[DAO:4wpl664] Info screens, with jump to parcel function. IRL PR. 10% of revenue for DL

by 0x364811363c698cb1c46de4f11ccdec96fbac9991 (Miautz#9991)

Should the following Tier 2: up to $3,000 USD in MANA, one-time payment grant in the Platform Contributor category be approved?


Funding to buy 1 test parcel

We plan to design and integrate intuitive informational screens that allow users to teleport within DL, which dramatically will increase the UX of mobility inside DL. DL currently doesn´t have a solution that allows broadcasting mixed media in real time to various destinations within their metaverse.

These informational screens will be financed via high quality advertisements of renown companies (max. 55% of broadcast time), through Precision X, a partner company of Germany´s biggest out of home (OOH) advertiser. 10% of the ad revenue will be saved for DL to finance the real-world advertisements on selcted OOH and digital-OOH (DOOH) screens, if desired (otherwise will be transferred to the DL-DAO wallet).

Grant size

3,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



The informational screens will present various content, including DL events, streams, ads. The screens will offer an intuitive teleporting solution that will dramatically improve the user experience of mobility inside DL. The system will give us, for the first time, the opportunity to experiment with broadcasting activities in the virtual world to the real world through a unique playout system. The content of the screens will be curated and distributed in a fun and engaging way that matched the DL ethos.

Allowing for creative and engaging presentation of mixed content in the Metaverse, will give DL a competitive advantage in this emerging market.

Linear and interactive simultaneous media streaming opens up the door to create more engagement in the Metaverse environment, thus offering more value for our customers who express their concern with the current engagement issues of existing Metaverse environments.

The screen will show various content, like:

• Decentraland maps, events, POI

• Decentraland specific advertisement of e.g., upcoming events, marketplace offers, etc.

• High quality ad campaigns of globally renown companies (max. 55% broadcast time; international advertisements in many languages)

Give back for the Decentraland foundation:

The Decentraland foundation is allowed to advertise on selected real-world OOH and DOOH billboards once this proposal has been accepted and informational screens have been deployed in DL. Additionally, 10% of the total ad revenue* will be saved and used to partly finance the real-world advertising, if desired - otherwise these funds will be transferred to the DL-DAO and can be used for other purposes. The total ad revenue will be revealed according to the data security rules in Germany, i.e., aggregated total ad revenue with blanked names, at the end of each month for transparency.

Give back for users that install Precision X informational screens (via builder):

We will always save a certain number of wearables of our exclusive partners, once they decide to offer limited wearables to users that interact with the brands´ experience, and airdrop these to users who have installed the informational screens on their parcels (randomized).

We plan to integrate non-branded informational screens in official Decentraland parcels (Plazas), themed areas, and we want to offer these screens as an official builder asset for free wearable drops.

We, a collective of four companies, want to offer the whole Decentraland community an informational screen solution, to aim for higher user traffic, ramp up the Decentraland-PR, and to enhance the in-game experience for every user.

Benefits at a glance:

• Enhancement of in-game experience via event panel- and map integration

• Broadcasting capabilities of the next generation

• Airdrop of exclusive wearables to users who install informational screens on their land (random)

• Selected access to the billboard network (OOH/ DOOH), if desired

• 10% of the ad revenue* will be saved to partly finance the real-world ads for Decentraland, if desired (it will otherwise be transferred to the DL-DAO for other purposes)

o Transparency: total ad revenue will be disclosed at the end of each month in an aggregated manner, with blanked company names, to align with the data security rules in Germany

Our partners = PR = more traffic

*Discounts and any commissions are deducted from the calculation of ad revenue.


We already have a prototype which runs in developement mode. Please have a look at the two following videos for a demo:

Video 1:


Video 2:


The technical solution is being developed by three companies. The funding will happen via high quality content of Precision X´s clients (max. 55% broadcasting time, the other 45% is solely Decentraland content, like events, streams from within the Metaverse, etc.).

