Collection 'VroomVroom Model D' created by NikkiFuego#442b is ready for review!

That is one divine model :triumph::relieved:

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Hey, I’ll review this now~

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This doesn’t seem to have any clipping issues and is weighted correctly. Currently there’s a review of the guidelines to improve clarity around what can and cannot be approved based off feedback from the devs working on the new client, upcoming smart wearables and gamified events.

At the moment till this information is confirmed I can’t give clear feedback around vehicle stylised skins but will be able to review again later next week! (Rather than giving misleading changes)

Thank you for your patience and will reach out soon~ :pray:

@michi does this just pertain to skin category?

Not specifically Skins category feedback but an overall review with the developers of the guidelines to avoid any confusion or ‘grey’ areas when publishing to empower the community to create with confidence! Will keep you and the community in the loop~

Hey @NikkiFuego, Today it was discussed that vehicles are no longer going to be approved as a wearable object and we are now looking to keep designs closer to the base mesh for upcoming features like VR, gamified events and longer term goals. (if we make cars available for the road it will be a car getting into a car for example)
I can encourage you to review this design and modify it to be closer to the avatar or consider making an outfit that allows you to become a vehicle when smart wearables are implemented. Thank you so much for your patience in this process and super happy to discuss~

Nothing about this is fair or just according to any TOS. My models fit the armature perfectly. My models do not hinder any gameplay. My models do not have the capability of altering the game whatsoever. My models and a hat have literally no difference when it comes to the “technical” side. A wearable, is a wearable. Unless the devs are stating that somehow these designs have magical powers to alter the game-play. This is a rug pull and I’d like to just get a refund on the mana and invest it elsewhere.

I cannot change the collection name and such. According to the “rules”, the names of the collections can’t be misleading.

This is not the first vehicle, and neither were the original first two VroomVrooms. Yet, somehow NOW all of the sudden it’s an issue. This decision shows many holes in the “road map” that DCL has presented. The first few dozen vehicles didn’t raise any concerns but the second I and others start creating all kinds of positive game experiences around the concept of vehicles, it gets shut down. And there is not point in doing a proposal. VP system is defective and even if it did pass, like the hand category, it likely won’t be integrated. It’s clear that there is no collaboration here between creators and development. Rather than collaborating on a solution that makes the community and creators happy, DCL is deciding to just outright ban the concept altogether. Skins wasn’t even on the radar for most creators. Hand category and vehicles were, however. Pretty crazy that DCLs engine cannot handle a single bone addition to the armature to allow for vehicles and pets. It’s also crazy to see how much work is going into banning these options, but no the static arms being approved daily. Or the constant IP infringement.

Because of these said reasons, I’d like the submission fee of 100 mana to be refunded.



What about those who purchased these items, how is that fire going to be put out? On top of the creators, the consumer also needs to be handled. I assure you that many have sunk their hard earned mana into these items, both creating and put having, trusting that since they were approved by the comittee there would be no drawbacks. Now the drawbacks are happening, you’re going back on your word, not calling out Michi, but the project as a whole. How will refunds towards the creators and consumer be handled? Or is this a “rug” ? Because they will need the mana back in order to swap for the other crypto they will use in the platform they chose to move to, unless you think everyone is stuck with the only option which is decentraland, and if you think that way then there’s much bigger problems at play

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Are the wings going to get shutdown as well? Auras?

Sorry to interrupt,
How can you sell your wearable before the review has been done?
I see the sell button is available however it can’t be on the marketplace as the review needs to be done…?

Totally hear what you’re saying and I understand it can be frustrating but I never said anything would be or is banned. Might have been a misunderstanding, your previous vrooms will have issues with incoming updates and the team implementing improvements and new features have flagged this. (also possible collider issues) Vehicles moving forward will push the client, cause issues in events and also VR. You are known to be one of the few talented people to be able to execute the correct weighting but there will still be some collider issues and clipping (eg. Poker tables, play to earn or future vehicle compatibility).
A wearable is a wearable and a vehicle is not a wearable. This isn’t a committee decision but a platform limitation.

Currently we are doing our best to update the guidelines to reflect the developers feedback and Decentraland is working closely with creators. Currently wearables aren’t the only option to enable vehicles in the space with SDK on land as an option and upcoming Smart wearables with the feature to include SDK. Your submission isn’t rejected but asked to be updated to meet game requirements and super happy to discuss. If you can update the form slightly and scale closer to the body then you can be approved~

I really hope one day we will have a committee for vehicle/mount approval and if anyone was leading that, I’d hope it to be you @NikkiFuego as a valuable talent in the space.

@eddie_nigma just to clarity nothing will be taken down, shut down or banned. The community wont loose any mana invested into Nikki or other current vehicles, wings auras etc. Currently we’re not accepting vehicles till there is a proper system in place to allow VR or in-game content to ‘switch off’ vehicles during certain environments. As per Roustans example in his space with any bug themed skins. Or possibly enabling vehicles in certain ways on the platform~

Let me know once you’ve updated and I’ll re-review!


I don’t have another model or concept that fits “VroomVroom Model D” collection title. Again, I’d just like a refund so I can invest it elsewhere.

I appreciate your reply.


Totally, give me a hot minute and I’ll let you know and if you make any updates just shoot me a @ and I’ll suss it out!

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Hey @NikkiFuego ,
Feedback from the DAO is there is no way of refund. Publishing costs have been established by the community when setting up the current approval system.

Sadly, this is a non-refundable process regardless of the circumstances and no one has the authority to over-ride that as part of a decentralised system.
For full transparency a refund has never been executed and also since this isn’t an approved collection, I as a curator also get nothing so there’s absolutely no benefit for anyone in situations like this. If ever you update the design shape or form, let me know and I’ll re-review!
Thank you so much for your patience and understanding in this situation :pray: :cloud:

These fees are transferred to the Decentraland DAO, where they are used to help fund the growth of the platform through grants and other initiatives voted on by the greater Decentraland community.

Note: Currently, due to the time and resources required to review each collection submitted, the 500 MANA publication fee is non-refundable . If your collection is rejected, you will not receive your 500 MANA back. If your collection is not immediatly approved, the Curation Committee will provide you with suggestions and feedback on how to improve it, but the final acceptance of your collection cannot be guaranteed.

Quote is directly from here:

I mean legally those docs don’t hold up. They’re severely outdated and upon time of submission, my wearable met all the guidelines. If you guys are rejecting based off your committee’s mistakes, I shouldn’t be held responsible for the mana. Maybe the committee should come together and refund it since the mistake was on them. You’re also saying that I can upload whatever I want, but then the collection title would be misleading thus in turn also violating the rules. I can’t break the rules but yet I can?

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Updating your design to meet game requirements isn’t breaking any rules~
You can even update to be a wearable that enables a vehicle on land or utility in another way related to the Vroom brand. Currently there is no reference to the wearable structure in the collection name. These rules are for not just you but everyone in the community. Current approval process and the committee to quality check wearables was also set up by the community~

Some really good submission references with the same issues + design solutions and in fact after DoggyDayCare updated it was top 10 selling in the market place I think twice:

So you’re saying when people see “VroomVroom Model D” they aren’t going to expect a vehicle? Gorl


If I am being held to the incorrect documentation provided, why can’t DCL be held for it? You’re holding me to the “non-refundable” but I can’t hold y’all to the guidelines on how this fits the armature and what not.


@michi I have pushed changes to this model.
Couple in game shots

This looks amazing! All approved~

Let me know if you have any issues with Helmet clipping and I can close it off again! (I think the other accessories were sitting fine lol

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