[DAO:048fa3d] ShelleyVan x TRU Band Room

I’ll never forget my first steps in this space. The way that the TRU team welcomed my project right from the beginning as well as their continued support has been a blessing. They are dedicated builders. Full support to one of the hardest worker teams of the whole web3!


an exceptional welcome, incredible kindness, if there is one event not to be missed, it is the Party with shelley!


TRU Band Room is one of the best content creators, thats exactly what Decentraland needs. So it a YES, support ShelleyVan Grant proposal !

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This was like the easiest yes for me, you got this @shelleyvan <3

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I would expect that with such a massive “NO” to one of the main content creators, there would be a justification in the comments. This is part of good handling in a DAO. There may be one and I just skipped it?

While I still disagree with retroactive payments and using DAO money to pay Salaries of people running their own company, it is apparent from all the comments and conversation that Shelley is doing amazing things for DCL. I would still much rather see them Salaried as some sort of official Event Coordinator for the DAO instead of through TRU. But with all issues being faced, who knows how long that would take.

I am changing my vote from ‘No’ to ‘Yes’ in support of Shelley and TRU continuing what they’ve been doing.

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While I still disagree with retroactive payments and using DAO money to pay Salaries of people running their own company, it is apparent from all the comments and conversation that Shelley is doing amazing things for DCL.

The first half of this sentence feels like it’s meant to sound worse than it actually is. The idea of a grant is you get some money for contributing something of value to Decentraland. Built into that fact is the expectation that most reasonable people don’t want to invest their time in someone else’s project for free or at cost.

What’s the difference between grant funds and salary, running a company and building something for money? As far as my country’s government is concerned, I’d have to pay taxes on that grant money as if it’s my normal income.

I think there’s probably a larger discussion to be had about retroactive pay vs proactive pay. In the mean time Shelley shouldn’t suffer from the community being indecisive around the protocol for how to ask for one over the other. If any group in DCL has proven to deliver it’s Shelley and TRU. Grants have been given for people to hold events before, and as others have pointed out, Shelley and TRU are one of the very few venues out there playing live music in Decentraland, not just prerecordings.

If the DAO is now expending resources to revoke proactive grants for those who fail to deliver, it seems like leaning further into retroactive pay for people who build first and beg later would be a safer route that requires less bureaucratic oversight.

At the very least, I think TRU and Shelley deserve some sort of encouragement to continue being a consistent contributor of events and entertainment to DCL. They could just as easily operate exclusively in Hyperfy or other competing metaverses that are popping up if a presence in DCL becomes more of a cost than a benefit to them.

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Thank you again for your consideration and thoughtful insights into this proposal. We look forward to continuing the conversation and ensuring that any potential grant funding is managed effectively and to the benefit of all of Decentraland.

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Your point about revocations and retroactive grants is a great one.

In terms of the salary, this is my thought:
-If you are a startup, in a risky space, you should plan not to take a salary for awhile
-If you get grant money, it should go to building what your offer, building the experience, covering costs you incur to hire, manage, etc.
-If you use the grant money wisely, and you build out an amazing experience and brand, then your company valuation goes up
-You own the company, so now you can do things like sell equity or leverage your brand in other ways like sponsorships/brand deals

I still stick by this. But it is just my opinion.

I changed from No to Yes because I realize things dont work perfectly right now, and seems like Shelley really deserves this grant based on everything Ive read and heard.

If you get grant money, it should go to building what your offer, building the experience, covering costs you incur to hire, manage, etc.

That just sounds like salary with extra steps.

We also don’t know if Shelley has equity in TRU or not. But I don’t think that’s relevant either way, because DCL is not going to suffer from having a bunch of thriving brands pop up in it.

It seems like part of the reason the grants exist is so that it’s not as risky to be a startup in the Decentraland space. Nobody should be expected to work for “exposure” on Decentraland’s behalf.

Company valuation isn’t much of a bargaining chip for a company that isn’t profitable. I think it’s important to note that TRU essentially operates on a donation model right now, as the only source of income I see them getting from DCL is selling their NFTs. IMO, this project is not the right hill to make a stand on if you’re concerned about businesses increasing their valuation through grants.

I think the ShelleyVan x TRU Band Room are doing a great job, I often see their music venue at the top of popular places when there is some event going on and I have attended a few times myself and enjoyed it.

But I will be voting ‘No’, the first time I saw this proposal I thought the amount requested was too much, but now after DAO page updates I can see that it is 52% of quarterly category budget!
In my opinion it is way too much and leaves way too little for other creators.

ShelleyVan x TRU Band Room

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 92% 10,649,334 VP (258 votes)
  • No 8% 1,018,620 VP (14 votes)
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Thank you!
Please adjust the project duration to 12 months as was originally submitted.

Cheers to a rockin’ year! :metal:

The Community created the Grant Support Squad to support the grantees in achieving their goals and take care of the DAO treasury.

In this opportunity, we will recommend that the DAO Committee should create a Vesting Contract with a different duration than is submitted in the request of this grant, according to the following points:

  • The timeframe of this project is twelve (12) months (as the Grantee mentioned here)
  • However, on the form to request the grant, it is submitted that the period will be three (3) months.
  • The project duration should match the time of the vesting contract to improve the operations of the community in monitoring the project.

For the reasons exposed, we recommend that the DAO Committee (@yemel @Tobik @HPrivakos ) creates a vesting contract with a duration of twelve (12) months to align with the project duration mentioned by the Grantee instead of the three (3) months submitted in the grant request form.

This will help ensure better community monitoring of the project and enable the Grant Support Squad to effectively support the grantee in achieving their goals and taking care of the DAO treasury. It is important to ensure that the vesting contract duration matches the project duration to avoid discrepancies and ensure successful project outcomes.

ShelleyVan x TRU Band Room

This proposal has been ENACTED by a DAO Committee Member (0xbfa6d24e6a061e9aea3447163fdfe045177dd40e)

Vesting Contract Address: 0x142FD01F8433361E068D26d112769806a118D095
the vesting contract has a 12 month duration, as suggested by the Grant Support Squad.

Since TRU bandroom doesn’t exist any more, this grant should be revoked, right?

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If they dont exist you are right about this.

They exist. They just moved. This is nothing but another bad faith attempt by Jarod to use blatant lies to defame members of the community that are actually contributing something positive to it.

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Aah good they exist :slight_smile: