[DAO:22621a8] How can a Music NFT marketplace best function for Decentraland?

by 0xa77610fcb5288bc95849c64136df159dd3efe6ac (MetaArchs)

I’ve been pondering the idea of music NFTs that can be utilized in Decentraland.

Rather than keeping the idea bottled up - I’ve decided to quickly write this poll to generate some further thought and deep thinking about how this can function in a way that makes sense for the community of attendees, music producers, and DJs.

  1. My initial idea is that music nfts in dcl can be the equivalent of digital vinyl. Whereby owning the NFT gives you the right to play music in venues that have a smart item that is the equivalent of a DJ booth. This would allow DJs to only play music when making use of the aforementioned smart item and owning the corresponding NFT.


  • gated music at select venues
  • revenue for music producers who create music solely for Decentraland audiences
  • the first and only music nft with in-game utility
  • reminiscent of the days when DJs would carry vinyl to events


  • inability to mix tracks appropriately through a smart item
  • at the start very small pool of music NFTs to choose from
  • not a better option than streaming music from outside dcl into world
  1. Another idea could be to have music NFTs which are minted by users as a way to add songs to a smart item jukebox that can only be populated by music NFTs that a landowner owns or that a user has in their wallet.


  • simple setup and easily understandable
  • on-chain verifiability that a landowner/user owns certain music records, similar to wearables whereby your taste can be expressed by what you show off
  • can be left passively on your property to add an interaction for your visitors


  • can easily set up a jukebox with any music that is not an NFT
  1. A third idea could be a fan engagement/benefits type model whereby all music minted on the DCL marketplace comes with particular benefits that are decided upon by the artist and could be a way for fans to support up-and-coming artists before they are famous with in-world or IRL benefits.


  • Can be applied to famous artists to enhance the engagement of fans
  • Can be paired with in-world concerts and meetups to promote album sales as well as IRL events
  • A low-budget option allows anyone to get in early and benefit from an artist blowing up (might be free but limited supply could result in minted music becoming collectible down the line)


  • How to ensure promises are kept

I am extremely open to further deliberation and ideas.

There is no wrong or right questions, comments or suggestions.

I believe that the concept I am proposing is extremely unique and can potentially create another stream of income for the DAO which is currently unsustainable with its outflows of MANA$

In the poll choose your favourite idea. If you’re thinking of mix and matching the concepts, please leave your comments below. Please do get in touch if this idea resonates with you! I would love to brainstorm.

Best regards,
Luca Arrigo

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PS not looking to apply for a grant of any kind. I see this as something Decentraland could potentially release similar to the Emotes.

It is definitely interesting to have the music sold as nfts through the marketplace and solves some of the licensing issues. Anyone listing a song in the marketplace is doing so under specific terms of licensing for use in dcl and everything can track back to the nft to record plays and listener counts etc.

You should check in to see how far Beatblox got, they were looking to implement some aspects to this, specifically the jukebox listening area ideas and have multiple venue spaces for concerts. No use in starting over if we can make some use of what’s already built. BeatBlox: Decentraland's Music Platform (resubmission)

Mattimus brings up some good points, but I worry about the licensing and how this would affect the artists, I think this should possibly be something developed by artists in the community and then make it easily integratabtle for use in DCL.

Beatblox team is great, and have done great things with their district.

Amazing feedback. I’ll have to dive into the work done by BeatBlox as I’m sure there are some learnings there that will influence my thoughts.


I just went through the Discord thread for the beatblox grant.

Very cool music district but the marketplace is not connected to Decentraland in any way so in my opinion there is no in-game utility to the NFTs that are minted there. (Maybe I have an internal bias getting in the way?)

They probably encountered a number of problems with integrating their marketplace / NFTs to the decentraland ecosystem which is why I think there needs to be internal pressure to allow a new category of NFT to be minted on the DCL marketplace.

But before I jump the gun, I’m going to reach out to them and find out what challenges they might have faced in getting it going and if they have any further work going on, their grant ended a few months ago without the original concept of digital vinyls being achieved. (no blame there but if they faced challenges we should know what they are and DCL should work to make it happen in whatever way possible)

They did admit on discord that the marketplace has become secondary to the music district, academy and building as a service.

I quote

‘‘When we started this six months sprint NFTs were a thing, however as the market conditions got worse, we did a soft pivot from a Decentraland district + Marketplace mindset into a more metaverse focused project with the marketplace as a secondary product.’’

Given the importance of Music NFTs to the ecosystem, it would be sad to have the momentum stop here.

So clarify, if this proposal goes through my next steps are as follows:

  • reach out to beatblox to find out why the original concept of digital vinyl was dropped
  • help beatblox to achieve their originals goals or return back to the DAO with the challenges that prevented them from creating a music nft marketplace with in-game utility.

Music Aura NFTs similar to Wearables and Emotes. Plays your NFT music for the other player whenever you go close to them.

will be limited to short form music, but a good experiment imo and sounds cool :smiley:

How can a Music NFT marketplace best function for Decentraland ?

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

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