Approved wearable changed behaviour - hide head

We made a hat that hides the head and all its accessories (eyes, ears, etc.).
It was approved after the review and worked as expected in both builder and world.
After severel days it changed its behaviour. In builder it still works correctly, while in world it only hides the accessories, while the head remains visible.
Can you help us? What is the problem due to?
I stress that no changes were made after approval, after which it initially worked without any problems.

Here the behaviour after the approvation:

And here the behaviour now:

Anyone can help us? Thanks!

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Maybe just because of network error, I think

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Thanks @Poiz how can I solve this issue? Thank you again

I had a similar thing happen during trialing of a product in builder yesterday. Haven’t revisited it since.


@CowboyBebop let me know if also u still have this problem. For me it works fine in builder, but not in world…

Anybody knows how to solve this problem?

Maybe try to tag one who approved this…

@Lauretta can u help us? thanks :crossed_fingers:

I’m trying to test a HELMET wearable, but in builder it does not replace the head (and the wearable isn’t showing up…I will try to trouble shoot this). @dao , is there a glitch with the code?

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