[DAO: QmewbeX] Do you think Land Owners should be incentivized if they are actively in Decentraland and developing their land?

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TheGoldGuy and I hosted a Private Event at the Frosty Friends Club & he mentioned a few great ideas that he was okay with me proposing… We propose the concept that those who own land and develop the land should be incentivized to, as they are bringing value to the community. The person who owns land shouldn’t lose their Voting Power and i believe they deserve it for being so early and having such conviction. The world is increasing and new users are valuing the land more and more. We are also realizing the leverage being a land owner brings. I believe rewarding those who are working on their land and giving back to the community will only increase productivity and maybe call back the ones who are only holding land.

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can you be more specific? what kind of incentives? what counts as “development”?

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Great questions, i am not sure specifically what incentives can be put in place. Feel free to offer a way you might think would work. I believe some type of incentive(s) should be put in place to reward those who are active and remind those own land that have been away for multiple months to get back to work. I believe if people are developing their land as in updating their scenes and expanding their parcels/lands and hosting events for the community, they should be rewarded for contributing value to the community they are apart of.

I think this is an interesting proposal, but if you are actively developing your land, hosting events etc, you can monetize by many other ways already (e.g. selling NFT / wearables, applying for grants from DAO).

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i think coming up with incentives would be the proposal here, otherwise this doesn’t really bring any value that i can see.

There is a lot of land owned by users who aren’t here right now or away at the moment… if you and that person owned the same amount of land and you actively developed the land and hosted events and contributed to the community and the next parcel over is empty and stays empty , do you two deserve the same voting power for your land?

Great point Tomasu! I just think those holding land versus those improving the land is a big difference and they shouldn’t hold the same voting power if they own the same amount of land…

Agree that land speculators bring no value, but any system rule to give incentive / punishment base on activity on land can be gamed - at the end of the day we want quality contents appear on the lands, and if there are quality contents, monetization shouldn’t be a problem.

Note: Saw that there is a proposal to take away POI of inactive lands, I think that’s a good move

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I agree 100% with this… Maybe that could be the incentive, Earn your POI… If you are actively improving the land and hosting events and people are visiting your land it will show on Places & Highlights and if you do this a certain amount of times you can qualify for a POI… For example The Rocking UniqueHorns is a club that deserves their POI, they host events consistently every week since 2021 & because they get voted against on the DAO they still have yet to receive theirs. You brought up great points that i agree with Tomasu, thanks for sharing!

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Do you think Land Owners should be incentivized if they are actively in Decentraland and developing their land?

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Do you think Land Owners should be incentivized if they are actively in Decentraland and developing their land?

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