[DAO:4f67f13] Update #2 for proposal "The Metaverse Motorshow Race Track 2024"

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On the visual/creative side we have made good progress on the overall design/art style. We have progressed well with race track elements and also we have the set of 3 base cars in progress.
It has been a productive month with focus on the core production pipeline which involves special preparation of models so that the game engine can understand the racetrack, the environment and all the obstacles/hotspots.


We finished developing the design book which contains:

  • moodboard
  • final module types
  • racetrack circuit examples of different dimensions
  • environment assets
  • cars examples

On the 3D modelling of the ready to use racetrack assets we have modelled and textured a few variations and started to validate those by having the development team start using them for the various sample scenes.

We finished modelling cars exteriors and added door animations for 3 different car models. We changed the approach to creating the cars with the idea in mind that they should look like they belong in the collection of the same manufacturer. This is why they have similar aesthetics.

We have got position detection / collision working and a pipeline in place that allows the 3D modellers to define the objects in Blender. We have created a set of Python Scripts wrapped into a Blender plug in that then allows the objects and data to be exported for use in the game engine. The movement system now takes these exports into account with an example showing different code elements being fired according to what collision has occurred, or hotspot entered.

Car control is in progress with the following controls established:

  • AccelerationF
  • AccelerationB
  • Deceleration
  • MaxSpeed
  • MinSpeed
  • Steerspeed
  • Mass
  • Grip


We are not currently blocked by anything.

Next steps

Having established the main production pipeline, and validated the approach we are taking towards the core elements of the car, we will expand upon this with the scripting of more sophisticated environments and objects.

January will have a high proportion of focus on the reference game with us establishing practice mode, arcade mode and an approach towards accommodating teams.

In addition to the reference game, we will continue to add examples which correspond to the evolution of the NPM package, where each main feature has its own standalone example.

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Car models & modules:

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