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Construction Hat

Hey @Opaaq0! For some reason the wearables are not appearing in world.

Can you check what’s happen in your side? Did you check them in world?


I actually did check all emotes and the in-world preview mode with both avatars🤔

Is it possible that you could not see it, because my avatar still has the wearable equipped in the in-world preview mode?

EDIT: inworld_test - YouTube

greetings Opaaq0

Hey @Opa_aq0,


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Thank you for fast response!

Hey Shibu!

I noticed there is string of numbers and letters behind the collection name on OpenSea/DCL marketplace (see image below)

Do you have any idea why this happened and if there is a solution to it?



Hey @Opa_aq0 !

I think this is an issue happening with OpenSea, can you ask them?


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Dear reviewers, if i want to edit some ‘tags’ and ‘overrides’ of this previously released wearable, what’s the process?

Greetings Cyclopa

@Shibu Anyone ever going to unbug my wearable?
(i asked other committee members for help, but they seem to busy helping people upload stolen models :man_facepalming:)

I asked how to make changes 6+ months ago, never got a response at all.

To find out changes have been made to my wearable (NOT BY ME?) :thinking:

However, i can’t even reset the changes either?

I believe even after it is released, you can still go to builder, select the collection you need to change, ‘Open in Editor’, make the changes and reseek approval by tagging the curators.


The issue is that i never made any changes, because nobody replied on my question back then.

Plus when i try to reset changes(that i never made in the first place), nothing happens…

See video:

I do not know why there were strange changes. But to rectify it on your end in builder, the changes do not get applied until the curator approved it. They do not get notified either, so after you applied the changes maybe you can tag ur old curator or the other more active ones to activate the changes.

The more active ones are busy helping people uploading stolen designs :rofl:

Also, i tagged the original curator (Shibu) already and will wait for his response.

Hey @Shibu , can you please take a look at the updated Tags and Description?

Thankyou in advance :pray: