[DAO: QmcmKq3] DabPlay and MetaDuckies - community and P2E area

by 0x1816e73a6c50e8913047a9400b7df822f7c666df (DabPlay)

Should the following Tier 2: up to $3,000 USD in MANA, one-time payment grant in the Content Creator category be approved?


The Parcel will serve as a help and feature area for players in the DCL metaverse. We want players new and old journey a road less travelled from common highlighted scenes to find the hidden gems within Decentraland just as we have done within the video guides and creator features on our channel.

To add attraction to the scene and ensure players visit we aim to change the scene regularly and update the content, but we believe a P2E element will set the scene apart and encourage players to compete for tokens which they exchange for NFTs and eventually wearables.

This grant is to build upon the help we have already given to thousands of people and kickstart a front facing scene within Decentraland that players old and new can enjoy.

Grant size

3,000 USD

Beneficiary address



DabPlay is a YouTube channel that began in October 2021. We have produced guides, reviews and helped content creators and players navigate the Decentraland metaverse. To date >25,000 viewers have found our Decentraland videos.

We have always taken the stance of helping out others but now we need the help of the DCL community so that we can purchase a LAND parcel.

Our LAND will be used to promote content creators, events and a healthy positive community feel as we help players navigate the DCL MetaVerse into areas less travelled.
This will be through our most popular guides being streamed in scene as well teleportation pads to featured scenes encouraging players to go off and explore the gems of Decentraland.

DabPlay is a YouTube channel so we don’t have a lot to offer for a P2E element so we have partnered with a new NFT project called MetaDuckies NFT. This project creates 3D model duckies that have utility.

Currently the models are viewable in 3D and can be used in Metaverse houses / scenes as displayed collectibles. In the future these models will form part of NFT smart contracts where the holder can utilise their NFTs in the P2E game we want to build.

The P2E element will be similar to fruit catcher but themed around our partners and the project. We can’t share more on this openly in case ideas are taken should our bid be unsuccessful but we will provide more info on this shortly. The idea is that players will win tokens by playing the game which they can exchange for NFTs and eventually wearables.

We are a small team of 4 and have invested hundreds of hours into upskilling ourselves in 3D modelling and are starting now develop game concepts. We have made friends in the community who have provided invaluable help and guidance helping us to better understand the technical elements of scene building though we still have a way to go in building a fully functioning game. We believe nothing is out of reach and our creativity will allow us to build something amazing for the community to enjoy. We are realistic in understanding we have a lot to learn and will document the experience to help other growing scene creators thus, giving back to the DCL creator community.


We will only have one parcel, so space for us will be limited and we intend to build upwards to maximise the space. We have been working on our design concept for a while of how the scene would look and have good working experience of using blender and builder which we will utilise if successful to build the scene.

Video boards will showcase scenes that we have discovered and encourage players to explore them through teleportation pads. Whilst help bots will provide insights about new events to encourage attendance and discourage bots / exploits and raise awareness of Metaverse safety.

In order to overcome technical challenges we intend to join the Last Slice Co so that we can contribute to the wider DCL creator community and utilise wider skills and expertise to build the best possible scene for Decentraland players and visitors.


DabPlay: (Team of 4) - Scene building, P2E concepts and community engagement
MetaDuckiesNFT: - NFT creation, NFT utility and P2E integration
Cyclopa: Technical advice and guidance

Outsource: CodEX - We will personally fund development of coding for the P2E element.

Roadmap and milestones

If successful:

  • Month 1: Finalisation of our scene concept and begin design phase and scaling to bring the build to life.
  • Month 2 and 3 will see the video boards and help tools deployed whilst we work on the teleportation pads and continue producing DCL content for the community.
    Once deployed and with an active scene we will be working on the P2E element of a game and integration with MetaDuckiesNFT’s creations for prizes and gameplay deployment in ALPHA testing.

BETA Testing will be set for a go live in early 2023.

These milestones are set to be achievable and realistic as we are a small team and still learning as we go.

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Interesting, I feel the use of the $3,000 USD in MANA should be specified in the proposal.

