[DAO: QmUV8Ry] Easily manage your land's content with dclconnect

by 0xc1b8662a68f3eb66bc5e5c4de7c1ef04dc344d53 (Patmacs)

Should the following Tier 6: up to $240,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Platform Contributor category be approved?


Over the last year our team has been building a DCL CMS (content management system) called dclconnect. It’s already about 1000+ hours into development and can already make the management of your dcl events and NFT galleries as easy as maintaining a blog. Early beta tests have already begun.

Land owners and land moderators (Admins) can login to the service with metamask and begin updating the content of their property in near-realtime. Admins can also add and remove additional user addresses to control the access themselves.

Please view our Video Proposal Demo

Grant size

240,000 USD

Beneficiary address



If you have some time, please watch the video proposal cited above.

This grant proposal will guarantee that every land owner will be able to use the following dclconnect features for free at launch. Please note that as time goes on, more and more features will be rolled into the free tier as well. This is simply where we start.


  • Update the video stream on the fly. Control playback in near-realtime for all of the realms.
  • Schedule video(s) to play at a specific time(s) (Throw your own festival!)
  • Apply alpha masks, emissions and other video effects with checkboxes and dropdowns, not code
  • Reposition and scale each with built in controls from within the browser
  • Efficiently apply the same texture to multiple screens
  • Attach a countdown clock to sync with when your video starts
  • Attach audio controls so your users can adjust the volume themselves
  • Attach pre-roll slideshows or videos to play before or after your event

NFT Galleries / Posters

  • Add any image to your property by providing a url
  • Reposition and scale each with a built in transform control from the browser
  • Add click events to go to external sites

Visit this grant’s forum discussion page to see examples of how to implement this into your existing land.

A smart-item is being planned to allow any dcl builder users to use the service as well. It is on the roadmap! However, it has some unique challenges we have to overcome.


Our services require many moving parts in order to operate smoothly. The majority of the infrastructure is already in place. This includes the UI/API/WS and the CI/CD pipeline to easily deploy updates.

Visit this grant’s forum discussion page to see a detailed explanation of our business model. (There is a character limit in the initial proposal)

We already open source a significant amount of the tools that we create.
Please check our npm package for an idea of our future code contributions.

Please note that the public release is still tentatively set for Q1 2022. We will roll out the public free tier version in phases. This way we don’t overwhelm our systems and ensure everyone has a better experience for the long term.

Be sure to check this grant’s discussion thread for any updates or clarifications on everything mentioned here. You will also find an updated list of locations that are currently testing our beta!


  • Patmacs(myself) - Tech lead/developer, founder, whatever
  • Zoo - The Metazoo DCL Guru
  • Jusdem - Cloud services genius
  • Wacaine - Smart Item integration (consulting)
  • ??? - UI/UX expert (Interviewing people now, msg me in our discord to apply!)
  • ??? - Smart Contract writer

Roadmap and milestones

Our roadmap includes MANY more premium features which will eventually extend the free services we already intend to provide (cited above).

Planned future free features:

  • An in-game editor that will let you add/remove/edit your screens, nfts and posters (+more) from within DCL itself!
  • Manage social media buttons and other “Call to Actions” within your location
  • Add bouncer controls to keep out potential trolls, spammers, ect.
  • Maintain audio streams (radio stations)

Planned future premium features:

  • Rent your dclconnected items to other users for a period of time. If you have a venue that isn’t being used 24hrs a day, someone might want to rent your screens to throw their own event! Get paid to rent your space!
  • Create custom variables on your parcel’s page and then attach listeners for when they change. In realtime! All within the SDK! (This one is powerful!)
  • Integrate POAP machines as easily as filling out a wizard
  • Easily add an NFT gate so that users with certain NFTs can get access to areas of your parcel. Toggle them on/off or set them to only be active during certain events.
  • Manage your wearable airdrops by either setting conditions or initiating them by hand
  • Hook into an additional video streaming service to get youtube/twitch and other video streams directly into dcl with no hassle!
  • and more

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Our business model:

Please consider that although the grant money does give us much needed breathing room to develop, it cannot properly sustain a long term development team without a proper financial mechanism. I’d like to explain our current thought process on how we can finance this project into 2023 and beyond, together as a community! Please join the discord if you have any alternative suggestions that we can consider. We want everyone to be happy.

Each premium feature will require a small amount of mana to use. This will operate on a shopping cart model, where you will be able to select only the specific premium features that you need. This is a very common business model. Each premium feature will have a specific mana price associated with it. The prices will be reasonable and there will be many options to slide the functionality that you need to accommodate your land’s maintenance budget. This is of course on-top of the already powerful free features.

This approach will be critical to keep a steady stream of revenue flowing through our service so we can hire additional developers where needed, update performance and continue to innovate and improve the overall platform. After a period of time, premium features will be sunset from the premium tier and become free for everyone. This will be on a per-case basis, depending on if there are servers/resources/expenses/fees required to maintain the specific feature.

Implementing it into your existing property:

Here is an example snippet of how easy we expect it to be to implement into your existing property once released:

import { DCLConnect } from 'dclconnect'
const dclconnect = new DCLConnect()

I’m interested in this solution - when will it be released?

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