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by 0x4317036d2cb249e3e4b847164674b7d27c33442b (NikkiFuego)

Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Gaming category be approved?


With the recent desire for vehicles in DCL, we see the need for a new type of game experience. We want to create a vehicle safe haven called Vroomway. Players will play racing-style game experiences to gather resources, craft parts, and redeem wearables with those parts. Each wearable will be a Skin and when equipped on Vroomway land will transform their avatar into the corresponding vehicle model. Players will have both PVE and PVP-style experiences.

Grant size

60,000 USD

Beneficiary address



Like we mentioned above, there is a strong desire for vehicles in DCL. Not only a desire for them, but a use case for them as well. Vroomway will provide not only a place for vehicles to live, but also a place for vehicle lovers to commune. We believe our social corner will be a safe place for people to hang out, party, and learn. Players can receive EXP points purely by dancing on the dance floor while their vehicle re-charges. Creating a theoretically endless experience.

Players will have the opportunity to not only redeem the skins/vehicles, but they will also be able to upgrade their vehicles from level 1 to level 3. Each higher-level yields higher attributes. Mythic and Unique vehicles will be automatically set to level 3 for their rarity.

The first release in the game will be the Parking Garage. Players must spend FUEL to race. Players get an x amount of fuel every 24 hours and also can receive it as a reward/drop. Players can also get fuel cost reduction from temporary perks purchased in the shop or from crafting certain vehicles! The parking garage will be pretty straightforward, to begin with. Phase 1 will have several floors with various types of obstacles. Every lap there will be 3 randomly spawned cargo crates that if they run over they can collect. These cargo crates contain a randomized assortment of resources/materials. These cargo containers can only be opened in the Junkyard. While also in the Junkyard, players can rummage through the scrap piles to gather additional resources/materials. Players will take these materials and resources to the crafting station where they can craft vehicle tokens to redeem at the shop. In addition to redeeming the skins/vehicles with the vehicle tokens, players can also buy more cargo crates as well as temporary game perks. You can read more about each section and the concept visuals HERE

The second release will be our Demo Derby. This will bring derby car-style gaming to the mix. Players will face off in a PVP instance consisting of 5-10 players all with derby cars. This will also introduce a line of Derby Car vehicles with perks pertaining to the Demo Derby experience. We plan to provide a range of different perks to suit different play styles.

The last addition will be the Fuego Speedway. The Speedway will consist of a PVP battle royal type of experience. Players will race around a giant 2x8 track with various obstacles. Players will have power-ups and power-downs that they can use on themselves or other players.

Nikki envisions Vroomway hosting never before seen tournaments with never before seen prizes. With the full deployment of the game, Vroomway will host competitive seasons every 2 months and the winner of each season will be rewarded with a 1:1 skin/vehicle. Nikki also sees a major opportunity for cross-promotion/collaboration with other play 2 earn games currently in DCL. With the introduction of seasons, we can also change the Parking Garage configuration each time to give players a new feel to the

Nikki Fuego has assembled a team that is both passionate about the project and passionate about the community it is being made for. Nikki alone has 12 years of experience in the digital business industry. Nikki herself is an avid gamer and heavily involved with the DCL community as both a player and a creator.


Budget: $60,000

Month 1 - Infrastructure Part A = $9,500

Month 2 - Infrastructure Part B = $9,400

Month 3 - Public Alpha = $9,600

Month 4 - Official Launch = $10,250

Month 5 - Demo Derby = $11,000

Month 6 - Fuego Speedway = $9,750

You can find the full budget breakdown HERE

We have a private land arrangement for both the private development and full deployment of Vroomway. You can see the blueprints HERE

We have a pretty robust redeemable and upgrading system planned for the vehicles. We plan to launch with 4 Mythic and 3 unique vehicles to exclusive holders. you can read more about HERE

There are also attributes attached to the vehicles that players can craft. The game will launch with 3 initial rarity types to claim - Rare, Epic, and Legendary - with plans in the future to release redeemable Mythic and Unique vehicles. Anyone who owns an original VroomVroom or VroomVroom Model O will be amongst the first to receive a bonus in-game. Players that currently possess any Mythic/Unique wearable published by Nikki Fuego, will receive a vehicle to match those wearables and their rarities. You can see the full list HERE

As the community grows we plan to expand and introduce even more experiences. We have a flying vehicle experience planned but will take a lot of development/support to achieve seamlessly.

We will have a fully public discord server where we will continuously update the community on the game progression. We will post weekly announcements providing important information to the public and the Vroomway community.


