[DAO: QmSrekf] Land Rental in Decentraland

by 0x244d1a181b6fa17b807d5aeca1053c4b26e8fecd (Mina#fecd)

Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Platform Contributor category be approved?


Double is an NFT rental platform that aims to match the owners and users in gamefi or metaverse.

And the land rental in Decentraland will be the first type of asset we support to be listed and rented in the marketplace.

Grant size

10,000 USD

Beneficiary address



With the rental model, we can lower the threshold to build and contribute, which will attract more users onboard and have fun in Decentraland.

As a lender, you can lend your land and receive the rent as your income. As a builder, you can rent a piece of land to build your headquarters, club, gallary or anything else you want to.

We believe that it will help the builder find a better way to create and build DCL into a place full of vitality.


Thanks to the multi roles in the Decentraland design, we can support its asset rental without any further development from DCL itself. We are now using a wrap model to make sure of the 2 parties’ interests and benefits .

For more details, please refer to this deck: Pitch


Anders - Smart Contract Developer

10 years of experience in technical firms and developed his own PHP rapid development framework Bluefin. Submitting code for open source projects like Ethereum, MetaMask and Uniswap since 2018.

Shrug - Product Manager

3 years experience as a PM in crypto space and contributed to more than 10 blockchain projects.

Jonas - Graphic Designer

Started studying in art school in Belgium 14 years old. Game graphics creation for international iPhone & iPad games since 2011.

Lance - Front-end development engineer

9 years of front end development experience in Wooly Three Kingdoms, which ranked No.1 in the game of the year 2011 in apple store.

Roadmap and milestones

This project will be completed within 6 weeks. And the roadmap is as follows:

-Week 1-3: UI and UX designing, Smart Contract Development

-Week 4: Code Audition

-Week 5: Internal Testing, Debug and Code Polish

-Week 6: Public Testing & Strategic Partners Announcement

-Week 7: Official Launch

To keep track of all of the related update, we’ll release bi-weekly report and share them on our Twitter: https://twitter.com/DoubleProtocol

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Great concept and deck!

Just curious if you have considered the feasibility of contracts that enable land owners to rent vertically?
In other words, not forcing renters to rent an entire parcel or estate, but instead enabling them to rent upper floors of parcels or estates. Hopefully my question is clear.

Perhaps the subletting function coming in 2022 Q1 would enable this kind of subdivision of parcels and estates? Not sure if this is an easy thing to accomplish with a smart contract or if it’s impossible (since the variation of builds is potentially infinite).

It just seems that as of now, if a land owner wanted to do this, they would have to enter into an agreement with a renter based on trust. For example, all we can do at this stage is say, “I’ll rent you the 3rd floor of my estate for 1 month for .25 ETH. Shall we shake hands and agree to honor this plan?”

Thanks for your thoughts!

love the idea, but tbh the linked twitter and discord seem much too unprofessional

Hey gsbroz, thanks for your attention, that’s a great idea!

We considered this function in the past, but since the buildings in DCL are stored in the centralized server, which means we can’t get the data and rights of different floors on the blockchain, and Double Protocol is a completely decentralized contract, so we can’t support this function at this stage.

I believe that in the future, the buildings in DCL will also be uploaded to the chain, and then we will definitely support this function!

Hi, Dax. This is a new project which is not launched yet. That’s why it has few followers.

I dont see why it should require DCL grant funds.

We totally need a rental platform for LAND. Rent would be established on MANA?

Are you planning to do something like a vesting contract to hold the rent?
Does the renter need to stake the full amount of the rent in advance?


Yemel, thanks for your support.

In mid-January we will launch the first alpha version, which will support ETH payment, renters need to pay in full in advance and the rent will be transferred to lender directly. For security, the alpha version we limit the maximum rental period to 6 months.

We will be developing the features you mentioned in the next release. Here are some examples

  1. support for MANA or custom other ERC20 token to collect rent.
  2. subletting function.
  3. reservation function.
  4. Bid.
  5. Auction function.
  6. Installment payment; it should be the vesting contract you mentioned.
  7. Breach of contract; users can pay a penalty to cancel the agreement.
  8. support ERC-1155 and other standard of NFT; etc.

You got any public githubs we can check?

Hi, Bet. Thanks for your question!
The code is now being audited and will go public soon after that.
Pls stay tuned.

Land Rental in Decentraland

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 92% 2,808,474 VP (37 votes)
  • No 8% 267,620 VP (6 votes)

Land Rental in Decentraland

This proposal has been ENACTED by a DAO Committee Member (0xfe91c0c482e09600f2d1dbca10fd705bc6de60bc)

Vesting Contract

Funding Transaction

Can we get an update on this?

For sure!

The dapp has been live and you can list or rent your land in DCL on DOUBLE

Hope it helps. :slight_smile:

I was excited for this app, but I’m hesitant to deposit my nft into the double platform. If anyone is looking for an alternative, check out dcl-property.rentals. You just sign with your metamask to list your land instead of depositing your land NFT.

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That one year registration does not spell confidence.
Registrant is from China ( isn’t crypto fully banned in China?)
How does this affect the user in being able to maintain the project?

Hi, Derek!

I’ve visited your website and it’s great!
Just one quick question: what will happen to the operator if the owner cancels his approval or even sell the land?
Does it mean the lender needs to deposit some money to protect the tenants’ rights?

@lareina Is it possible yet for some one to pay ahead of time for a future land lease while the land is currently rented? The platform I currently use to rent out Decentraland Land/Estates allows for this. I would like to try Double Protocol but it seems annoying that the lease would lapse for some amount of time taking down the renter’s scene, before they renew the lease.