[DAO:c0210e5] Add the location -103,-144 to the Points of Interest

by 0x6d5e5ba88861df8dba0eb53ebad1ba89eb4b238b (ckbubbles)


Should the scene located at -103,-144 be added to the Point of Interest list?


VROOMWAY® is a P2E game in Decentraland, where you can race and battle against your friends — as you collect materials, forge vehicles, and craft upgrades in the Metaverse. An inclusive space for all car lovers to connect and find community!

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This place is amazing and looks so polished! I don’t even own a vehicle and had some fun collecting items to craft! The UI is quick and responsive as it should be.


YES. This is exactly the kind of thing that should have a bright flashing arrow for new people coming to DCL


Bullish on Vroomway!!! LFG


Thank you @Vaporizador, @jar0d, @SinfulMeatStick we appreciate our racers so much! It may have only been 5 months, but we have much more coming down the track soon!


voting YES on this since has been an epic spot !


Absolutely this should be a point of interest, one of the most unique P2E’s in decentraland right now and have a tight nit community. It’s got my vote!.

Thank you @AaronLeupp + @LiMZ we appreciate your kind words, and see you in world racing very soon!

But honestly, we so appreciate ALL the votes thus far, and hope to continue to bring more amazing experience’s and content to DCL!

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I love this driving game; the tunnels and fast pace keep my brain active and frustrate me at the same time. It just reminds me that I suck as a computer driver! The events have been fun and well marketed, and I look forward to what is next with this team. 100% yes!!

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Yes everyday! I enjoy this game has an awesome team and very focused!
besides that it has been active with daily regular players.

@DedHeadJ + @Skazi TY for you votes, really thankful for all the racers who love the game!

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100% yes, really fun racing game, awesome job with the infinity engine implementation! Love that the movement actually feels like you’re driving and drifting around the corners, pushing the limits of DCL!

Thank you @szjanko, we really appreciate the compliments!

Inspiration to all!:pray:t6:

Add the location -103,-144 to the Points of Interest

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 99% 3,668,843 VP (91 votes)
  • No 1% 6 VP (2 votes)

Add the location -103,-144 to the Points of Interest

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