[DAO:048fa3d] ShelleyVan x TRU Band Room

by 0xc82fd31500576f394b59be3b10c154b584ea6004 (ShelleyVan)

Should the following $120,000 grant in the In-World Content category be approved?


The TRU Band Room (TRU), under the management of Shelley VanWitzenburg (ShelleyVan), is the premier music venue in Decentraland (DCL) for new and emerging independent artists. Since October 2021, ShelleyVan has onboarded over 125 artists and showcased more than 500 live events, drawing thousands of music lovers to DCL. Many of the most-recognizable performers in DCL got their start at TRU. As a proven leader and community builder, ShelleyVan and TRU are seeking DAO funding to cover retroactive expenses and expand and improve operations, including further development of partnerships and co-marketing to amplify promotional efforts of the entire DCL ecosystem—with user growth and retention remaining top of agenda.

Grant size

120,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



ShelleyVan has over 12 years of experience in SEO and online content creation, partnering with brands such as Disney, KIA, and Xcaret Properties. During her time managing TRU, many highly successful musicians and DJs in DCL have made their metaverse debut here, including Bufalo, Mr.Swe, DJ T-Rax, Jack Frost, Pan’s DJ, Coconut Sunday, The Musical Doc, and Ash Orphan. During the last year, she has maintained a consistent schedule of live performances, averaging five to ten shows per week, and has developed a comprehensive DCL onboarding experience.

In addition to managing the live performances, ShelleyVan spends a considerable amount of time onboarding artists and providing tech support, including soundchecks and web3/NFT consultation. With additional funding, a structure will be developed which allows ShelleyVan to expand the onboarding experience to larger communities. To achieve this goal, multimedia resources will be developed, including video courses, one-page guides, social media content, and SEO blog articles targeting specific web3/metaverse keywords to capture new audiences.

As co-founder of Songbird Collective, a digital marketing agency, ShelleyVan has developed partnerships and relationships with a large number of web2 social media influencers, who have yet to experience web3 or the metaverse. The expansion of onboarding will include targeting those influencers with established, engaged audiences to accelerate DCL user growth and retention objectives.

Also, building on existing Decentraland partnerships, ShelleyVan/TRU will expand co-marketing and promotional opportunities with other DCL venues and projects. During the last year, TRU has partnered with casa Roustan, Dollhouse, Cromuland/YouMack, Sugar Club, and MetaParty to amplify promotional content for events. This co-marketing has helped achieve increased attendance and user retention by promoting a multi-venue schedule of events. An expansion of TRU operations will increase the opportunity to plan and execute larger and more frequent multi-venue events–aligning with strategic objectives to increase DCL user growth.

Examples of Community Experiences:

The TRU Stage at Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival ran 31 shows in 4 days, hosting independent musicians from all over the world

Connecting the [POI] Stars:
Community line-up between casa Roustan and TRU Band Room to connect the dots on the map

ShelleyVan to attend IRL Events -

NFT LA - confirmed



The TRU proprietary attendance token system has already airdropped tokens to nearly 2,000 Decentraland users since May 1st 2022.

November 2, 2022 - Introduced AI-Generated SHOAP Art

In collaboration with the performing artist, AI-generated artwork is used for the token, creating a truly unique memento for attendees.

Budget Specification

In addition to maintaining an aggressive calendar of events, TRU Band Room will expand their onboarding experience to music, NFT, and web2 communities. Currently, Band Room activities require nearly 60 hours of work per week. The expanded TRU operation, under the management of ShelleyVan/Songbird Collective, will utilize the following to achieve an increase in event attendance and improve user retention:

Build SEO and content strategy to establish pillar articles focusing on DCL–-all supporting content will link back to these pillar articles. Examples of pillar topics include technical requirements, web3 safety, and comprehensive DCL user guide.

LIVE DCL onboarding boot camps held at least monthly, targeting already established communities and individual new users.

