How to downgrade SDK?

I know this is a very simple question but 6.6.6 is giving me some trouble and wont load anything on dcl start command. The error is an Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory…

I solved this by changing the version in the package JSON however this still does not solve the ENOENT error I was facing…

If you wish to downgrade the SDK to an earlier version, you can do with

npm i decentraland-ecs@6.6.5
(or whichever version number you prefer)

Version 6.6.6 had a couple of issues that have been resolved as far as we know in 6.6.7, which is now the new @latest. I recommend you first try with that one.

Also make sure you have the latest CLI version installed, there could be compatibility issues if you are using an older CLI
npm i -g decentraland@latest

And also make sure you have the latest version of Node, some people experienced compatibility issues when using older Node versions.