[DAO:350d6a4] Organizational Chart for Decentraland DAO [Draft]

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Organizational Chart for Decentraland DAO


Create an Organizational Chart for Decentraland DAO that clearly outlines all its Core Units - teams that provide core infrastructure and operations for the DAO; their roles, interdependencies, and responsibilities within the Decentraland DAO.


Creating an Organizational Chart for Decentraland DAO will foster transparency, accountability, and a better understanding of the DAO governance structure.


This proposal arises from the need for a clearer understanding of the Decentraland DAO’s structure.

An Organizational Chart will provide a transparent view of the DAO’s governance, allowing Community members to easily comprehend the roles and responsibilities of each DAO Core Unit. This will lead to more efficient collaboration, improved accountability, better communication, and the ability to identify and address potential governance gaps.

Organizational Chart will simplify and streamline DAO’s governance processes, making them more effective and transparent.


  1. Current and future Decentraland DAO Core Units should communicate between each other and provide the following elements for inclusion in the DAO Organizational Chart:
  • Core Units: The chart should identify the various Core Units and their members.

  • Roles and Responsibilities: Each DAO Core Unit should provide a comprehensive list of roles and responsibilities, detailing the key functions and activities undertaken by its members.

  • Reporting Structure: The chart should illustrate the reporting structure within each Core Unit, specifying the reporting hierarchy and key decision-makers.

  • Transparent Accountability: The chart should clearly indicate which Core Units are responsible for each section of the DAO, fostering accountability.

  1. DAO Organizational Chart should be added to the Decentraland DAO Documentation.


The development of a Decentraland DAO Organizational Chart is a step towards a more transparent, accountable, and effective DAO governance structure. This tool will not only benefit the current members and teams within the DAO but will also be instrumental for new members who wish to contribute to the Decentraland DAO’s mission and vision. By implementing this proposal, we can ensure a better understanding of our DAO’s structure, promote efficient collaboration, enhance accountability, and improve communication within the DAO.

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I want to vote on this proposal but can we add something about legal disclaimer stating that the listed names on Organizational Chart have no legal responsibility with Decentraland?
Listed names should not be liable with DCL’s regulatory scrutiny.
Just my opinion.

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Appreciate your feedback. We should indeed consult with legal experts on this matter.

They do have legal responsibilities. They have a vesting contract with the DAO.

My bad. I thought everyone from the DAO can be nominated to join the Organization Chart. Kindly disregard my first comment. I am just a noob.

Organizational Chart for Decentraland DAO [Draft]

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 98% 4,021,452 VP (82 votes)
  • No 1% 103 VP (3 votes)
  • Abstain 1% 552 VP (1 votes)