[DAO:rjsm3re] [Resubmission] Easy Land Renting - Lands for everyone! [+5% to DAO per sale]

by 0x29519122d08771ca4c83c8e3fa981df18721f76d (KlockProperties)

Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Platform Contributor category be approved?


Help Decentraland’s biggest Realtor in the Rental Market.

Let’s keep making DCL being the best Metaverse in the world. We need to continue improving with onboarding new users, and making it easier for people to understand the platform. It needs to be easier to access land, create content and get solid advise in a secure way, on the same time giving value and income to DCL long term.

Help us, help growing the community! - We want to help onboard new users, advise them properly and make renting land easier.

Every land that gets rented, we’ll reward the community as thanks for trusting us = 5% on every sale in commission, which goes directly to the DAO committee wallet. It’s managed by official DAO committee members Yemel & HPrivakos.

Grant size

22,500 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address




  • Better user-experience for new users
  • We onboard tons of new people, and answer their questions regarding the best Metaverse Decentraland
  • We help generate income and new business to Decentraland
  • We help land gets REAL content. We connect P2E games, NFT galleries, Meta Breweries and much more to land-owners
  • We need it to be EASY to be a consumer & content creator in DCL.
  • Prevent scamming and advising users properly.

We’re ready to do our part to IMPROVE Decentraland, and bring growth and income to the Decentraland foundation, on the same time we bring value to the platform, so we can continue being the best metaverse in the world.

On a short notice:

  • We want to create the best Rental Experience in Decentraland, where land-owners easily can become “landlords”. Way too much land are empty. We need content, exciting areas and places to visit to make sure we continue grow our platform. We are solving this with our Realtor Rental Platform. We need a smart-contract to ensure the transperency, security and easy-ness to make sure Decentraland Rentals are accessable to all.

And YES, we know there are platforms like Double and LandWorks - but they are not the biggest, most active and have the same level of live-chat-support (and even video-calls) like DCL Real Estate does. This is why DCL Real Estate is now requesting a grant from the great and amazing community and DAO in Decentraland.
We will provide a technical great solution, which is already in the making. It will be easy to get answers from resources from our Decentraland Experts… Most users leave the DCL community because they don’t understand how our world works - this is why Agents and Trusted Advisors are important.

This is why we propose, the DAO help us funding our DCL REAL ESTATE RENTAL PLATFORM v2. We’re the biggest and best Realtor in Decentraland with most results, and we ask you to help us.

With this grant, we will be able to create the best rental-platform, that Decentraland has seen. Even more it will have features such as LIVE SUPPORT, Land advise, Scene catalog, Free Scenes to publish, Verified scene makers with live support and best of all - as thanks for the grant we will give back Decentraland and the DAO - 5% in commission on EVERY sale/rental we get on the platform.

DCL Real Estate is a project to contribute to Decentraland. Our job is to get users to interact with the platform in Decentraland, which means use the land as content creation, get buyers and tenants to meet the landlords and sellers, and create a better Decentraland.

A short introduction about us - DCL Real Estate is the biggest and one of the first realtors in Decentraland. We provide services such as “Selling”, “buying” and “renting land” services.

We’re onboarding new users to Decentraland every day, and we keep on being one of the first encounters on many occasions when people explore how they can get started building and further grow Decentraland, with lands and content. With granting us the funds we will be able to grow the land- and rental market within Decentraland, and on the same time making DCL Real Estate decentralized through giving DAO shares, on 5% on every sale. We will appoint a board to adjust our own rate and commission, so it’s fair and affordable. (Cheaper than today) Most likely 2,5% to 10% to the realtor platform.


Blockchain: Ethereum

vscode, hardhat, metamask for smart contract
React, redux, tailwind for website
React, redux, react native for app

Issue: the community is riddled with scammers within a peer to peer transactional space. This results in lower trust in Decentraland, and therefore less community usage and interaction. It also empowers easy access to rent, with possibility to access a Trusted Advisor who knows the DCL space, and on the same time access utilities such as a free scene - and income to the DAO which means the people of Decentraland.

Solution: this rental smart contract will provide additional comfort for land owners and prospective buyers/renters, as they will no longer have to worry about being scammed. We will become an added small business within decentraland, bring additional volume, and showing evidence of successful business operations within a leading metaverse platform.