  1. Has LAND already been acquired, are funds to be able to purchase one, or

  2. Are funds planned to be used as payment for LastSliceCo help.

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We have always taken the stance of helping out others but now we need the help of the DCL community so that we can purchase a LAND parcel.

Copied from above.

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Thanks for your comment, so we own 140, 30 - the $3,000 is to be used to develop the scene and build the P2E element which we lack the skills to do. This potentially could be sourced through Last Slice but there are many outsourcing options available to us.

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Thanks please see the response above. Ultimately we know how to build but lack coding ability and the contacts to source the skills as a favour.

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Thank you for clarifying the concerns on LAND. LastSliceCo build amazing scenes, I’ll vote yes.

Just now hearing of your group, apologies I’m behind! But took a look at the Youtube videos, and I like what y’all are doing. I am voting YES, because I think more groups should have access to DAO funds to promote projects like this, that are actively trying to increase DAU and to help educate!

Also, there are many talented ppl in DCL to help build scenes/3D model, so if you ever need any recommendations hit me up anytime.

Thanks for the support, we are excited to build something for the community to enjoy.

Yes, I see that you purchased land about 13 hours ago.

In the beginning of the post, it was made clear that you were intending to use the funds to purchase a parcel, now it seems that it is to help offset the cost recently incurred 13 hours ago.

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Hi thanks for the comment, yes. The initial plan was to purchase a LAND parcel with the DAO grant though a few members of the community advised us against this. The understanding is that we know we will need to pay for skills to help us build the P2E element of the game so instead, I took a personal loan from the bank yesterday to enable the purchase of a Parcel, thus demonstrating commitment to DCL.

If successful the DAO will be used as mentioned later in the application to source the skills and support we need to build the P2E functionality for a game that rewards players with NFTs.

The loan that I took gave me enough MANA left over to begin working on a wearable which will be an additional prize for playing the game.

So in essence we WERE going to buy the parcel and fund the acquisition of technical skills ourselves as the scene grows, instead we have personally financed the LAND so the DAO will help with the building mechanics and skills acquisition which will be outsourced.

Thanks for the question - I hope I’ve cleared up how the circumstances have changed.

I think perhaps my appeal to the VP whales is that we have been around since October last year helping people. The channel we run have taken hundreds of hours to make content, collaborations and seek to promote Decentraland in a positive way.

I completely appreciate the community’s scepticism of our DAO proposal (in fact I welcome it) because there are people out there trying to make a quick buck or cut and run, though I’d like to think the channel, our previous commitments and endorsement from well known members of the community say otherwise.

DabPlay posted a road map way back in November which included sourcing LAND (so you can believe this isn’t some flash in the fan idea) and providing an area of community this is now becoming a reality through my personal purchase irrespective of this DAO outcome. If the DAO fails so be it, we will still be building an experience for players. If it passes then that experience will be $3k better with lots of benefits such as a game and real “to do” element.

So I genuinely do welcome challenge and hope I can persuade others to vote for us as we are a long way off reaching the goal, which is a shame.

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Just checked this out and seems legit. Also $3k is such a small ask. Hoping this passes

Definitely legit, and thanks for the comment you’re totally correct in our eyes. :slight_smile:

We have been developing the LAND we purchased with our current skills. There is so much more that we want to do with adding a floor to the build for the P2E element.

CHECK OUR TWITTER for more info and screen shots. @DabPlay

The P2E game is going to link to MetaDuckies NFT holders and utilise smart contracts to verify ownership and permit play. There is the opportunity to get an NFT without making any payment by taking part in one of DabPlay / MetaDuckies NFT giveaways.

We just need this DAO to pass in order to acquire help with coding skills to make the game take flight.

Should the DAO fail then the plan is to work on the scene and publish it towards the end of July then we will give it a month and submit another proposal to calm anyone in the community who believe this is either a scam or means to acquire funding to offset the LAND purchase. (I took a personal loan to buy the parcel which I’m stuck with for 2 years, if that’s not commitment and drive to make the scene succeed I don’t know what is :slight_smile: )

DabPlay and MetaDuckies - community and P2E area

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 100% 144,215 VP (29 votes)
  • No 0% 0 VP (0 votes)