[DAO: QmWbJ21] Royalties for land owners

by 0xddd6a650f35e8c9d922cd56463133c6bf32ace51

After participating in several NFT programmes, I think paying a sort of royalties is key for they long term success. Even decentrland is far more than a regular NFT collection, I believe monthly royalties based on sales, even small amounts, would help to spread Decentraland.

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Thank you for submitting this proposal. I am interested to see where the discussion on this issue goes. As a small land-holder my initial feeling on it is of course, royalties and some sort of passive income from my land holdings would be great, and could definitely increase demand for ownership of land. It however also raises several important questions for me:

  1. Is not the owning of land, and its appreciation of value over time, and how we make use of it while we own it the main way we should get a return on investment on our land? Very much like real estate IRL. The value in IRL real estate investment is in the fact that you are putting money toward an asset that is appreciating in value, and you have more or less free use of that land while you own it.

  2. Where will these royalties for land owners come from? Would we need to add an additional fee on top of all land sales in order to cover it?

  3. How would this added cost impact our citizen-base, and would the collective costs outweigh the value gained for individual land holders? i.e. What are the macro and micro economic impacts of a decision like this. For me this is a key question, which requires somewhat legitimate research and an impact assessment before making a decision of such magnitude.

These are just some initial questions that I had when first considering this proposal! I am very interested to see what others in the community think about this proposal, and how they might see it impacting the LAND and broader DCL economy.

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