Collection 'Star Wars Suit Black' created by Aliboy#614a is ready for review!

Star Wars Suit Black

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SW Black Full Suit


looks cool, excited for when its ready, let me sample!

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Hey @Aliboy#614a!

The wearable has issues with the acceptance criteria due the name “Star Wars” on the collection (check the docs for more info: Publishing Wearables | Decentraland)

  • Infringe third party intellectual property rights

I’m sorry but the collection can not be approved with that name.

Hi @Shibu,

Creator here, Could I change the title name to SW Suit Black instead perhaps for it to be approved? I am keen to start offering it to everyone as soon as possible.


I’m afraid the name of the collection cannot change @Nitros933. (Wearables Editor User Guide | Decentraland)

Creating a collection

When creating a collection, first enter the name you would like to give your collection and click Create . After creating your collection, you can begin adding items.

The name of your collection cannot be changed after publication!

So I am going to have to spend another £250 (at current prices), just to change the name from “Star Wars Black Suit” to “SW Black Suit”? This seems a bit silly, surely you can override a simple name change and approve it. The wearable is still showing as “Under Review”. I don’t particularly want to pay another couple hundred pounds to publish the same thing - that doesn’t seem fair at all.

Please advise,


Hi @Nitros933 I think yo have to split also your wearable in two parts.
Take a look here.

Nice work, don’t leave it!

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@Shibu - please advise how I can override this please?