VoxelArchitects have created the informational screen assets upon request of Precision X. They will deploy the informational screens within DL if the proposal is being accepted.

doWow creates the functionality of the screen, allowing users to jump to the content that is being presented on the screens. Additionally, doWow allows to show various content at the same time, all on one screen.

AdShares will provide the ad server to change the content on the fly. The server is a private server that is being used by Precision X only (brand safety). However, publishers, i.e. users with empty/deployed land that want to offer their parcels to deploy the info screens (at best via builder tool), could be integrated on that server too, without being able to upload own videos/stills.

Precision X will provide the content of the informational screens.


Lead: “Precision X GmbH” (PX) –

Partner of Germanys biggest out of home media company. The Precision X GmbH has a strong network of high-quality, globally renown companies. PX will provide the content for the informational screens.


“VoxelArchitects” –

The design company from Madeira with clients such as Sotheby´s and Beeple, will design, create, and deploy the informational screens within Decentraland.

“doWow” –

Start-up from Germany with an international team providing the broadcasting software solution, allowing multiverse content distribution, mixed media, NFT displays, and Decentraland specific links to events and POI.

“Adshares” –

The blockchain start-up from Poland will provide a CMS system and the ability to change the content on the fly.

Roadmap and milestones

DAO proposal and decision:

o Provide a poll for the DAO community and a video to simulate the in-game experience

o Link to poll: Decentraland DAO poll - Survey Tools | QuestionPro Survey

o Link to Video1:

o Link to Video2: Video 2

First prototype ready on October 1st, 2022 prototype is capable of:

o Using DCL SDK & AdShares library

o Creating a media wall (City Light size) that displays visuals (no iframes)

o Displaying a simple call to action

o Plugging it in the DL environment

o Potentially: Testing transportation

o What we need:

One land in DCL for testing to place the prototype

In-game tests and fine tuning

Integration of informational screens on public places and themed areas starting from mit December 2022:

o Deployment and integration of first version

o First high-quality, globally renowned companies will provide their ads = PR

o The Decentraland Foundation is allowed to advertise on selected OOH/DOOH billboards

Informational screens as smart objects within the builder – estimated first quarter of 2023

o Players will be able to integrate informational screens on own property

o Airdrop of exclusive wearables (if brands implement wearables / randomized airdrop)

Vote on this proposal on the Decentraland DAO

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We first submitted this proposal in the category “Pre-Poll”, which was basically the wrong one. The proposal didn´t got any “No” votes, but 99% “invalid”.

The videos should give you already a brief impression what this system might look like in the final version and what we are capable of. However, we would need one parcel to test our system in DL and for fine tuning measures. This point was written in the last proposal as well, within the roadmap, starting with “What we need”.


And here the correct link for video 1 - somehow, even though I have checked it several times, it wasn´t integrated in the proposal:

i like the idea, but it’s become a sort of agreement that the DAO shouldn’t purchase land for people. instead, check out the land channel of the discord - Decentraland Discord

there are lots of people renting single parcels and plenty of other land owners who would simply give you access to their land for testing. beyond that you can also deploy to heroku for free (although that will start to incur a cost of ~7 USD/ month) starting in november

Thank you for the hint @dax and thanks as well that you like the idea. :slight_smile:

Well, in that case we wouldn´t ask for a funding of one parcel. Instead, this money would be used to partly finance the work of Voxelarchitects (additional design) and doWow (more functionalities), until we have a system ready that will eventually broadcast content of our industry partners, which is expected to start in December 2022. Once we broadcast their content, we will be able to finance this system (and send payments to all the partners) with that.

I cannot change the proposal though, so I will keep it open for now and will resubmit it, if necessary.


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I’ll rent you a parcel for testing purposes. No need for a grant. Land is easy to come by. Let me know.

Info screens, with jump to parcel function. IRL PR. 10% of revenue for DL.

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 1% 213 VP (12 votes)
  • No 99% 1,230,943 VP (30 votes)