[DAO:d6f8aa9] Business Reviews, Scam Prevention, Security Help & Registries [Trust In DCL]

by 0xa7f9756bc9d51aa3b3c71f79392ea8c685f10766 (TrustInDCL)

Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Community category be approved?



This project will make it easier and safer for all users in DCL to do business with each other. We want to create a platform that makes it possible for all users in Decentraland to make reviews of businesses or people they have dealt with, and to make a complaint against a business or people that they have dealt with.

The main functions of the platform will be to review DCL businesses, report scams, and advice on the general safety in DCL.

The platform will act as an open registry where everyone can make a review or report scam. All users will have full access to the platform to create, review, report and to view the registries.

Grant size

59,920 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address




This project is here to protect all users from people that is taking advantage of DCL users, and a review platform of trustworthy businesses and also share bad experiences. This is an open platform, where everybody can report but also review people and businesses with complete freedom of speech.

1. The Report Registry:

The project will function as a website and a Discord, where users can report people and businesses. The report registry will function as a database that stores reports and complaints from users regarding scam. Everyone will be able to create a report and complaint, and the only filter there will be is the team that will filter trolls and non serious written reports. The result of this registry will be that now every DCL user can look up other users and businesses that they are doing business with to see if there is anyone else that has done business with them and has had good or bad reputation. (Upvote and downvote of reports will also be possible)

2. The Review Registry:

The project will feature a forum where users can review businesses and users that they have done business with. It is an open forum with close to no centralisation. That means we will not enforce or censor anything, but be a foundation for safety and reviewing. The reviewer will be able to post anything they would like to - the team behind will only filtrate for trolls and the likes. (Upvote and downvote of reviews will also be possible)

3. Scam Prevention, Advice & Help Center

The website will also host a section for advice to help the users of Decentraland to fare the Metaverse in safety. The Scam Prevention & Advice will have the function to help the users prepare themselves for the “dangers” of trading and doing business in Decentraland. The help center will also have a FAQ section. Users will be able to create threads with a question and other users will be able to answer the questions. Furthermore, there will be a general safety guide that will instruct the users on how to stay safe and avoid scammers/swindlers in DCL. The guide will involve the safest places to do business in Decentraland and refer to the positive rated reviews in The Review Registry.

4. And much more:

  • Other than the website, there will also be a Discord server which will be a more interactive version of the website. The Discord will have staff ready to assist and answer questions for users who need it, regarding the functionality of the Discord/website.

  • The project will also include a DCL in-game office that will function as an informative office, where users can gather information in-game and be pointed towards the website and/or Discord.

  • We are making a safespace for all users in DCL to validate the ones they are doing honest business with and report those who aren’t honest. Check up on the businesses and users you do business with and report businesses and users that have acted in a deceitful way or create a review of their business.

Let’s make DCL a safer place together!

We need your help to make this project. If this project is granted funding, the community will become a safer place for everyone. This project will make DCL a much more honest environment.



The project will have 100% fully transparent registries where all users in the world can access. “Trust In DCL” will distance itself from being the judge, the jury and the executioner - instead being an informative platform for the users of DCL to help each other and educate themselves. By acting on these terms, Trust In DCL will not be able to be subject to any forms of untrustworthy and favouring.

Transparency and mission:

The project will be transparent and provide safety advice on how to make sure new users can avoid scammers, but also a place where people can make general complaints & issues about their experience in DCL. People will also be able to review their experience with businesses in DCL, so people can share their experiences about DCL companies of all kinds. Daily operations will be focused on advising users, making blog-posts about safety in DCL - making improvements to the platform, and removal of spam posts from the registry - and updating the registries on the platform. This will be done to ensure quality and transparency for the community, and none-bias reports & registries for the community. Users will be able to see user-feedback and reviews without centralisation, self-interest and biasness getting in the way.

Specification Explained:

  • The website will be built with help from the team-members and external developers.
  • The main functions will be: The Report Registry, The Review Registry & Scam Prevention, Advice & Help Center.


  • The Report Registry will function as an user friendly model that will be made as a fill out step by step form. To start, the user will enter the website and click “The Report Registry” and then start to fill out a form. In the form, the user will start out with filling out his name and meaterversi information. Then the user will fill out a report form with several steps to get the most detailed report. When the form is complete, it will automatically be posted in “The Report Registry” open for all users to view, comment and share.


  • The Review Registry will be built by the same method as The Report Registry, but adopted to the means of reviewing a business. The user will fill out a business review form and fill it out step by step. Then it will be published in “The Review Registry” (only Decentraland businesses and activity can be reviewed here).


