[DAO:2b9ac42] Creating an Organizational Chart for Decentraland

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Creating an Organizational Chart for Decentraland

Decentraland is a decentralized virtual world where users can own, build, and monetize their own virtual reality experiences. As a decentralized platform, Decentraland is governed by a community of developers, designers, and investors who collaborate to build and enhance the platform. However, as the platform grows and evolves, it becomes increasingly important to establish more transparency and accountability to ensure that all stakeholders have a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the individuals and teams involved in its development.

The purpose of this proposal is to suggest that Decentraland create an organizational chart that outlines the various departments, roles, and responsibilities of the teams involved in its development. This will increase transparency and accountability, and provide a better understanding of the platform’s governance structure.

By creating an organizational chart, Decentraland can achieve the following benefits:

Improved Transparency: An organizational chart will provide a clear overview of the platform’s governance structure, making it easier for community members to understand who is responsible for what.

Enhanced Collaboration: A clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities of each team member will facilitate better collaboration between teams, leading to more efficient decision-making and smoother execution of projects.

Better Accountability: An organizational chart will make it easier to identify who is responsible for a particular task or decision, enabling better accountability across the organization.

Improved Communication: A clear overview of the platform’s governance structure will facilitate better communication between team members, as well as with the broader Decentraland community.

Proposal Details:
The proposed organizational chart for Decentraland should include the following elements:

Departments: The chart should outline the various departments involved in the development of Decentraland, such as product development, marketing, community management, etc.

Roles and Responsibilities: Each department should have a clear list of roles and responsibilities associated with it, outlining the key functions and activities performed by each team member.

Reporting Structure: The chart should outline the reporting structure within each department, highlighting who reports to whom and who is responsible for key decision-making.

Clear Ownership: The chart should clearly outline who owns each aspect of the platform’s development, ensuring that all stakeholders understand who is responsible for each area of the platform.

Creating an organizational chart for Decentraland is an important step in increasing transparency, enhancing collaboration, and improving accountability within the organization. By outlining the roles and responsibilities of each team member, Decentraland can ensure that all stakeholders have a clear understanding of the platform’s governance structure, leading to more efficient decision-making, smoother execution of projects, and better communication between team members and the broader community.

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The DAO, Foundation, or both?

Also, this feels like ChatGPT wrote 95% of it since it doesn’t really have any nuance that indicates the person who wrote it is remotely familiar with DCL.

Hey @jar0d, thank you for your feedback!

I would like to see a standard organizational where we can see the internal structure.

Yes, its 100% by ChatGPT because my native language is not english. I couldn’t have written it better.

This is a non-binding Poll where we can share our opinions and ideas.

Best regards

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I think this kind of documentation would be great and help reduce confusion and empower active community members to better direct new users asking questions.

I’m just trying to understand if you were thinking an Org chart for the DAO and all the committees or for the Foundation and their employees.

Any kind of documentation about who is responsible for what in either organization would be valuable.

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Both & together…to create a dynamic org chart with a nice visualization on the entire ecosystem

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I like the idea but I don’t like how corporate this feels. I do like the idea of knowing who’s who.

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Great idea… I’d like to see for both DAO and foundation.

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The Foundation doesn’t have to doxx their employees. The DAO has no power over the Foundation.
About the DAO, most names are public already.

I doxxing isn’t needed. There is no reason for there to not be an Org chart. This is a basic request that if they aren’t prepared to answer quickly and easily, then investors should keep that in mind when thinking about joining the project.

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Support this idea for DAO.

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What @jar0d said. It don’t have to be a doxxed version. I think it could help a lot of ppl to understand how this entire ecosystem operates. A nice dynamic & interactive visualization can’t hurt.

Is this for Foundation or for the DAO? It’s not clear, but they are two sep entities. Also I doubt Foundation would ever, they typically point us to LinkedIn to look for employees. I’m voting invalid bc its not clear for who this is for. If it’s for the DAO I would support it, if its for the Foundation that would be a lost cause IMO.

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I already answered this above. Thank you for your feedback

Creating an Organizational Chart for Decentraland

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

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