[DAO:43e9010] The Metaverse Motorshow Race Track 2024

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Should the following $80,000 grant in the In-World Content category be approved?


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Vegas City and Voxel Architects recently announced the Metaverse Motorshow.
Here is some press about it.

Our plan will make a permanent impact on Decentraland as we are proposing an open source reusable car racing/driving system for the community to use in future projects. The game code, the cars and the Race Track environment will be open source.

The launch of the Racetrack will mark the first chapter of the Metaverse Motor Show.

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Click to see a test car scene built in SDK7 showing how cars can look in Decentraland.

Grant size

80,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

4 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



We are developing a modular game and racetrack system that will allow new racetrack based car games to be more easily created and will be highly optimised for the game engine to allow various techniques to be used to get the best performance for driving in Decentraland.

The modular racetrack setup will facilitate advanced racetrack designs such as ramps/inclines and different ground contours such as banked bends as well as other aspects that affect car behaviours.

This a project that contains numerous benefits and opportunities:

  • Enhances the profile of Decentraland, by showcasing what is possible using SDK7.

  • Supports and grows the Community by creating a game with wide appeal that will attract new users to join the community.

  • Supports Community Developers, who will be able to use what we create as a jumping off point for new driving games and experiences.

  • Provides a more sophisticated motor/driving gamification. We will open source all of the driving game libraries that we are developing for this game so they can be used by less experienced game developers to create similar experiences after the Metaverse Motorshow.

  • A competitive game that will not only engage users during the Metaverse Motorshow, but will remain playable afterwards.

The racetrack and the games on it will be the centrepiece of February’s event. Players will be able to pick from different cars and race them on the racetrack. Each of the car brands, be it web3 or web2 will get their own custom pit stop with some of their latest models displayed.


  1. Base set of modular racetrack parts/tiles and associated Blender Scripts required for Export
  2. 3D asset pack (e.g. ready to use tiles)
  3. Racetrack area formed using 3d assets and additional environmental assets.
  4. Several open source car models
  5. Open source library with complex car mechanics with working examples
  6. Fully featured example game.

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Roadmap and milestones

Tasks Month 1 / November Month 2 / December Month 3 / January Month 4 / February
3D modelling
Racetrack Concept Design Design Design
Base Racetrack Components Design / Prod
Ready to use Racetrack Assets Prod Prod Impl + QA
Cars 3D Modelling & Animation Design Prod Prod Impl + QA
Track and Environment Prod Impl + QA
Documentation Prod Prod Prod Delivery
NPM Package Design & Impl Impl Impl + QA QA / Launch
Car movement and control. Design & Impl Impl Impl + QA QA / Launch
Racetrack Impl Impl + QA QA / Launch
Game Loop Design Impl Impl + QA QA / Launch
UI / UX Design Impl + QA QA / Launch

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Is the scene in video deployed somewhere? If not, could you please deploy it and add a link here?

yes would like to see PoC for the scene in the video thanks!

@dogman @Shiny for sure.
We have a experimental track scene, its not exactly the same version as you can see in the video which was focused on car entry and interior. We are currently prototyping 3rd person view of the car and experimenting with controlling the car. The current incarnation moves the steering wheel with your mouse with the keyboard just used for accelerate and brake.
I will get it published tomorrow to peertest, the moment its in Vegas City on a private catalyst and the track was deployed pretty randomly in terms of location so need to check that we are ok pushing to peertest in it’s current coords or whether we deploy it somewhere else.

Will post the link on this thread once it is accessible…


(In what we publish tomorrow you still get to click on the McClaren and see the door open, it’s just that it then puts you in the view you see in this screen grab)

Could we get a video to understand the mechanics a little better? If the ‘driving’ feels good this could be a great system for DCL to implement at the client level across the world.

Any consideration for interop specs on the models? I know OMI is working on a vehicle spec and it would be great if these assets could be implemented into any scene w/ module for testing and expanding DCLs technology for cars along the right interop pathways. ([DAO:c7d1bf9] Should DCL work with and adopt OMI standards for Vehicles & Seats?)

hey @Morph we are spiking a whole variety of approaches to shape the way forwards.

I will post a public demo link as per my previous comments asap. But it’s a bleeding edge version and as we experiment we introduce glitches etc that we don’t want to expose people to.

But the signs are promising for example, here is a test we were doing a couple of weeks ago to investigate ramps/inclines.

External Image

I am really up for OMI standards adoption where possible and at very least staying tethered somehow to the vehicle spec as it evolves. At the really basic level making sure the models are broken up in a similar way makes a tonne of sense. I haven’t been able to find much information on this on their site or in the Github - but will continue to investigate.

Will post more videos asap and once there is a demo link that I am able to share I will do.
Finding the optimum way to handle driving in DCL is definitely something I’d love to see evolve into the client and we are here for the long term to participate in that to what ever extent we can.

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This is already more of a proof of concept than I see in 99% of grants - voting yes. Good luck and looking forward to seeing how it goes!

