[DAO:273af2b] Organizational Chart for Decentraland DAO [Draft]

by 0x247e0896706bb09245549e476257a0a1129db418 (StrategicUnit)

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Organizational Chart for Decentraland DAO [Draft]


Create an Organizational Chart for Decentraland DAO that clearly outlines all its Core Units - teams that provide core infrastructure and operations for the DAO; their roles and responsibilities within the Decentraland DAO.


Creating an Organizational Chart for Decentraland DAO will foster transparency, accountability, and a better understanding of the governance structure.


This proposal arises from the need for a clearer understanding of the Decentraland DAO’s structure.

An Organizational Chart will provide a transparent view of the DAO’s governance, allowing Community members to easily comprehend the roles and responsibilities of each DAO Core Unit. This will lead to more efficient collaboration, improved accountability, better communication, and the ability to identify and address potential governance gaps.

Organizational Chart will simplify and streamline DAO’s governance processes, making them more effective and transparent.


  1. The DAO Organizational Chart should include:
  • Core Units: The chart should identify the various Core Units and their members.

  • Roles and Responsibilities: Each DAO Core Unit should contain a comprehensive list of roles and responsibilities, detailing the key functions and activities undertaken by its members.

  • Transparent Accountability: The chart should clearly indicate which Core Units are responsible for each section of the DAO, fostering accountability.

  1. DAO Organizational Chart should be added to the Decentraland DAO Documentation.


Best Case Scenario:

  • The chart clarifies and helps to understand DAO’s organizational structure bringing smoother onboarding.

  • The chart leads to better communication between Core Units and faster decision-making.

  • The chart helps to find potential governance gaps.

Worst Case Scenario:

  • Without timely updates, the chart might not reflect the current DAO structure, leading to misunderstanding.

  • If not clearly presented, certain aspects of the chart might be open to multiple interpretations, causing potential confusions or disagreements.

Implementation Pathways

  1. Strategic Unit will make the text and visualization of the Organizational Chart.

  2. The Governance Squad will publish the Organizational Chart in the Transparency section of the Decentraland website.

  3. The Strategic Unit will publish the Organizational Chart in the DOCS section of the Decentraland website.

  4. Governance Squad with Strategic Unit will update the Organizational Chart whenever there’s a new Core Unit or other changes in the DAO’s structure. Strategic Unit will provide a write-up which will be added to the chart.

Date of implementation and enforcement(enaction) of this proposal must not be later than 01.01.2024.


The development of a Decentraland DAO Organizational Chart is a step towards a more transparent, accountable, and effective governance structure. This tool will not only benefit the current members and teams within the DAO but will also be instrumental for new members who wish to contribute to the Decentraland DAO’s mission. By implementing this proposal, we can ensure a better understanding of our DAO’s structure, promote efficient collaboration, enhance accountability, and improve communication within the DAO.

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Hey Folks, it appears that the Governance Dapp has a bug.

Despite attempting to submit the proposal with the title “Organizational Chart for Decentraland DAO [GOV],” it posts as “Organizational Chart for Decentraland DAO [Draft].”

I’ve tried submitting it three times with the correct title, to no avail. I’ve also reported this issue to support. Nonetheless, I don’t believe this should deter Community members from participating in governance process and voting .

To clarify, this is the final stage - a GOVERNANCE PROPOSAL, NOT DRAFT. :white_check_mark:

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This proposal sets the guidelines for the creation and ongoing maintenance of the DAO Organizational Chart to ensure transparency and accountability.

It specifies what the chart should include and mandates responsibility, specifying the Core Units accountable for its upkeep. The proposal has already passed the Poll and Draft stages, underlining its Community support.

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Why do you need a proposal to do this? Anyone with the ability to read the grants that fund the squads should be able to accomplish this with out much assistance.

This seems like exactly what a strategic unit should be doing

The key aspect of this proposal is that it sets guidelines for the chart’s content and mandates accountability at the governance level, specifying which Core Units are responsible for its upkeep.

Without timely updates and responsible ones for that, the chart might not reflect the current DAO structure, leading to misunderstanding.

And as said before it’s worth noting that the prop has successfully passed both the poll and draft stages with huge Community support

I believe you can do it as cheaply as possible compared to others.



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Spamming messages to avoid critics appearing in the first 5 messages?
I’m with Jar0d there, why wasting time with this proposal when you can just do it?


Please take a look at the proposal. I will handle it, as stated in the implementation pathway. I’ve already begun, as this is my initiative that I’ve moved from the poll stage to the governance stage.

We need to identify the responsible Core Units and clarify what should be included at the governance level. Please review my comments above. By the way, you voted ‘yes’ in the first stage.:smiley:


I think we both know why :wink:

This doesn’t anwser the question of why a proposal instead of just doing it?
One day or work rather than having to wait 14 days and then having a day of work.

I am already doing it. As I said in several messages above - we need to identify the responsible Core Units and clarify what should be included at the governance level.

Btw, just so everyone knows, this is already basically done, and LordLike didn’t do any of it.
It was done couple months ago by the Facilitation team, mainly Fehz:

(And LordLike is fully aware of it)

No, you don’t need a 14 days proposal just to know what to include…
Just do it and include relevant stuff and see if the community has any feedback on missing info…

I have answered all your questions. You go back and fourth. I will stop engaging with you at this point, on this topic.

If you don’t like that there will be accountability of Core Units with responsible ones at governance level - vote NO.

If I am not mistaken this was done by Facilitation Squad after my poll proposal in DAO.

Which further show that this governance proposal is useless, you could just do it instead of doing a governance proposal…

No its not true.The current inaccuracies and missing information on Decentraland’s website about how the DAO works are problematic. This is primarily because no one has specific responsibility for maintaining this information. A well-maintained DAO organizational chart is essential for effective onboarding into the DAO. That’s why I’ve submitted this proposal: to mandate that Core Units at the governance level be responsible for keeping this information up to date.

This is quite a stretch of interpretation for this proposal. This proposal is to effectively create an infographic. If you want a farther reaching proposal to create an accountability squad tasked with monitoring core units and their responsibilities and holding them accountable, please be explicate about it in the text of the proposal.

The text in #4 should be more general, and point to the responsibility of a new core unit to submit a write up in the proper form to be added to the chart by the Governance Squad, Strategic Unit, or other relevant party.

This is another topic that does not apply to this proposal, this proposal is about Organizational Chart - the heart of DAOs ONBOARDING :smiley:

#4 says enough, nothing needs to be added.