[DAO:47e4bf3] Update #4 for proposal "DCL-Edit V3- A No Code Editor for the Decentraland SDK 7"

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Greetings, Decentraland Community,
We are thrilled to provide you with our latest community update regarding the progress of the DCL-Edit project, backed by the Decentraland DAO. One more month has passed, and we can tell you about our news release.


VS Code Extension: We have released our VS Code extension for DCL-Edit. You can access it through the Extension Panel in VS Code. From there, you can download and launch DCL-Edit without the need for NPM.

Live Model Update: We are currently refactoring the asset management system in DCL-Edit. As part of this process, we are introducing several new features, including the Live Model Update. With this feature, you will be able to make changes to your models and see the updates in real time within your scene. Furthermore, we will be adding support for additional 3D formats, such as .blend files.


With the introduction of SDK7, the UI System transitioned from an entity-based system to a React system. This change has made it challenging to envision a graphical editor for the UI. Currently, we are even contemplating the possibility of eliminating this feature.

Next steps

Our next focus areas include:

Live Model Update: We will continue the work on our asset management system.

Rethinking UI Editor: We will consider the options we have, regarding the UI Editor and the new way, UI works in Decentraland.

Testing and Polishing: We will test DCL-Edit and the VS Code extension, fix bugs and improve usability. This step is essential for seamlessly working with DCL-Edit.

Additional notes and links

We greatly value your input and feedback. Please visit our Discord channel to share your thoughts, report bugs, and contribute to the ongoing improvement of DCL-Edit. If you have any thoughts on the UI Editor situation, please feel free to share them as well.
Thank you for your ongoing support and participation in this exciting journey.

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