  • Scam Prevention, Advice & Help Center will be its own division and will host different functions, such as an FAQ regarding many diverse questions about the different elements of a scam: prevention, what to do when being scammed, how to report etc. Another function will be the Advice section, where there will be a live-chat for users with questions that are not answered in FAQ. The last function will be the Information section, which will act as a collection of relevant information about online safety, metaverse security and avoiding being scammed, so that the blog-posts are up-to-date with the crypto and Decentraland space.


This is a demo page that is subject to change. This is for visual purposes only.



The team is made of dedicated people, whom already help many new users every day, which helps with onboarding and understanding of how to get started in DCL, and it’s key elements. The team have backgrounds in a successful business in DCL, and want to further improve the users’ possibility to make good decisions before making transactions with businesses in DCL, or before they interact with scammers.

Project lead:


  • Discord username: Bendstrup#0733
  • Skills: DCL Expert, Advisor & Safety expert in DCL

Safety Agent & Project Supporter:


  • Discord username: Boldsen#6470
  • Skills: DCL Expert, Advisor, Onboarding of new users

Project Advisor & Management:


  • Discord username: Klockmann#3349
  • Skills: Project management & DCL Expert.


  • We are in contact with dev-experts which can fulfill the vision within the budget. Example: SirDropBear to complete our building. We’re also in contact with website developers and others.

About us

Our background for completing and making the project a success, is coming from an already successful DCL business. The team’s experience in the DCL is important to make this project come to life.

The budget:


Roadmap and milestones

Month 0 to 2:

  • Design of website and development start.
  • Registry & report setup will be developed.
  • Making the foundations of “Scam Prevention, Advice & Help Center”.
  • Initiate feedback process for “reviewing a business” will be organized and developed.
  • Establishing the “Trust in DCL” community and open live chat.

Month 2 to 4

  • Evaluate improvements from the month before, from the community & from DAO Grant Support Squad.
  • Review the results and automation opportunities.
  • Proceeding development of “Scam Prevention, Advice & Help Center”.
  • Registries and report development & setup will be finished.
  • Design of website and development will be completed.
  • “Review a business” will be in testing phase and near completion.

Month 4 to 6

  • Scene creation and development of the “Trust In DCL” headquarters.
  • Land rental will happen after scene development has finished.
  • Testing & completion of all website functions and registries.
  • Official release.

Roadmap explained

We strive to make the project release before it’s due. But it’s important everything is perfect, and make sure the project have the wanted quality of the project.

To keep track of all of the related update, we’ll release reports and share them on our (soon to be released) community platforms & in the DAO grant community on their discord. But we will also be ready to answer questions on the forum and on email.

Thank you for reading :white_check_mark:

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Security in Decentraland is so vital. Every time I see people in #land channel saying they were scammed. I vote yes for this direction to start. Technologies are evolving. Hope in future will be more automated instruments to warn users and prevent frauds.


I’m working on an integration for Unversed (https://unversed.org) already. 60k for only that seems a lot. Not worth in my opinion.


It can be done with a discord server, 60k for a website with a form and an FAQ seems a lot.
Klockmann taking his piece of the cake at the same time and charging 360 USD per month for land renting when some people a renting for less than 100 USD or even for free.


Hello Web3nit,

Thank you so much for your comment and your vote.
My name is Bendstrup and i am the project lead of this project.
We agree that security is vital in Decentraland and we want do to everything we can in making Decentraland safer for all users to be a part of. The fututre of Decentraland holds no place for scammers and the likes - and we want to be at the front of Decentraland to make sure there are none. Our project will make it possible for succesful and honest DCL businesses to be known for their honesty and rewarded for taking part in making Decentraland a more honest space.

We are also exploring making automated processes about instruments helping to warn users and prevent frauds.

Thank you so much again for your suportive answer and your vote!

Bendstrup - TrustInDCL

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Hello HPricakos,

Thank you for your comment and feedback.

We are making a improvement of the current scam-chat in the Decentraland discord server, that is the only scam-prevention there is at the moment. The current scam-chat in the Discord server is clearly not fulfilling its purpose and is simply not enough. There are clearly still everyday-users of Decentraland being scammed and defrauded way too much.

Concerning the land rental: This is an estimated cost of a basic 2x2 rental for 12-month. The price is very conservative and based on the cheapest rentals established by realtors. The land rental will be non-profit for the realtor and will only go to the landowner. We are very open to a free space rental as you reffered to, but that is not something we have encountered before. Of course it its possble to find rentals cheaper than 360USD a month, but then it will be a 1x1 land and it will be in the middle of nowhere. Our project office will have to be visible to the users of DCL and reachable for the newest of users, therefore our estimated cost of 360USD is considered generous and optimistic - but it can be done.

There is people being scammed every day in the crypto space, that’s a fact. And also people in DCL who hasn’t secured themselves properly, and DCL simply hasn’t done any steps to provide prevention or informative work to prevent this, other than when the damage is already done and it’s too late, where the answer will be “there is nothing we can do, get a ledger”.