Hope car models will be optimized and won’t eat all FPS on users PC

Hey @theankou, our core team is from the automotive industry and we’ve created just about anything from high poly production ready cars to game ready cars. Cryptomotors, our Web3 project is mainly focused in bringing digital cars in as many virtual worlds as possible, from millions of polygons of NURBS data to just a couple thousand, Decentraland ready models. We’ve brought our cars to many different virtual worlds so far, like Decentraland, Voxels, Somnium Space, Revv Racing, Sandbox and even created our own game. We are really confident that the car models that we will create will strike a balance between detail and performance for the smoothest experience. I am attaching here some pictures for reference. Let´s take this car that I personally worked on for example:

Original model:


2.Revv Motorsports

3.Our own game

We will posts some progress pictures and videos once we get one of the first cars modeled for this project.

Thank you for answer @George_VA. Your car models is great and your team did a great job on creating them.

However, this cars (from DCL screenshot) seems very high detailed for Decentraland. Do you know that tris limitation is 10k per parcel? As it seems, one car from your screenshot have much more triangles than the whole parcel limit (maybe i’m wrong, but it looks like around 30-70k with all this bevels and smooth corners.). Imagine there is bunch of this cars, for example - 10 on 3-4 parcels, this is a huge amount of triangles, especially on Web DCL, players will have less than 30FPS (Ohh this flashbacks from MAB…). (However, FYI - on DCL Desktop FPS will be stable and smooth)

I know that many scenes dont follow guidelines, but i hope, in worst way, there will be annotation with recommendation to play on PC will be added somewhere.

@theankou , totally agree, and I remember when we first started testing car models in DCL 2 years ago, so I totally get your concern with performance. But with a lot of testing, we found a good technique that worked well: all of the Decentraland car models that we created were between 5 and 10k polygons (depending if they had interior or not). We had a Cryptomotors dealership in the Crypto Valley where we had a couple of these cars, around 4 of them, and it was running smoothly on a Macbook Air Web client. We never went over the 10k limit poly count. I think this particular one sits at around 10k poly. The way we did it and the reason the car looks like this because we baked the high poly model texture on the low poly one.

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I would also like to add that in addition to Voxel Architects great skills and experience in modelling cars for different 3D engines, both teams have a lot of experience in optimising scenes for best performance in Decentraland. So for example, in terms of the game we can use lodding and culling techniques to make sure we get the best performance out of the game engine by only displaying things when they are needed and when we do, we display a level of detail needed. So cars in the distance can be a very low tri count, but ones very close to you will be at the appropriate level of detail to look good. If you are an interior view we don’t need a high level of detail on the exterior of the car you a driving, and if you are in 3rd person view, the interior is largely not needed.

Over the past few years we have evolved many optimisation techniques in DCL for performant big scenes like The Australian Open, LaLigaLand, The Flamingos and Jose Cuervo Metadistillery, so we will be able to use our experience with a priority of ensuring this works in both the browser client as well as the desktop, and to get the cars looking as best they possibly can in DCL. And to that end we can use the getPlatform() method to control which sets of assets are used in Desktop and which are used in Browser - so if necessary we can use lower poly models in the browser version to get a playable FPS.

Just curious as I was observing the conversation.

Could you provide a 5k poly ( without Interior) car image to showcase it here ? I would like to see what it looks like , specifically the curve details and mesh details . Thanks .

Anything above 5k poly is quite expensive in terms of resources . Also adding Interior texture seems unnecessary for a low poly game engine such as DCL.

Hey @SugarClub , sure thing. I am attaching here an image of a model with the mesh and 3D wheels. So the body itself is 4144 tris, model converted and downsized from the original NURBS model. The wheels in this particular model are what adds 4000 extra tris, but we can optimise that further by making the wheels as cylinders and texturing them, which will keep us under 6k tris.

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Thanks for sharing . I am always interested in 3D optimization while retaining high graphics!

Those models are pretty good , but can only work for large estates within the Dcl ecosystem. Because for just 1 to 3 or 4 parcels they use a lot of geo.

I originally voted no, but after reviewing the comments and community discussion & responses from the team, I am able to see the benefit for this attraction for future users, developers, and overall platform appeal.

I hope this becomes the F1 scene of the Metaverse and attracts the car gaming network.

Best of luck and I look forward to the updates on this as it progresses.

The Metaverse Motorshow Race Track 2024

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 44% 7,581,242 VP (113 votes)
  • No 37% 6,604,537 VP (23 votes)
  • Abstain 19% 3,464,411 VP (20 votes)

The Metaverse Motorshow Race Track 2024

This proposal has been ENACTED by a DAO Committee Member (0x88013d7ed946dd8292268a6ff69165a97a89a639)

Vesting Contract Addresses: 0x614f3ce9606455de690c58f85e5ca0d129eff75e

Today, we had our monthly meeting with Ersin Bactisa and Anna S. from Motorshow, and we reached an agreement on the final version of their Roadmap to make it public to the community. This version is slightly different from the original one presented in their proposal, but it’s designed to be easier to read and reflects better due dates for each development.

We also agreed to extend the vesting contract by one more month, adding flexibility to finish the game and accommodate the main event. Additionally, we decided to schedule a Testing Tuesday session at the end of January or in early February. We will confirm the details in our next monthly check-in.

Regarding metrics, I will request the numbers of commits to track progress, as well as metrics for the events once they occur. We also discussed the process of posting GovApp updates and updating their Public roadmap with evidence on each card before each monthly check-in with GSS. I will create a Discord channel for them and post the public roadmap.

Thanks for this meeting, happy to meet you and hope we can have a great process together. Best regards, FIFI