[dao:4865019] metaverse fashion summit 2024

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Should the following $118,000 grant in the In-World Content category be approved?


Feb 2024, the METAVERSE FASHION SUMMIT will bring together in DECNTRALAND 50, 000 guests from 50 countries.
We host 100 keynotes, panels, presentations, and other events with the strongest leaders in the industry to share the latest updates about the use of AI, crypto, and web3 in Metaverse Fashion.
METAVERSE FASHION COUNCIL (https://metaversefashioncouncil.org/) is the world’s largest metaverse fashion community: more than 26,000 members just on Linkedin (METAVERSE FASHION COUNCIL | LinkedIn): senior position - 6,857 (26.3%), director - 2,980 (11.4%), owner- 1,682 (6.4%). Additionally, we can boast over 300 businesses, brands, agencies, and venture capitalists at the business level.

Grant size

118,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

6 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



We bring mass adoption and prestige to Decentraland by exploring the most relevant AI, crypto and metaverse topics and practices, led by industry leaders from brands and companies like LVMH, Gucci, Armani, Prada, Pinki, Diesel, Apple, Google, OpenAI, Microsoft etc.
General metrics:
We host the event in the Fashion and University districts.
To implement the project we are inviting DCL-experienced projects like DappCraft and Instaverse.
3 days of 100 keynote speakers and panelists, fashion presentations, demo day, fashion AI hackathon, Style A.I.’s got talent contest.
100 000 proof-of-attendance tokens to be delivered to returning users at DCL.
60 hours time on scene.
Metaverse & A.I. Fashion 100 - Top10 Achievements across 10 Inspiring Categories
Inaugural meeting of the 100 international ambassadors of the MFC
3 Days of Keynotes and Panels: Featuring 100 renowned speakers at unique locations. Attendees have the opportunity to participate in lectures and receive special proof-of-attendance tokens (SBTs).
3 Days of Fashion Presentations and Parties: Attendees can join fashion presentations and parties and receive special proof-of-attendance tokens .
A lottery will select winners from owners of the highest quantities of MFS proof-of-attendence tokens.
Style A.I.'s Got Talent Contest: Participants can showcase their fashion sense and complete four fashion tasks with the assistance of A.I. Winners will receive prizes. The contest includes a semi-final on days 1-2, the final on day 3, and prizes for the champions.
Demo Day and Fashion Hackathon for Fashion Startups: Fashion startups have the opportunity to pitch their projects to venture capitalists at a dedicated location. In previous conferences by the MFC a lot of renown VCs like Samsung Next, Outlier Ventures, Animoca Brands, and Microsoft’s M12 took part and we are sure that these and other members of MFC will be more than happy to participate.
Day 3: The first inaugural meeting of business Ambassadors of 100 Different Cities: City ambassadors gather to present metaverse fashion communities in their respective cities and set up booths at Decentraland. Each Ambassador should invite at least 1000 of community members.
Day 3: Metaverse & A.I. Fashion 100: Recognizing the top 10 achievements across 10 inspiring categories.
Metaverse Fashion 2024: the coolest pieces of the year selected by experts and community
Attendees and participants will be rewarded with Proof-of-Attendance Tokens, and the launch event will become a recurring fixture.
Metaverse & A.I. Fashion 100 - Top10 Achievements across 10 Inspiring Categories:
Top10 metaverse fashion BRANDS
Top10 metaverse FASHION PROJECTS
Top10 most interesting STARTUPS
Top10 VCs
Top10 most fascinating and significant EVENTS
Top10 WEB3 and AI marketing/public relations/consultancy AGENCIES
Top10 Experience PLATFORMS
Top10 NON-PROFIT projects
Top10 designers

Roadmap and milestones

Already done - concept and planning based upon the experience of previous Metaverse Fashion Summit (where we hosted 25 000 attendees on 8 platforms)
October 2023 - creation of event program and list of partnerships. Open call for speakers and brands
November 2023 - the launch of the web-site
November 2023 - Style A.I.'s got talent jury invitations
December 2023 - the master plan and program are ready to develop.
January 2024 - List of headliners
January 2024 - The list of the Metaverse Fashion & A.I. 100 finalists
Febuary 2024 - 3 days non-stop event and post PR
March-April 2024 - delivery of the proof-of attendance tokens at DCL

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Is this related to anything that the foundation usually does for mvfw?

Thank you for taking the time to submit your proposal.

Do you have any proof of concept to show what you and your team are capable of? I’ve looked at your website, I see a lot of blog posts and many team members, but I’d like to see more examples of what we can expect. Having a large team does not equal successfully executing a project of this size.

I also see numerous spelling and grammatical errors in your proposal, which I believe is our first snapshot of “who” you are. Finally, while not everyone uses Twitter for social media, I would prefer to see a grant of this size go (again) to an organization who can already show what they are capable of.

Say no to 30K marketing budgets. Say yes to building our platform so it can actually sustain all the new users these grants claim to bring. Users will come, if we build something spectacular. No more inflated budgets for short-term events.


Thank you for your question!

We are not working with Metaverse Fashion Week but we are actively communicating with them.
We believe that we able to implement our project in more succesfull way and bring more people to the DCL community.


Thank you for your comment.

We have a truly international team consisting of members from Ukraine to Japan and for some of us English is not the first language:)
However, we are truly believe that our LARGE diversified community is a base of successful implementation of our project to attract more people to DCL.
Regarding SNS, we are aware of our small presence on Twitter and following your advice , we will growing there as well. Meanwhile we have been focusing on LinkedIn as it has higher visibility of professionals who are currently not involved but might be interested in Metaverse.


Thank you for your opinion!

Our goal is to attract absolutely new users who might not be aware of DCL (i.e. not involved in platform building). Our proposed event will show them how fun and exciting Metaverse can be, so they will stay on the platform and continue growing it.

Im not saying Yes or No at the moment, but do we know if the Foundation is even doing MVFW24 or will they be doing that like they are the MVMF23? This may not be the first grant proposal we see for this if the Foundation does not fund and run it like before. They are weening us off the bottle. Something to consider.


This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 1% 98,974 VP (53 votes)
  • No 90% 14,056,172 VP (71 votes)
  • Abstain 9% 1,449,996 VP (7 votes)