We need to actively tell our users how they can roam in this space. The new users of DCL don’t know how to search 1000+ discord posts of scam reports, maybe hasn’t even properly used discord before. So our goal is to make it EASIER, and also to give the basic viewer a quick and nice overview of how to be safe in DCL, whether it’s avoiding scam or businesses.

The grant proposal itself also has a “Review a business” proposal in itself, where a rating/feedback platform will be made. Where users can rate DCL businesses and users can share their experience. Decentralization is good, but it’s also important to make new users aware of who to deal with, or who NOT to deal with. It’s important we do a more active task-force towards avoiding scam, and having a good business environment, is VITAL for DCL success.

DCL is the best meta-verse there is - we also need to be the first in line to make steps to secure our users a safe environment.

Our project will make it possible for all users (and non-users) to browse a large community made registry of reviewed businesses and untrustworthy abusers. It will not be a simple website with a form and an FAQ, but be a advance made database of all the things that we have mentioned in our proposal.

Thank you again for your feedback.

Bendstrup - TrustInDCL

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  1. Who are you in DCL? What makes you a DCL Expert? I am not familiar with “Advisor and Safety expert in DCL,” would you mind explaining what that is? For “Klockmann” I would like to know the history of the projects you managed and proof of successes.
    When I looked you up. I haven’t see you before in DCL, do you have another DCL name besides this one? What are the other DCL Experts names for their DCL Names?

  2. I am looking at your “Land Rental” in your budget, can you explain that?

  3. Can you explain the difference between your Website Development costs and your “Transcript & registry set-up?”

  4. What is this Management compensation & Team Compensation? What’s the difference? Am I missing something here?

  5. Advisory and consulting: Can you share who this is coming from?

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Can we stop voting on ideas and actually make sure that the team is credible. You seem to like voting a lot being one of the top voters in DCL, but it seems like you just like having your stamp of approval, whether you have read into it or not? Could you answer my questions above? If you can’t why aren’t you asking them?

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I don’t think we need a proposal for this.

I agree with previous comment that this can be made with free tools, to help community, instead of taking money from the DAO. Which your team DCL Real Estate already has an on-going proposal. So it appears the team is trying to find any and every reason to get more funds from the DAO, without showing actual value to the platform and community.

Plus and not to be rude, but the graphics used are not great, and make me feel like this is a scam in itself.


Hello Ckbubbles. I 100% respect your point of view, but please don’t trash talk DCL Real Estate which has nothing to do with this project. If you actually had used our services you would know what we stand for.

This is Bendstrup’s own project, i advised him how to appreciate DAO with his idea and was asked to help him a long the way. I don’t like the way you guys are bashing my name, and my company’s name when it’s NOT the same.

But I said yes to helping and voting because the idea of DCL actually taking stand on scam is better, than we have today. Thats why i said yes to helping him.

I have enough work in my own grant, but if a community member or one of my friends ask for help how to do something in DCL, ofc. i will help. I would have also if you had an idea you could use my help to :blush:

Hey if you read the comment, I said the graphics feel like scam graphics, I never said the proposal nor DCL Real Estate is a scam. So I’d ask you to reread my words.

Also I’m associating it w DCL Real Estate, because @Bendstrup reached out to me in a DM to look at his proposal, and his bio on discord reads…
"Real Estate Agent in Decentralandđź“‹

So of course I associated this person, who is part of DCL Real Estate, and what they do with DCL Real Estate. Especially when the topic is related to lands, and land rentals. Also I want to clarify, I was never given a link in the DM to his proposal nor got any other response about the proposal and his intentions. Just the initial outreach if I would look at his proposal. Which I said sure, but I also don’t think we need another land rental proposal. Which is truly how I feel.

You see how this is not a wild imagination at work, but what is factually laid out in front of me. I’d also ask where in my response did I “trash talk” anything but the graphics? But even then, it was feedback to graphic design.

I never even mentioned your name either. So where is that coming from?

I appear to have misread your comment iam sorry :blush: i pull it back thought you said DCL Real Estate was a scam

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@Klockmann Are you going to answer these questions?

Hello @Tudamoon
As im not the project lead, i will leave that to @Bendstrup

Are you not the Project Advisor?

Community has already killed this project because my name is on the board. I will advise Bendstrup to listen to the community’s feedback, and answer your questions.

If he resumit it, it will be without my name. Thanks for understanding

Just out of curiosity, why do you feel that the community did this? I am only asking because usually there is a reason behind a large group of people voting in a similar way.

I’m voting no, as there are others using free tools to do this as well without asking for anything from the DAO. Best of luck to you!

Business Reviews, Scam Prevention, Security Help & Registries [Trust In DCL]

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 11% 322,973 VP (23 votes)
  • No 89% 2,439,206 VP (49 votes)