[DAO:51ee45b] A Book to introduce DCL to Chinese People (Revised)

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Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Community category be approved?


Support a book called “The underlying logic of the metaverse” to use DCL as the specific user case, which DCL will cover at least 80% of the content and 80% of the pictures according to any metaverse use cases. The goal of this project is to introduce DCL to Chinese public messes, lift their interests in DCL metaverse and take the largest market in the world to DCL virtual space.

Grant size

19,500 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



This is the revision of a previous proposal applied ended on Oct, 20. The old application is posted here (please take a look of this post).

We had quite a few discussions and many DCL members had expressed that it’s a good proposal, and they would like to lower the cost. Some member showed their concern about the publishing cost, or even did their own research, which is very good and I appreciate. However, the real situation is quite different from many may know. This project is including the success of publishing as well as the promoting and marketing. It’s not just like an individual expending $200-$2500 to make a book available somewhere. As we all know, every book goes through a mandatory censorship process overseen by the Chinese state. We guarantee the acceptation and its sales on the huge market.

Since this application is just lowering the support amount. I re-post the rest below.

This project is to support a Chinese book called “The underlying logic of the metaverse”.

The book will be published in Chinese for the first edition. It will be targeting to Chinese public masses. The aim of this book is to introduce one of the best true metaverse in the world and provide a comprehensive perspective to public people to truly experience and better understand the metaverse. The book will be published by China Machine Press (CMP), one of the top publishing houses in China.

The book will use a specific metaverse project/platform as a user case. As this project is proposing here, the user case will be DCL. The book will not only bring people to experience the city, streets, lands, buildings, avatar, wearables, arts, events, moving, seeing, acting etc. in the new world, but also teach people to understand the underlying logic of FT, NFT, DAO, smart contract, governmental token, DeFi, P2E etc.

This project will benefit DCL in many aspects, at least including:

  • Reach 1.4 billion people who are mostly clueless but eager to know about metaverse;
  • Lift DCL industry fame world-widely;
  • Open a permanent and high-quality channel to absorb new user steams;
  • Lay the foundation of people’s understanding in DCL as the most classic metaverse in the world;
  • Much more potential opportunities in the future.

To fulfill this task, we need your supports on the grant to cover part of related expenses including Team compensation, operational cost, expert consultation fee, publishing cost, etc.


What we have done:

  • We have entered a contract with China Machine Press (CMP) to publish “The underlying logic of the metaverse” within 6 months. CMP is a very classic, famous, and popular press established in 1952 in China. It’s one of the largest comprehensive science & technology publishing houses in China. After publishing, CMP will promote the book by their own broad channels such as Tiktok, Dangdang, jd.com… as well as various offline resources. BTW, Dangdang is the largest online bookstore in China, much more famous than Amazon, locally speaking.
  • This book will be co-published with Shenzhen Software Industry Association which has 4,000 IT company members. The SSIA will also promote the book using their association networks.
  • We have outlined the first level of the catalog. It contains seven chapters. This framework has been reviewed and accepted by CMP and kind of fixed.
  • We have got the promise from CMP to receive the CIP and ISBN before the end of 2022, as long as everything goes within expectation.

If this grant is approved. We promise:

  • DCL will be the main example for metaverse in the book;
  • DCL will be the only user case in the book to guide the readers;
  • DCL will cover at least 80% of the content of the book user case;
  • DCL will cover at least 80% of the images/pictures of the book user case;


About us
We are a national certified high-technology cooperation based in Shenzhen, mainland China. We are specially working on blockchain and AI technology projects, such as metaverse related or web3 dAPPs.

Company Name: DarkChain Technology Inc.
Local Name: 暗链科技(深圳)有限公司
Official site (https://dachainrk.io/)
ICP Filing#: 20063712
Phone: +86 400 8808991
Phone: +86 (0755) 86544107
Wechat Public Service Account ID: DaChainrk
Email: contact@dachainrk.io


Team compensation: $33,500 USD
Operational cost: $11,000 USD
Expert consultation and review fee: $2000 USD
Publishing cost: 12000 USD

All above budgets cut down to 1/3

Roadmap and milestones

Nov – Framework, Bootstrapping the book writing

  • Outline the content framework;
  • Prepare writing team and assign works to team members;
  • Arrange operational works.

