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Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Platform Contributor category be approved?


DCL Real Estate is the first digital real estate broker/agency in Decentraland. Our platform provide support for sellers, landlords, buyers & tenants, looking to start their adventure in Decentraland. DCL Real Estate enables a great LAND experience for O.G. DCL users, but also new outside buyers, tenants, investors & big companies to expand the Decentraland community & land sale. We provide sales-support, rental support aswell as buying & tenant advise, when looking to get into Decentraland, as a newcomer.

DCL Real Estate would want a grant for a smart-contract system, that will provide more financial security to new DCL Investors, maximizing the utility and enlightening outside investors to invest in DCL LAND, for both sale & rent.

Grant size

29,119 USD

Beneficiary address



DCL Real Estate - https://dclrealestate.org/

DCL Real Estate, is a project to contribute to Decentraland. Our job is to get outside investors, to invest in Decentraland. We would need a grant, to expand the security within our large sums of transaction when doing land-deals & rentals, to secure payments when doing transactions between three parts. (example).

We’re having daily 5-10 new users to Decentraland looking to learn more, buy, rent etc. So we are educating outside investors aswell as helping sellers & landlords to get their land to profit. Therefor with a smart-contract system helping us securing funds for the landlord, the seller and ourself (commission) would be a next-level in our field.

We have been talking with developers, saying it is possible to create such a smart-contract system. Example, if a tenant wants to rent this case: 1x1 Parcel [FOR RENT] - South of Fashion Street - Case ID: 516

He would then just press “rent”, and the funds will automaticly be payed to the landlord directly, every month and also our cut. This means no manual transactions, and will provide A LOT of security to our clients.

For our future roadmap, we would allow EXTERNAL brokers, to use our site and smart-contract system, to benefit Decentraland the most, with as many brokers as possible promoting DCL to outside investors, looking to learn more. We have a lot of companies, that contact us - they have no clue where to start, and that’s where we’re helping them from A-Z, and our main requests are why we haven’t a secure smart-contract in place.

Our results so far, have been 5 sold lands, and 5 lands rented out.

To show our results so far, with how much we contribute to DCL our transperent income can be viewed here: Imgur: The magic of the Internet


We will complete the project, together with external developers that will help us establish, an external marketplace for rent, for sale that will allow a contract with 3 people within it. This will allow brokers, sellers, buyers, tenants & landlords to have a good & safe experience, while dealing with land - and to prevent scammers, being able to act as a random broker.


Partner - Klockmann (Real Estate Agent)
Partner - Laursen (Real Estate Agent)
Creator Agent - MetaWear (Content Creator)
Developer - We have gotten offers from experienced & known contract developers.

Roadmap and milestones

The timelime of this project:

  • August 2022: Development finished, and launch of new security platform
  • December 2022: Open Broker Site for DCL, to allow them using the platform
  • 2023: Allow all DCL users, to use the site as an external marketplace (with extra sales- and newbie help from hired Agents)

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if this will help them support transactions on the polygon chain this would be good, eth mana only transactions can slow it down alot if we all mainly use main net… good guys there if they build there team and customer service this would help dcl i think for sure

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Honestly, Not sure why an external site would be needed. I can see this type of feature easily being implemented directly into Market place.

There is already a land sale section. And also a method to for people to host scenes from other non land users. Land can also be listed in other sites like Opensea.
Adding a rent / lease section in marketplace would be more ideal instead.
The type of smart contract you are envisioning already exists, a good example is like the one that is used to delegate the ice wearables.
I lobby a NO.

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Real Estate Agent Broker Management - For Rent & For Sale - DclRealEstate.org

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 4% 86,149 VP (9 votes)
  • No 36% 732,618 VP (25 votes)