-Continue to support independent musicians’ success in DCL, offering a free stage for them to market their work and find their footing with superior quality sound/video capabilities in DCL

-Continue running 6+ live events per week (recent attendance on parcel ranges between 30-100 visitors)

-Continue using and improving proprietary attendance token airdrop system to draw new users (free NFT airdropped to all who attend shows in DCL) https://opensea.io/collection/tru-shoap

-Quarterly festival-style events (multi-venue when possible)

To address the elephant in the room: Yes, The Rocking Uniquehorns is an NFT project. So far, all the revenue that was generated was either used to directly support independent artists or to fund the building, land rental, marketing & operational costs associated with the TRU Band Room in Decentraland.

It was never a typical NFT project with the intention of selling out fast and catering to the trading part of the web3 user base. It was designed as a slow mint from the very beginning, so that it allows people to see and experience what we’re about and have a way of showing their support for our mission of bringing music to the metaverse, by minting a TRU. We absolutely love the community we’re building this way and this will be the way we continue to run that part of the project.

That being said, if for whatever reason the minting pace picks up (wen bull? :wink: ) and we happen to mint out the collection, we’re more than happy to pay it forward or repay this grant.

To help cover some of the costs of the last year+ of event hosting, server fees, outsourced building, etc. TRU is requesting a retroactive amount of $60,000 and an additional $60,000 for the next year.

See full budget breakdown here:


Business Websites:

Songbird Collective: https://songbirdcoagency.com/

Software Brauerei: https://software-brauerei.ch


Twitter: https://twitter.com/teenybod

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/travelingteenybug/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shelleyvan/

Writing example: Metaverse Hotspot: Paul Roustan Keeps Building in Decentraland | Blockster


Twitter: https://twitter.com/Uniquehorns_nft

Website: https://rockinguniquehorns.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rockwithtrus/

Domenic Benz (UniKorn):

Co-founder of digital agency Software Brauerei AG in Switzerland. 20+ years of experience in software & digital product development.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TRU_UniKorn

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/domenic-benz

Roadmap and milestones

Oct 31, 2021 - Feb 28, 2023: hosted over 500 live events, onboarded over 125 musicians, which resulted in nearly 2000 unique event attendees (this number only reflects May 1, 2022-Feb 2023, we do not have an accurate count of users prior to that date)

March 2023 - March 2024: 300+ live events, onboard an additional 50+ musicians new to DCL, and provide an immersive introduction to 10+ high-value web2 influencers

We will provide monthly updates here to include:

Number of events hosted at TRU

Links to online content created (blog articles, YouTube videos)

Links to any newly onboarded artists, influencers, users

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Extremely easy YES vote! There are very few people in Decentraland who work as hard as Shelley Van and offer as much as the TRU Band Room. They even stole the entire Metaverse Music Festival show by demonstrating an impressive blueprint for music in the metaverse. For the future success of DCL, give Shelley Van whatever she needs.


Thank you so much for your support and everything you also bring to the DCL Community. <3


Yes, yes, and yes. Thank you Shelley and Tru Band Room for making a home in Decentraland and providing consistent amazing experiences, musicians and concert events. Onward!


I still think shelleyvan should have something to do with organizing major headliner music events that happen in Decentraland. This is a Yes for me


You took the words right out of my mouth (errr fingers? hehe). YES YES YES.


A resounding yes Shelley! I have discovered new music because of this venue. In addition, your events have been extremely organized and well communicated. Even small details like providing a link to Twitter to advertise the artist at the moment is a genius marketing move. I really look forward to what you create next!!!


I cannot think of a better project to invest funds from the Decentraland DAO into. The TRU bandroom has been the birthplace to so many friendships and projects. So many of us saw our first live music in the bandroom. The longevity and consistency of the venue proves that they are an anchor in our community, and now they deserve our support.

Every time I walk in, I’m greeted by Shelley. She makes this place feel like everyone belongs here. The musicians can talk and engage with the audience, and people just like being there. I know Shelley has spent countless hours behind the scenes walking new artists through the complicated process of getting onboarded in Decentraland. Last fall at the Music festival, I watched as Shelley and the TRU team brought a stage for our community to life in a short time span.

The institutional knowledge that Shelley Van possesses should not be taken for granted. Shelley has an extensive history in SEO and social media that we cannot replace. If we want other projects in Decentraland to succeed, venues like TRU are instrumental in attracting and retaining new users. Without the TRU bandroom, Decentraland would not be Decentraland.


Love TRU Band Room! So many great memories! Epic stage at the Metaverse Music Festival. 100% YES!