Nikki Fuego - Founder, Project Manager, Marketing, 3D Artist

QuantumxGear - Publicist

DoctorDripp - Community Manager

Neocyber - Lead Developer

Dogman - Secondary Developer

Doki - 3D Artist

Roadmap and milestones

Months 1 & 2 will be dedicated to creating the game infrastructure.

  • Player Metrics
  • Time system
  • Vehicle system
  • 3D Environment
  • Junkyard system
  • Crafting system
  • Shop system
  • Social Corner system
  • User Interface
  • Servers and API
  • Inventory system
  • Parking Garage system
  • Leaderboard system
  • 3D Artwork - skins/vehicles, garage, and other assets

Month 3 will be the alpha deployment of the game with the Parking Garage as the main attraction.

  • Grand Opening Event
  • Press releases & Marketing efforts
  • Community engagement
  • Receive feedback about optimizing the gameplay experience for the launch

Month 4 will an official launch with the deployment of the redeemable wearables.

  • Publish 3 skins as redeemable wearables with the deployment of matching vehicles
  • Begin development on Demo Derby
  • Upgrade Junkyard
  • Upgrade Social Corner
  • Upgrade Parking Garage height with additional land expansion
  • Start weekly community events

Month 5 will introduce the Demo Derby and its redeemable wearables.

  • Deploy Demo Derby
  • Publish 3 skins as redeemable wearables with the deployment of matching vehicles
  • Begin development on Fuego Speedway
  • 3D Artwork - Season 1 Winner
  • Develop a competitive season system

Finally, month 6 will launch the Fuego Speedway and effectively push the game into its final deployment.

  • Deploy Fuego Speedway
  • Deploy Competitive Season 1: Red
  • Start development of Party/Group system
  • Upgrade servers
  • Upgrade Parking Garage

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I hope you all like what we have put together for the vehicle community! Please reach out with any questions or concerns! Happy to answer!


I would vote for this if you asked for a smaller grant first and created a demo and then another grant to iterate on a proven success - asking for 60k out of the gate isn’t the best way IMO


While your opinion is valued and appreciated, it sounds like you are not aware that the creator of this proposal single-handedly launched a successful massive event which demonstrated her ability and skillset. Neocyber and Dogman are among some of the best SDK devs available and have worked on the on-boarding experience of major brands. Dogman was the lead developer of the recent Absolut build, among others.

If you think $60k is a large amount, you can rest assured that all finances are fully outlined HERE and that there is even a plan to repay the DAO over time, something that most all proposals neglect to include!

I hope that we can count on you to reconsider your vote, but otherwise, we will achieve our goals without your support. The idea is sound, every aspect has been calculated and is ready for production, and also - there are multiple major land owners who are ready to contribute massive plots.

Thanks again for your patricipation and consideration in this proposal.




thanks for your reply - it’s not necessarily the money i have an issue with and it’s also not meant to be a vote of no confidence in the project itself. i just think that creating a small working demo to see if the idea is even viable and there is a market for it, etc before asking for a grant is a better approach and that is based on my own experience with launching things. sometimes things just don’t fit and you can’t know that until you try on a small scale.

is there a reason to wait for DAO support before beginning development if you already have the support of so many others?



No I understand - your point was completely valid. The goal of my response was to share that the massive event WAS a use-case and it was a total success. 3 Unique items were won by attendees, who purchased wearables to participate in the 1 day event.

The reason a proposal was created in the first place was because of the high caliber SDK team that was opted for and the amount of planned work to be completed all within 6 months. The talent must be paid! Otherwise we just have another massive Parkour race event like the one that was already launched. What you’re suggesting is that Nikki find an entry level dev to create a basic leaderboard system which is a reductionistic approach to how big this idea has and the massive potential. Many impressionable members of the community have given support in asking for a grant and I’m sure we’ll see their support in the votes soon. I would really like to share who is onboard with providing land, but I don’t think I’m allowed to. I’ll just say that every single one of us are there every day.

Personally, I would be agreeing with you that $60k is a lot, as I’ve said this exact thing about other projects. Those other projects did not have a proposal as clearly outlined with a full plan, tactful team, and a success case to prove their potential. I do truly believe in this one. After taking a good look at the details in that link and having attended the initial Vroom event, it’s hard not to.


I imagine he’s saying there should be a base game as an example to prove that it’s even possible in the first place. If you don’t invest in your own project and believe in it yourself why would anyone else? Should also provide a clear list of the expenses like Day-to-Day Ops, Game Maintenance, Community Engagement etc. Checking the list feels like a lot of repeating expenses and a few that are unnecessary.


Thank you for the good suggestions.

The part about investing in our own project is a bit off-base, though. We’ve dedicated time into producing game-ready assets and detailed mechanics. We’ve spent time acquiring a talented team and the support of major players in our community.

