is a sweet, kind, gentle and shy girl… she is the opposite of me and I can feel what she must have felt reading this narcissistic bs tactic… bullies sure know how to choose their prey… disgusting.


Wow, this is just disgusting and while I am sorry for @maryana I am WAY prouder of her for not falling for this bullshit and for calling out the worst of the bunch.

However, poor character is not what we should question when revoking a grant. It should be based on lack of transparency, accountability, false deliverables, etc. Chris has been clever during a time when the DAO is fairly new. He should not expect to continue in the manner that he has without tight oversight. YES, I vote to revoke this grant.

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Everyone is sketchy on this

Maryana and chris again.


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Maryana has nothing to do with it. Chris was harassing her.

Roustan was paid $281.25. When other people who had venues were not paid as much. Was he paid extra for his Hyperfy venue?

Firstly, I believe this situation could have been approached and managed in a more constructive manner from the outset. Some individuals, aware of their actions, contributed to the initial discord. It’s regrettable that it has escalated to this point.

Certain individuals advocating for the grant’s revocation employed tactics that reflected poorly on Decentraland. I question the benefit to DCL when such impressions are conveyed to newcomers or long-standing members who once felt they were part of a promising initiative. Mazafaka - whose DCL Memes page also links to the Decentraland.org home page. Malicious NFTs that cannot be removed from a person’s address and who knows what malicious code is written into them as well?

Sent to anyone, all performers, venues etc. that participated in the event.
Reflecting on the event, I ask: what might those participants, including performers and venues, now think of DCL? Will they be motivated to engage again? While I acknowledge the value of data, the community sentiment around this event is of paramount importance.

On the positive side, the event could have been monumental. It showcased various locations and provided landowners a chance to optimize their spaces. It also granted many artists, particularly newcomers, their debut performance in the metaverse – an opportunity facilitated by Decentraland. Additionally, community members, including myself, offered their services to aid the event. I need to emphasize that my support for this project isn’t rooted in personal gain. My advocacy stems from genuine belief, as evidenced by my support for the inaugural season. Payment structures were clear, and by now, all participants from Season 2 should have been compensated.

Yet, I cannot ignore the questionable actions highlighted by members like @ZESTYBEAM. Such practices are incongruent with my values. I concur with concerns about the value promised versus delivered, the ambiguity in responses, and the dubious budgetary decisions.

While I remain grateful for the doors Metatrekkers opened for me, I prioritize Decentraland’s overarching success. If this necessitates my support for revoking the grant, I stand ready. However, I earnestly appeal to Metatrekkers: reflect on the discrepancies between promises and delivery. Perhaps it would be wise to pause, reconsider Season 3, and return the outstanding funds honorably.


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Hi, @Existential14, I would like to say:

  1. NFTs we’re airdropped to people that voted in favor of DAO drainer project MetaTrekkers.
  2. Yes, they are locked, you cant burn, sell or transfer. At some point I can decide to unlock them.
  3. The contract is fully open source.

DYOR, ma friend. There’s nothing malicious. You just got a free airdrop :smiley:

And I would like to ask you, how do you feel that has benefitted Decentraland? And I did do my own research, how do you think I know that it was you that sent them. I wasn’t gonna dig any further in case their was something malicioius in them. I just dont see how sending this to new people that are being brought in to Decentraland helps any. Not to mention it being linked to the Decentraland home page.

Sharing the conversation and reply I shared in discord earlier today: Discord

Tudamoon, again you are here with harassment and conspiracy theories that have been going on for nearly over a year since I first rejected your sponsorship from BeatTrekkers 1. We are now on BeatTrekkers 3. I have been advise to use Discord channel to report you for Code Of Ethics in violation of “Code 8 Avoid Public Harassment” . You constantly badger participants of BeatTrekkers and me as an individual. Here are some examples of how he is harassing melzbuenavibes , Roustan, myself and many others. Creating a very toxic environment for many others. 1)Discord 2)Discord 3) ⁠Discord

It’s not just about answering Tudamoon and conspirators questions. It’s about the constant harassment and trolling these guys do every single day, Tudamon and his conspirators. In the beginning I answered Tudamoon questions in good faith in Discord but every single day they are just asking different questions that are just trying to stir up controversy. They take one comment and flips it to the opposite meaning or context. Everything is in the proposal. For example: In the proposal it clearly states how much Venue owners get paid, why and how so. However he doesn’t read the proposal and expects me to answer every single question he has. Here are just some of the things they are doing, I don’t wish to engage with him or his conspirators that are intentionally trying to discredit me. Below are some examples of what they are doing

They sent this NFT below to all the newly onboarded people we brought to DCL , current users and everyone we paid on blockchain!

Tudamoon and his crew just published this to on Opensea.

I cannot and will not engage with individuals that are constantly harassing newly onboarded individuals, current individuals of Dcl as well as me. It’s counterproductive to respond. I know who they are and they know I know as well. If this keeps going on I will file a lawsuit as well for defamation.

Going forward,I will not responding again in this forum post. I will just be documenting things and saving these documents and messages. I only responded in good faith today to the moderator because of the constant harassment of these individuals that participated in BeatTrekkers. Take care and have a nice day.

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You are pocketing funds Chris Oniya.

Go ahead and sue me for defamation on that statement. Please do, because I will rip your ass in court all day.

In reference to these lolsuit threats, I would advise anyone who owns a MetaTrekkers NFT and feels negatively about their securitized jpeg, to contact the Texas State Securities Board with their concerns, and let them sort out what’s defamatory and what’s not. Surely, if everything we’ve seen for the last year or so is a pack of lies, nothing bad will come of it… Right?



Someone who understood the assignment


You will continue to see these type of actions you perceive as ‘threats, & bullying’, as long as you continue to refuse to answer the most basic of questions irrespective of who asks you.

Questions are not bullying. You’ve been asked by Xeta, Myself, Zesty, Tuda, Cheddar, YouMack… the list goes on. Your responses for not answering each are deflections, and redirections. If the heat is really on you, you’ll get one of your accomplices to initiate a mute. Then you’ll jump to whatever private server you have and ping ‘everyone’. I can actually almost anticipate your reasoning you’re going to post below for each person I mentioned. They’re typical and weak with no substance. And worse you use them over and over as way to deflect from simply answering. You’ll point to Xeta’s POI… and you’ll call YouMack a drunk. You’ll say I’m in this mystery group with Tuda when in actuality we met a week ago and never spoke in our lives. You’ll post screenshots you think prove your point but don’t. You’ll accuse us all of working together to bully you when in fact it’s you who’s the bully. You Sir are a narcissist and you’ve love-bombed/gaslit a bunch of people with VP into buying your story of peace and love and WAGMI…


Never believe that anti-Semites are completely unaware of the absurdity of their replies. They know that their remarks are frivolous, open to challenge. But they are amusing themselves, for it is their adversary who is obliged to use words responsibly, since he believes in words. The anti-Semites have the right to play. They even like to play with discourse for, by giving ridiculous reasons, they discredit the seriousness of their interlocutors. They delight in acting in bad faith, since they seek not to persuade by sound argument but to intimidate and disconcert. If you press them too closely, they will abruptly fall silent, loftily indicating by some phrase that the time for argument is past.

― Jean-Paul Sartre