Collection 'VroomVroom Model D' created by NikkiFuego#442b is ready for review!

Updating your design to meet game requirements isn’t breaking any rules~
You can even update to be a wearable that enables a vehicle on land or utility in another way related to the Vroom brand. Currently there is no reference to the wearable structure in the collection name. These rules are for not just you but everyone in the community. Current approval process and the committee to quality check wearables was also set up by the community~

Some really good submission references with the same issues + design solutions and in fact after DoggyDayCare updated it was top 10 selling in the market place I think twice:

So you’re saying when people see “VroomVroom Model D” they aren’t going to expect a vehicle? Gorl


If I am being held to the incorrect documentation provided, why can’t DCL be held for it? You’re holding me to the “non-refundable” but I can’t hold y’all to the guidelines on how this fits the armature and what not.


@michi I have pushed changes to this model.
Couple in game shots

This looks amazing! All approved~

Let me know if you have any issues with Helmet clipping and I can close it off again! (I think the other accessories were sitting fine lol

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Hey @michi just pushed a smart wearable update to this piece! :+1:

Hey @Shibu @Yannakis can one of you push this pretty please :pray:

Hey @michi pushed utility change to this too :pray:

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I think you forgot to include in the utility 70% :sparkles:DIVINE :sparkles:

This is approved on my side but feel free to connect if there’s any issues! :slight_smile:

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