[DAO:57b5d58] Update #5 for proposal "ShelleyVan x TRU Band Room"

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Hello All!


To keep track of our event metrics, we’ve been working with fifitango on the Grant Support Squad to better collect and organize this information using our SHOAP data.

Please see our Notion page here: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

And our working document here: TRU Event Metrics - Google Sheets

July 15 - Sept 15

Over the last two months, TRU has hosted 65 events, dropped 2,210 SHOAPs, onboarded 4 new musicians + 2 influencers, and made strategic moves for future sustainability.

NOTE: SHOAP numbers include those who attended a live event in the TRU Band Room for at least 10 minutes and were logged in with a wallet. We are currently not able to track guest accounts and this also does not account for anyone who stayed for less than 10 minutes.

TRU has dropped its first-ever MUSIC NFT SHOAP! This was produced by StoneyEye in collaboration with many DCL community members to celebrate Sinful’s birthday. Music SHOAPs will be implemented strategically for future use.


Platform stability issues and green walls surrounding our build remain an issue, but with TRU moving, this will no longer be a concern.

Next steps

We are busy planning onboarding sessions with new musicians and influencers, and getting ready for Music Month in November.

Additional notes and links

We’ve expanded the TRU Band Room build–phase 1 will launch at our new location on Oct 2nd with additional phases launching in the coming months.

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