[DAO:dcf1bf5] Update #2 for project "In World Builder - No Code Game Creator"

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Update Status: On Time
Project Health: :green_circle: On Track


Hello again! We are on track and making great progress with the In World Builder Game Creator toolset.


Our 3D team has continued creating Sci-fi themed assets in addition to new candy-themed fantasy assets. To date over 50 3D assets have been completed and all of our beautiful 3D assets are currently available to the public for use on our Github.

Our Game Creation team has continued working on how Actions, Triggers, and Counters will operate in our new IWB Game Creator. We have been working on how game modules and game templates

Our User Interface and User Experience team has been working with coding and game design to provide a robust UI and toolset while keeping the game creator as simple as possible for creators to build their own gamified experiences.

Our Coding team has been continuing the migration of both scene and server side infrastructure to the newer Data Orientation Model. They have also added custom fonts for UI text as well as custom UI Text & UI Image positioning. A new feature is the UI components can now handle scene data (States and Counters) to be displayed on the UI. The coding team also implemented a new β€œGrab” modifier with shortcuts to easily PRS an object in grab mode ( (Creators can press the shift key to switch between Position, Rotation, Scale and then press the β€œ2” or β€œ3” keys to quickly modify values up or down from just using their keyboard with the need to click with a mouse). The coding team started testing initial versions of starting games and keeping track of all game variables during gameplay. The coding team also started initial testings for multiplayer scoring and updates.

Our QA and Testing team has begun initial testing of our new In World Builder Game Creator toolset. The team put together a script testing document outlining our initial QA tests. This Test Script document will be updated as we progress through the project.


We do not have any known blockers at this time.

Next steps

Over the next month our 3D team will continue creating sci-fi and candy themed 3D and animated assets. 3D will also be optimizing the 3D colliders on existing assets for our builder. Our coding team will continue working on core backend services and core backend design. Our Game design and User Experience teams will continue working with our coding team to design the best functionality and flow of our new game creator features. QA will continue testing our new Game Creator toolset in addition to starting to test our new 3D assets.

Additional notes and links

We want to hear your feedback and ideas! Join our In World Builder discord channel in the DAO discord. How can we improve the In World Builder experience for the rest of the Decentraland community? Below is a direct link to join our dedicated In World Builder discord channel.

DAO Discord Channel

IWB Budget & Payouts

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IWB Game Creator 3D Assets.xlsx

In World Builder - Coding Github

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Game Creator MVP UI Elements

Game Creator QA Test Script

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