Thanks again for your response and input.


These are genuine questions that would help me decide if i want to vote on the proposal… Cant respond to the question because i really dont know how many hours…


Hey there! @dax thanks for your input. There was a base game deployed, however, I could only afford to deploy it for 24 hours. In that time we collected a ton of data and feedback. This has also been something that has been being worked on for several months now. We wanted to make sure we understood DCL’s restrictions when it came to SDK and what is possible in games. I myself spent dozens of hours researching, talking to other P2E developers, and finding out what is and is not possible. Everything we are developing already exists in some capacity or function in DCL. So we know the core mechanics will work, just developing them in our way that takes time.

@Yannakis I answered these questions in private with you and I would love to answer them here as well.
Day-to-Day operations, just like any entity, requires day-to-day actions such as managing the daily communications, project deadlines, project development, milestone documenting, reporting, messaging, B2C (business to consumer) strategy executions, B2B (business to business) strategy executions, coordinating partnerships, coordinating and managing money/payments, contracts and legals, etc. This is budgeted for $1,500 for 80 hours (20 hours a week) which comes to a rate of $12.50 an hour. Typically in real life I charge $50 an hour for these services. That is a sacrafice I’m making because I believe in this. There will be countless hours above and beyond that in which will be “donated hours” because I will be involved 100%. Game Maintenance would be 10 hours a month at $100 an hour to maintain server stability, bug fixes, resets, etc. Over time this cost will decrease as we develop the game. Community Engagement is pretty self-explanatory. Getting people excited about a game is one thing, keeping them engaged and recruiting more is a whole other thing. This ensures that we are actively recruiting within DCL’s community while our marketing efforts recruit outside of DCL’s community. We see this as a strategy to combine efforts and get as many people playing the game as possible.

If we have extra money in any area, it’s going straight to making the game better. There isn’t really a “cap” on how much you can spend on development. More money means more time and better code. I don’t see there being an issue either with having a little cushion for things that can and will go wrong. Nothing works perfect the first time so having allowance for issues is a must.

As far as “if you don’t invest in yourself how can others”, I don’t see how you could think that is true with us. You know me and know how much work has gone into the VroomVroom brand/project. Without the last 4 months of building that community, this grant wouldn’t even be a thing.

I’m here to stay in Decentraland. Grant or not. I’ve made it pretty clear that I have found my tribe and have never been happier. This Vroomway game is a way to give back to the community that has changed my life and also provide more things to do in this new home I’ve found. There are so many opportunities but not a lot of people are willing to put in the work. I am willing. Give me a shot. Brick by brick there isn’t anything we as a community can’t achieve!

Let me know if you need more clarification. Appreciate the discussion either way.


I vote yes Yes YES

Great job taking the opportunity to capitalize and allow others to get involved in the space. P2E <3

This is amazing I am on board.

well thought out… I want to be apart of this LFG…

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Beyond hype for Vroomway to launch in Decentraland! The last vw event was so much fun and really brought the community out! I think many of the questions posed by @Yannakis and @dax are valid. It’s good questions to have had been addressed. Transparency when asking for a grant of this nature is important and I think Nikki has done a great job to that affect with this proposal. LET’S GO VROOMWAY!

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Love this idea! Hope it creates more stickiness in DCL as a whole.

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i have updated the expenses page to give more clarification @dax @Yannakis

Solid proposal! You have my vote. Good luck!


I just wanted to share some photos that some may not have seen by clicking the links in the original post. Here are the different types of vehicles that we will be integrating. The rarity color correlates with wearable rarities. Speed Boots will be Rare, Hover Bikes will be Epic, Hover Crafts will be Legendary, Space Crafts will be Mythic, and Interdimensional will be Unique. We have plans to partner with other Play 2 Earn games currently in DCL to make dual utility vehicles. Holders will get perks in both games too :smiley:


Look the foundation boys trying hold you back like they do everyone same as always. Lmfao


Some WIP footage for you guys! :smiley:


I NEED Those SPEED BOOTS! :two_hearts:Once upon a time I got to play Roller Derby & LOVED IT… so I have a tendency towards all things Roller Skatish. Unfortunately, Myasthenia Gravis (MG) has ended most physical fun for me. Alas, Decentraland (& VR) gives me the rush of running, playing, skating, jumping, dancing, etc… & that helps me cope :two_hearts: Inquiry on Policy Procedure on Voting:question: I want to recast my Vote with the extra VP I got now (had less when I first cast my VP) Anyone point me to the rules/procedure of making that happen? :two_hearts:

Great stuff… You guys have done a good job at representing what you would like to get done here and the team is trustworthy as they have delivered great experiences on previous occasions. I hope this happens!