Let’s go TRU band ! Yes from me :+1:


TRU Bandroom is a staple venue in DCL and needs our full support! Let’s goooooooooo Shelley! <3 <69


The TRU team has onboarded so many new and emerging artists into Web3 - connecting them with with new audiences, showcasing their talent, and helping them develop their craft. The positive impact they have had on our developing arts & culture scene cannot be denied.I can’t imagine a Decentraland without the TRU Bandroom.


TRU is not my first house in Decentraland, but TRU makes me feel I am very welcomed with no flim flams, all people from TRU is very entertaining, exciting and fun to be with. so a big YES! for me.
Thanks TRU Family,I have friends and Family in Decentraland of course in Babydoll House too. I think everywhere in Decentraland. Goodluck Bebi SHelley! love love. :heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


YES YES YES! I cannot think of anyone more deserving of a grant than Shelley & TRU. They consistently bring the music with multiple events every week, which is no easy feat. Decentraland is greater because of creators like her. Just like Roustan said, they took over MusicFest with an amazing event catered to the community with a job done to perfection!


Although I did vote yes on this, my experience trying to book a show in the band room as a musician (who has also minted 3 TRUs) left me feeling very confused as to whether or not I was being rejected, failing to use the proper channels, forgotten about, or what. The lack of transparency felt very out of place in a culture of decentralization. So I guess I’m going to be the debbie-downer this time that asks some loaded questions.

  1. How do musicians book a show in the TRU Band Room? Is there still a booking form? If not, how do potential artists know who to contact and how to request a date?

  2. What is the expected wait time between submitting a booking request and receiving a response?

  3. Are all booking requests acknowledged, even if they are denied, or are some ignored entirely? If some are ignored, is that done knowingly? If it is done knowingly, what are the reasons a request will be ignored?

  4. What is a higher priority for TRU if it becomes in part a community-funded project?

  • Giving a platform to new artists, which may be less effective at growing the NFT project
  • Booking high-profile artists who are effective at marketing the NFT project, at the expense of giving more of a platform to new artists

It’s 100% yes for me. Go Shelley!


Hi @Unknower,

Let me begin by extending my sincerest apologies for what you experienced. That miscommunication was totally on me. I dropped the ball and your message was buried. It was never my intention to ignore your inquiry.
You’re not a “debbie-downer,” these are great questions. Thank you for asking them.

  1. There are currently instructions posted in the TRU Discord server to reach out directly to me to book a show. The calendar of events changes so rapidly (with rescheduled shows, cancellations, and fitting in soundchecks,) that it’s easiest to open dialogue in a DM to determine when works best for the artist and the overall DCL schedule. We also consider the main DCL event page when booking shows to try our best to not overlap with other scheduled events and identify possible co-marketing opportunites within the community.

  2. I try my best to respond to DMs within 48 hours. However, I acknowledge that even 48 hours can be seen as unresponsive. I will do my best to improve that response time to ensure that miscommunication is prevented in the future.

  3. All requests are acknowledged. No one has ever been ignored intentionally, and thus far, no one has been denied an opportunity to perform. The most common barrier is technical requirements and we go out of our way to find solutions whenever possible.

  4. The main focus of the project has always been in the best interest of independent artists and bringing new music to DCL. NFT sales have always been a secondary goal.

Thank you again for your questions. If any of these answers need clarifying, or provoke new questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Thank you, Cheddar, for always bringing good vibes and smile-inducing chat to events. :smiley:

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Thank you, srJH! The process of organizing events has been amazing. Over the next year, I hope we’re able to grow the live events space in DCL. We’ll see where we go from there. :slight_smile:

As the first artist who played in the band room, I feel blessed and humbled to be working weekly with Shelley, Unikorn and the TRUs. I didn’t know anything about DCL but knew my way around streaming live. Thanks to the support of this amazing team, I’ve got to learn and discover the place and the community.
It has been amazing since then. And I’m here, present in web3 mainly thanks and through them. I truly believe that all the work Shelley & TRU are putting is astounding and needs more support and recognition. They are driven and want to push forward all the independent artists onboarded, the whole project and DCL through all these efforts.

I support their vision as much as they’ve been supporting me in web3 & DCL!