Dec – Chapter 1, 2, 3

  • DCL Expert consultant;
  • Finish the writing of chapter one to three;
  • Get CIP or ISBN number from CMP;

Jan – Chapter 4, 5, 6

  • Finish the writing of chapter 4 to 6;
  • Revise Chapter 1, 2, 3;

Feb – Finish writing & revise

  • Finish the writing of the rest & revise all;
  • Expert review & preface;

Mar – Press review & Publish

  • Submit to press for review, revise as needed;
  • Operational works;

Apr – Waiting for publish & promote

  • Waiting for publish;
  • Cooperate with CMP and SSIA for promoting;
  • Promote on official website, WeChat public service account and other channels.

Normally and hopefully, we will get the book published before the end of April, 2023. The book will be available on our site and on our partner’s channels. We will also arrange with DCL to make it available on verse, and give DCL member discounts.

If everything goes smoothly, we will be very happy to work with DCL to add deeper content in from the 2nd edition.

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I like idea of proposal, but you see that people don’t support you enough to pass it. I agree with some community members that at first before grants, grantee must show his contribution/ activity to DCL such as interesting/useful events,wearables creation and etc.

We are a national certified high-technology cooperation based in Shenzhen, mainland China. We are specially working on blockchain and AI technology projects, such as metaverse related or web3 dAPPs.

Maybe you cant start with something small like renting land, making some small pitch event about your idea also bringing here some Chinese members in this event.

If I will see activity from you in DCL,I will support.

I’m voting no because at first I thought your math didn’t add up, but now I realize you included your original budget, but you added a comment saying All above budgets cut down to 1/3 Does this mean that the Operational cost is no longer $11,000? Is the publishing cost no longer $12,000? Are you receiving extra funds to offset the cost of this? Or were your costs always flexible like this to begin with? This just sets off some red flags to me.

Here are the costs of the original proposal, now reduced by 1/3:

Team compensation: $33,500 USD
Operational cost: $11,000 USD
Expert consultation and review fee: $2000 USD
Publishing cost: 12000 USD

Any business that can create the same product by cutting a grant from $60,000 to $19,000 but without transparency of what they’ve done to actually reduce the cost of production makes me think the original grant numbers were unnecessary.

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Hey! I do really love the idea of a scientific focused piece of literature about Decentraland, a lot. But I have some concerns on what makes DarkChain Technology, the expert to write such a book on Decentraland?

Can you explain more about your experiences in and with Decentraland? How long have you been in world, and/or a part of the DAO? I think breadth of experience related to the platform would be needed to write such a book, and to do it properly.

I look forward to your answers.

@ckbubbles Thanks for the comment. Here is the answer:
First, we are experts of blockchain and metaverse. We know the deep logic that running as the base of metaverse Decentraland.
Second, we are not dedicated fans of Decentraland. We also study other metaverses. We look DCL as an object of study more than as a playground.
Third, we are going to write an introduction book to explain the underlying logic of Metaverse. The publication will be guaranteed, but this guarantee is not for free.
Last, we think Decentraland is a great case to show as an example of metaverse and had spent the last six month on it.

To answer your question @Canessa , cutting means we are reducing the asked grant, not means we are reducing the cost of production. The grant can covers only partial of the total cost. The cutting is kind of bargain a cooperation, which is like decreasing your pay and increasing other’s co-pay. The action of cutting is to get your support as much as we could, not means the action is unlimited. You are far not get nothing in the project like doing pure donation.

And thanks to you @web3nit , we already brought our collaborators here since we had this plan and starting doing research on DCL, the co-authors, editors, people who will write comments on the book, etc. But comparing to the publication of the book, all other efforts are too too small and far inefficient.

We will not make the third trial. Thank you for your time very much.

A Book to introduce DCL to Chinese People (Revised)

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 1% 67 VP (6 votes)
  • No 99% 2,369,415 VP (38 votes)