[DAO:4235511] Vroomway Continuation - Race and Earn

by 0x56469159d91eb810dce34dd13ec4ed8194bca7be (NikkiFuego)

Should the following Tier 6: up to $240,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Gaming category be approved?


Vroomway is a racing game where players race and collect resources to craft their dual utility NFT. Our NFTs double as Skins and Vehicles. Players can race, craft, and upgrade completely free. We have a 4x4 estate that houses 6 different interactive instanced scenes. That’s a total 1,536 square meters packed with unique experiences.

Vroomway’s mission is to provide a safe haven for vehicle lovers and racers of all kinds. We aim to provide a dynamic variety of experiences for both solo play and cooperative play. Start your laps today and earn your very own Metaverse Vehicle!

Game Trailer:

Play Link:

Grant size

240,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



Vroomway tells the story of a future where machines and human consciousness are one. A world created by machines for everyone to enjoy. Vroomway is the space station that bridges worlds all over the galaxy to Planeta Volo. This means the Planet of Speed in Latin. Vroomway provides the bridge to the future of what is possible. To inspire hope and encourage everyone to live in the moment and enjoy all the fun experiences life has to offer.

Vroomway is managed by a core team of 3 with our lead developer handling the infrastructure and back end. We have a community manager that is in charge of engaging our community on discord and in-game. Our community manager also helps onboard new players and provide community events to keep the core engaged. Our marketing person handles the social media accounts, partner relationships, and ideates/executes our marketing strategies. Our Project Manager manages and executes our business direction and project vision. They lead the game development process and 3D artwork development.

Vroomway has seen a gradual increase in our analytics since launching our Grand Opening on October 1st, 2022. Currently, we are seeing an average of 50 daily active users. Some days we peak at 150 while other days we valley at 43. On a monthly basis, we are seeing over 3700 sessions from our players. We expect to triple our Daily Active users over the next 3 months by fully utilizing our Social Friday experiences, consistent game releases, and upcoming partner collabs. We plan to release a brand new Fuego Circuits track every month, and brand new vehicles and attributes often.

Milestones Achieved:

  • Revenue has been generated each month from in-game purchases, wearable royalties, and build commissions. We have given 5% of those revenues back to the DAO total of $152.40 USDC over 3 months.
  • NFT floor prices rising as high as 750% on some vehicles.
  • Players have already earned 224 mana from crafting 7 of the 12 new skins/vehicles. The highest floor is currently 60 mana.
  • Twitter account nearing 600 followers.
  • Fully integrated 21 NFT-based vehicles with full functionality.
  • Two additional non-vehicle NFT-based wearables with full functionality.
  • Established a new sponsor: The Holy Ones to our 3 existing sponsors.
  • Created 3 Game Modes: Solo-Sprint, Demo Derby, and Fuego Circuits.
  • Created 5 different game tracks.
  • Integrated 9 different collectible resources and a robust crafting system.
  • Built an interactive club with Dance and Earn utility with live events and unique musical entertainment.
  • Held 3 different parties to celebrate the launch of each stage of the game with a DJ performance, and community giveaways - One for Alpha, Beta, and the launch.
    • Including performances by our own Nikki Fuego in Drag, bringing more Drag culture to Decentraland.
  • Created 3 unique tracks for DecentRally demo during the MVMF22. This was a partnership with the Foundation.
  • Organized 9 giveaways, of Beta wings, vehicles, and in-game rewards.
  • We started a 16-week tournament where we pick 1 winner with the fastest Solo-Sprint time and awarded 10 MANA. In our first week, we had 58 participants!


Database: 908

Daily Users: 50

Daily Sessions: 1,000+

Weekly Users: 350

Weekly Sessions: 7,000+

Monthly Users: 1,400

Monthly Session: 28,000

Vroomway Tutorial Featuring Roachkilla1746:


To get Vroomway to the next level we will need additional resources. We have an extremely unique setup with our instancing and require some outside skillsets to elevate parts of our infrastructure. Our integration with the Infinity Engine was a huge accomplishment and enhanced Vroomway’s original vision tenfold. We learned a lot with that integration and it has sparked even more innovation on how to develop this going forward. We would like to both upgrade and enhance the current game modes, but also release some community-suggested game modes that we believe will put Vroomway above par with previous racing games in the web3 industry. This new budget also allows the majority of our team to give more full-time attention to the project.