Users can easily:

1.Tenants can easily rent lands easy on the site
2.Landlords can list their lands easy on the site.
- → Free Scene access
- → Premium Scenes access
- → Live Support from DCL Experts (Building experts, Land experts, General support)
- → Help to increase security and prevent scam
- → 5% commission to DAO/DCL on each sale/rental.

1.User connect wallet
2.User find the wanted land, and press “rent land” and pay’s (For example 1-12 months)
3.Landlord automaticly get’s operator assigned to tenant’s address or manually add another operator
4.Money gets in Escrow wallet
5.Money gets released after 30 days to landlord (+ DAO fee and Platform fee’s withdrawn)
6.Tenant will automatic pay every 30 days, and the lease will end if payment has failed, and other tenants will be able to access and rent the landlords’ land.

THE PROCESS TO LEASE (As a Land-owner/Landlord)
1.User connect wallet
2.User press “List land” choose how much they want to earn, rental period etc.
3.Landlord signs smart-contract.

A landowner can ALWAYS remove operator or sell a land. It is not possible to make sure they can’t, so this is a fully secure rental-system which will provide security for the tenant’s funds, and landlord’s land asset. This is why this project DO NOT transfer any land-nft-asset but simply acts as a money-middleman, and takes a fee for doing it automatic, easy and cheap. If a landlord/landowner proceed to remove operator/sell the land after renting it out, the tenant will be refunded, and the land-owners’ address will be noticed as a “Bad Landlord”.

DAO will get income from the sales and rentals, aswell as the landlord and realtor platform fee’s.

Payments and commissions to DAO will be sent to:
Either DAO directly: Decentraland: DAO Agent | Address 0x9a6ebe7e2a7722f8200d0ffb63a1f6406a0d7dce | Etherscan

Or Multisig owned by the DAO Committee (Yemel and HPrivakos): Decentraland: DAO Community | Address 0x89214c8Ca9A49E60a3bfa8e00544F384C93719b1 | Etherscan

We will make the smart-contract and address changeable, because DAO is still new and it’s growing fast so we might need to change in the future, after advise from DAO committee members.


Lead Developer & Blockchain Developer:

Aaron Porchia (https://www.linkedin.com/in/aaron-porchia-054a96239/)
Web3 Development Manager:

Travis Holm (T-rav#0132 on discord)
Co-Founder & CEO of DCL Real Estate:

Emil Klockmann (Klockmann#3349 on discord)
Rental Agent, Co-Founder & DCL Expert:

Christoffer Laursen (Laursen#4812 on discord)


ETH projects:
Oxygen token
Strip token
leaf token
ball token
DefiPlaza token

Messaging app on ETH:

NFT Marketplaces:

NFT Collections:




PET NFT and staking rewards:

Social media platform in solana:

Trading platform:




Website: https://dclrealestate.org/

Email: dclrealestateagency@gmail.com

Discord server: DCLRealEstate.org

Office in DCL: https://dclrealestate.dcl.eth/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DCL_RealEstate

Article about us: Newcomers “DCL Real Estate” Driving Development in Decentraland | by Hugh Blaxland | Medium

For any further questions we are ready to answer any questions you might have.

Roadmap and milestones

This project will be completed within 6 weeks-6months.

And the roadmap is as follows:

Month 1-3: Development of the FUTURE of Rental platform. UI and UX designing, Smart Contract Development & Website app creation

Month 4: Code Audition

Month 5: Internal Testing, Debug and Code Polish. Also development of resources, tips, tricks, videos and onboarding to platform and DCL.

Month 6: Official launch and income generating

We strive to make the project release before it’s due. But it’s important EVERYTHING is perfect, and make sure the quality of the project.

To keep track of all of the related update, we’ll release reports and share them on our Discord & in the DAO grant community on their discord: DCLRealEstate.org - but we will also be ready to answer questions on the forum and on email.

The DCL Real Estate already implemented rentals and sold results for more than 30+ clients and smart contracts will make rewards and security better and easier combined with advisory to new users of DCL to make Decentraland the best Metaverse, so it makes sense for DAO to do this execution. The funds will go entirely to the community through commission on rentals.

