Can not start Dcl Project

Hello everyone,

I updated decentraland pacakage to 3.11.0. After that I couldn’t ‘dcl start’ my existing project. I created new projects with ‘dcl init’ and selected Scene/Cube spawner. When i run project with ‘dcl start’ I didn’t get any error on cli but loading screen is stays at %87. Some packeges couldn’t loading.

I deleted decentraland package and reinstalled it 10 times and created new project from template but i can not run them. :frowning:

Also i tried 3.10.4 and 3.10.2 versions.

Can you help me?

same here, hangs loading sounds at 85-87% seems to be with the 404 404

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Getting the same with my sdk for the past few days,and cant figure it out. Tried to go back to the old version but it didnt work either.Hangs with 0%scene loaded and 97% sound lol.

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this bug fixed yesterday.
you try to
npm i decentraland-ecs@latest

there’s a new @latest version of decentraland-ecs : 6.11.3

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