4.5 of our 6 months was building infrastructure. We have achieved nearly everything we set out to achieve and promised that we would. Our team has proven to be efficient with the tight budget and we believe we have produced a unique gaming experience within Decentraland. A few of our more dedicated racers have onboarded new players to our game as well as brand new players to Decentraland. We know that with more time we can scale these efforts!

We have generated revenue consistently over 4 months and have generated revenue this month (November) as well. The goal is, and always has been, to become fully self-sustaining so that we do not have to rely on future grants and can pay back the ones we do take. We believe we can achieve this with our 2023 goals.

Our game generated over 2,500 MANA sales in wearables (primary and secondary combined). In addition, our players purchased 452 MANA worth of FUEL in-game.

It’s worth noting that since the beginning of our first grant we vowed to pay 5% of our revenue generated each month back to the DAO until the grant is paid back. We are keeping that vow with this grant as well. We have already shown good faith in this with 4 consecutive months of giving 5% back totaling $155~. Although a small amount, it shows that we can create revenue and eventually pay back the grants in full.


  • Scale DAU to 150+ within the next few months and 3x-10x within the next year
  • Consistently generate revenue month-over-month
  • Secure more partnerships
  • More collabs with other games/experiences in DCL
  • Host some of the biggest races in the Metaverse
  • Improve in-game economy

Budget Breakdown:

Marketing: $35,000 - 12 months

Personnel: $108,000 - 12 months

Development: $92,000 - 12 months

Here you can view our full budget outline: VW Grant 2 - Budget Breakdown - Google Presentasjoner


Nikki Fuego - Founder, Project Manager, Lead 3D Artist:

Neocyber - Lead Developer:

DOCTORdripp - Community Manager:

ckbubbles - Marketing and PR:

Doki - Lead 3D Wearable Creator:

(Will hire) - Administrative Assistant

(Will hire) - Secondary Developer/Support

Roadmap and milestones

Road Map

December 2022 - February 2023 - $73,400
Phase 1 - Refactor & Upgrade:
We plan to refactor some of our earliest infrastructure for better scene performance. We will also refactor our Demo Derby Game Mode as this has been the most difficult hurdle we have faced. We will upgrade our other game modes and the gathering profession to provide variety in difficulty and experiences. Lastly, we will be integrating a custom KPI tracking system. Because our scene is so unique with instanced scenes, we require a custom setup to understand foot traffic and player interactions.

March 2023 - June 2023 - $78,050
Phase - New Game Modes and Player Ownership Value:

Players have heavily requested two new game modes that are Drag Racing and a new version of our Grand Prix that was held in April of 2022. Drag Racing would be a linear sprint utilizing the infinity engine. It would be a point a to point b sprint with gear-shifting mechanics integrated.

July 2023 - December 2023 - $83,750

Phase 3 - Player Economy and Ownership Value:
We believe that the players are the most important part of our game aside from the fun factor. With this in mind, we want to always provide value both in the economy and the time spent in-game. We would like to introduce new ways to earn via mini-games that add more value to the main game modes.

See our full road map here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1Y10DdZyQi8URbv-4GyI0gcBQ6\_8RGOanHxQkBi-iOpQ/edit?usp=sharing

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I like vroomvroom very much and I think they should continue to develop, regards


Vote: YES

The entire Vroomway team has maximized the return on their existing grant. The physical space appears vast and complex while only occupying a 16 parcel estate. The models, build, and wearables are beautiful and detailed. They have demonstrated a commitment to quality and to the community. Given a longer timeline and a larger staff I know they will maximize the return on this grant too.


easy Yes from me! iz gonna be epic.


@DOCTORdripp ty for reaching out and addressing concerns. Eager to see what Vroomway has on the way.


@GaryDCL vroom kisses always for you.

@AwedJob we appreciate you so much. We know our potential, and we’ve been working really hard with what we’ve had, and we know this expansion would take us to new heights literally.