We’re ready for the future of Real Estate and the rental market in Decentraland. Help us, by helping Decentraland building it. Are you ready for it?

Thank you for reading✅.

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We already have grants focused on rentings lands, why would we need one more?

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Hey HPrivakos

We add extra value, as are not just another rental marketplace, we are actually humans and advisors who help the New users in DCL from a to z.

We dont just automate it. We take the clients in the hand all the way from heling them understand Decentraland, learning the map, how to navigate so they can onboard their business.

Let me take a example, 4 days ago we had a contact person. We have had 5 video meeting with the client helping them and explaning why Decentraland should be their focus instead of other metaverses.

We are looking to rent out 10-20 lands in the next 6 months and a huge estate of 243 lands because of all the time we use. And this is just one of our examples.

With helping us with a grant, we can create a more safe and decentralized experience in DCL. We will also be able to remain in business if we get a smart contract and keep helping dozens of people and businesses like we have done since we were the first Realtor in DCL since 2021 november.

We know their is a bunch of rental grants and marketplace… But my point is we are much more than that, and we add value, onboarding, more money to DAO and advise to New comers to DCL.

I hope you would consider to help us, keep making activity and users to DCL with rental where we also help them from a to z.

And we ofc. Aslo reward DAO with 5% of every sale, which No other rental marketplace or grant ever has done.


Nice to see grants going to startups that bring real value to Decentraland.

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Competition will only help the market. Klockmann - worthy candidate for a grant who already made a significant contribution to Decentraland by organizing metaverse estate agency with hundreds of successful deals.

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Hiii, I was sent here by @Klockmann, after reviewing, I’m not sure why this proposal is needed. We have plenty of low cost, easy land renting already available in DCL. And ones that are not using grant funds to build this out.

So what is the added benefit here, that others are not already providing? Plus in a place that is meant to be decentralized, how is another landlord situation going to help? Shouldn’t this be easy land owning, not renting?

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While I agree with the fact that there are already existing rental platforms, I do want to say that I have used DCLRealEstate’s service for my first time land renting and was very pleased.

The existing platforms do have some barrier to entry for new users who may not understand dcl yet and the services Klockmann and Laursen provide is very helpful. They were very engaging and recreate a full on realtor experience with high levels of attentiveness to the client’s needs, education for new users, extensive market and locations knowledge, and fair market pricing. They also handle marketing and advertising for the landowners to get their plots rented.

One benefit for their service over an automated platform is when gas was high, the fees on top of rentals with landworks were making the prices 25-50% higher than dcl real estates which required only gas for the MANA payment transfer. So even though the base rental price was the same, it was much cheaper to go with dclrealestate.


[Resubmission] Easy Land Renting - Lands for everyone! [+5% to DAO per sale]

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 72% 2,244,374 VP (96 votes)
  • No 28% 906,516 VP (13 votes)

I want to thank the community for the support doing our application for the grant!

We will post updates once a month every 30 days on DAO grant page, every 30 days and also in the DAO grant chat in their discord calledm #land-renting

The management will work closely with the dev-team to organize the project so the roadmap will be followed :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you again, let’s make renting easier together so many more can join us in Decentraland :muscle:

Kind regards,

  • DCL Real Estate Team & Klockmann

We are ready to get started

For any inquiries or questions about the project feel free to email us, at:


[Resubmission] Easy Land Renting - Lands for everyone! [+5% to DAO per sale]

This proposal has been ENACTED by a DAO Committee Member (0xfe91c0c482e09600f2d1dbca10fd705bc6de60bc)

Vesting Contract Address: 0x8f2403053fDd65eab814eA746F4CD363EC476116
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Dear Community,

As you know, the Grant Support Squad was created to support grantees in achieving their goals and taking care of the DAO treasury.

We have recently spoken with the grantee and understand that their project is at risk, as indicated in the last update. Based on this information, we believe that it is in the best interests of both -the grantee and the DAO treasury- to pause the vesting contract until the grantee is able to return to their main points.
To that end, we have scheduled a meeting for early January with the grantee to explore possible solutions to this issue.
In short, we recommend that the DAO Committee (@HPrivakos @yemel) pause the vesting contract.
Thank you for your understanding and consideration.


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