[DAO:47e4bf3] Update #2 for proposal "DCL-Edit V3- A No Code Editor for the Decentraland SDK 7"

Author: 0x58754d9b3dbb4ddf5ac3502acb963743b15e6398
Update Status: On Time
Project Health: :green_circle: On Track


Dear Decentraland Community,
We are pleased to provide a concise update on the progress of our DCL-Edit project, supported by the Decentraland DAO.


  1. Skybox Integration: We have successfully integrated the Decentraland skybox into DCL-Edit, enhancing the scene view for creators.

  2. Small Updates: Several smaller updates have been released, improving the user experience and functionality of DCL-Edit. For detailed information on these updates, please visit our Discord channel.

  3. Availability: We are excited to announce that the small updates and skybox integration are now available for you to try out and provide feedback.


During our development process, we encountered unexpected bugs that required significant time and effort to address. While these setbacks were unexpected, they underscore our commitment to delivering a stable and reliable tool.

Next steps

Our next focus areas include:

  1. SDK7 Support: We are nearing completion on support for Decentraland SDK7, ensuring compatibility with the latest Decentraland developments.

  2. Live Model Update: We are actively working on implementing live model updates, allowing changes to models to be visible in real-time without the need for re-importing or reloading the scene. This feature will significantly simplify and accelerate scene building.

We are fully committed to simplifying and democratizing the creation process in Decentraland. To achieve this goal, we continue to work diligently on the project.
Thank you for your ongoing support.

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