@AaronLeupp thank you so much!

@Crypt_Sannin glad you were able to connect with DOC and get more context, and have your concerns addressed.

Same goes for ANYONE unsure or wanting to know more. Pls comment here on the forums, or DM any one of us on the team and we’ll gladly chat through any questions or or feedback. We love you all, and can’t wait to bring more Vroom to Decentraland!


i have been in this game since the beginning, i am one of the alpha testers. I love this game. the mariokart in the dcl. if this has no future, then I don’t know. the team is on high track and ready for anything to make Vroomway even better.

Thanks to the team for the great game.

my absolute yes


Absolutely YES!

I really enjoy this community.
You can see the love in all details and it’s one of the most creative games in DCL we have. Let’s make the game huge and have more fun together in the future.
Super nice and respectful communication and everybody is welcome.

Thanks to the whole Team. Amazing Job


The Vroomway Team’s successes over the last 6 months have proven them to be a valuable community space within DCL for its existing players. Additionally, Vroomway has been able to onboard new and consistent players of DCL, myself being one of them. 100% worth a yes vote. ^.^


Voting Yes!

Vroomway is a project that inspire me to keep building in Decentraland, the level of quality is unmatched, and I would very like to see how it develops and grow in the future.


Everyone that votes yes doesn’t know the worth of money! with 240,000$ I’ll develop you an entire metaverse from scratch.

The game is indeed a must have for DCL definetely worth alot of money but simply cant vote yes on a 240k grant.

I’m also not voting no just letting you guys know my opinion :man_shrugging:t2:


Thank you for your honest opinion InJesterr.

We’re choosing to build only in DCL and are excited to show what can be done with an expansion of team, budget, and dedicated time. Our budget has been projected by our 6 months experience with $60k, with intention to scale and goals of self-sustainability.

If the community does not see the value in this, we will reconsider. But this grant will fast-track the development of features our community has voiced that they’d like to see. We’ve already proven ourselves in this space. We have a strong team, backed by a strong community.

Thank you for reserving your vote, and I do appreciate your feedback.


Voted yes! The team has proven to be extremely dedicaded and commited to DCL. All members are very talented, hard working, ambitious and have been doing their best to improve this metaverse and bring more people in. It is indeed a great team that deserves support and trust.


@PabloTechno1 @WirrLife @emm we appreciate the love and races always. It’s been truly an honor to lose to y’all every time we race :sweat_smile: haha, but seriously the feedback and suggestions from y’all playing and testing the game have helped us be a better game, and we thank y’all very much! See you on the track soon!

@Eibriel we’re floored by this comment, it’s because of games like GolfCraft that have built before us, that we are inspired to also build. The admiration is shared!

@InJesterr the honesty is always appreciated. We will take every view point into consideration, thanks!

@Miguel_Amargo we do seek to improve the metaverse and share as much car and race culture in Decentraland as we can. Your trust in us means a lot.


I don’t get to play much but I have hung out there before and it was much fun. I wish I could play more. I see how active you are and how you started this project from the ground up. I agree that 240K is pretty steep but the community seems to be ok with it and the team has put a lot into DCL. Good luck guys.


Hey man you guys did a great job anyway so you definetely earn a grant hope the best for you :heart:


:heart: thank you for your gentle reply


As one of the alpha testers i can say Vroomway has successfully gone above and beyond expectations. The team represents charismatic members who are always willing to help new and active users enjoy the best experience. They have expressed great commitment by listening/acting upon the communities feedback and concerns. The amount of detail put into the build, models and wearables are outstanding. I believe it would be in the best interest of any user to vote yes as they continue to VROOM in their own creative lane in DCL.


Id support this but I want it noted some these names are repeated on multiple proposals for various teams. Id like to see other creators given extensions and opportunities for collab then the same names repeatedly. There is more then 4 or 5 creators and community leads in the decentraland ecosphere. Ps sick video.



Voting yes 69 times!

I don’t get the time to play in Vroomway as often as I’d like but big supporter of Nikki and her team and I love what I see. YOU GO GORL, GET THOSE BRICKS